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  1. oh that's lovely!
  2. I havent got a picture but i have two unopened blisters of citadel Dr who miniatures. One of cybermen and one of timelords. I also have hundreds( i mean hundreds) of 80's citadel fantasy and early rogue trader minis, including the entire warriors and chaos and knights of law boxes, leman russ and wolves, harry the hammer x 4, the original thorogrim.... I have a problem.
  3. And painted!
  4. Just a little something I started. The start of my mech sought after nurgle warband.
  5. UPDATE TIME! I went on a trip to warhammer world today and got some nice proper photos on some scenic tables, So I'll be uploading a gallery of them here.
  6. You're churning these out! Look forward to trying them out!
  7. I'll float the idea with some of the other staff at dark sphere and we can arrange something....
  8. Sorry for the double post but i managed to get some serious progress done on my eclipse entry and new witch hunter. Imcyra the many blessed, Warden of the street of gods in ancient Themyskyr.All faiths find their home in Themyskyr. Monks and pilgrims mingle with living saints and miracle workers outside the hundred identical temples that line the ancient street.Imcyras job has always been a vital one, For it is her task to walk the street of gods and root out the worship of chaos, for even here the foul gods will find no welcome. Now as chaos sweeps the land once more she finds her task has become ever more difficult, for she must check every home and sewer of the city for traces of the foul cults that have oft sprung up in the guise of some minor deity. Her body bares the symbols and prayers of many different gods, painted upon the ash from the many pyres and braziers that sit outside the cities many places of worship.
  9. Working on my entry to Eclipse. Shaved, clothed and armed but i feel still retains the elegance of the base model. Now to work on the fluff. I also started something a little bigger.....
  10. Dark sphere now has a solid little group of hinterlands players. I brought them together and then the ****** decided to play on mondays, so all i can do it watch from behind the till.....
  11. Well i just worked out it's been about 16 years.... So i must have been 6 when i started. I started with the lord of the rings monthly magazine, then from there got into 40k. I've gone through a whole heap of skirmish systems since then, right now i'm loving SoBaH and Dragon Rampant, But I've always returned to GW. Never got into fantasy despite wanting a wood elf army more than i wanted lungs, I could never be bothered with the rules or painting £400 of infantry blocks just to get a 500 point list ready. I loved inquisitor and look forward to its return.
  12. Multi part clip fit apparently
  13. I'm excited.
  14. @Bruticus Count me in. I already have one witch hunter built but I think I can come up with something a little more esoteric...
  15. Cheers chaps! Glad to know my painting is doing its job, I was never one for long paintjobs so I get a bit fidgity when I work on a model for more than an hour. @Double Misfire. Glad you enjoyed it, I still need to find a warband that suites slops mighty image. @Davariel. There aren't many models they will fit with but the smaller slighter framed gw minis work really well. I'd suggest picking up a few frames from their website if you wanna try them out, they have a good variety of bits.