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  1. nicromancer

    ill tides and foul winds on the mortal seas.

    here, page 130 . The rules are for warhammer fantasy but they are system neutral so they can easily work for AOS, especially skirmish! I need a few more before i can play the game i want to play, but I'll update as i go! https://www.scribd.com/doc/32621766/Warhammer-Fantasy-Battles-EnG-General-s-Compendium
  2. nicromancer

    ill tides and foul winds on the mortal seas.

    night rolls in at the town of mystport. at the edge of civilisation in the realm of beasts, the town of mystport sits low and quiet at the edge of the maze lake and the sea of claws. here travellers and merchants bring their wares up river, stopping off to restock before travelling along the coast to excelsis. here anyone can find anything, often free from the prying eyes or the freeguild or the tarrifs of the merchant guilds. As winter comes to the realm, foul winds and shrouding mists have begun to cover the town. the ports lie empty and the markets are full of whispers ,as more and more ships are lost in the sun drowning fog.
  3. time for some AOS naval action! I want to put some ship to ship boarding action in my skirmish games so i painted this little beast up last night. A quick paintjob but I'm pretty happy with it. ill tides and foul winds await for those that dare to brave the uncharted waters and endless rivers of the realms. the Pequod is a small vessel, one of many boats and ships built by the azyrite explorers as they spread across the realms seeking to set up new frontiers. she's seen better (and worse) days, her proud hull dented and stained and her name all but illegible across the peeling paint and age stained wood. Still, she serves her captain well, making smugglers runs between settlements, taking those who seek to travel unhindered into the wilds ,and sometimes, just sometimes, performing honest work on the river markets and floating harbour cities of the realms. Expect more soon!
  4. nicromancer

    The Rumour Thread

    brets were french, so i'm assuming that's why it's a bret tease?
  5. nicromancer

    AoS 28/hinterlands. Seeking the Mystarikum.

    IT seems I posted less to this thread than i thought! I haven't done much recently but i have done a few new figures. That last big guy has been on my painting bench for months along with a couple of other monstery types. I'm determined to get him done this month!
  6. nicromancer

    AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    I'm back baby! (By which i mean i remembered my password.)
  7. nicromancer

    AoS 28/hinterlands. Seeking the Mystarikum.

    Starting now! I picked up a laketown house the other day and did a quick paintjob on it. A couple of hours later i had a wonderful little scenery piece. Whilst it's small compared to a stormcast, IT scales perfectly with freeguild and human sized figures,especially if you consider the fact that your bases add an extra 3-4 mm to a figures height. I fully plan on getting more of these , and I've already painted the boat that comes with the kit and ordered a larger boat from freebooter minis to play some AOS naval boarding games. (The wood is all painted in the same way using layered washes.with drying the house took about 2 hours in total.)
  8. nicromancer

    AoS 28/hinterlands. Seeking the Mystarikum.

    Cheers! I recently remembered my password so I'll be posting more soon!
  9. nicromancer

    Going all Blue Peter

    oh that's lovely!
  10. nicromancer

    Post your rarest models!

    I havent got a picture but i have two unopened blisters of citadel Dr who miniatures. One of cybermen and one of timelords. I also have hundreds( i mean hundreds) of 80's citadel fantasy and early rogue trader minis, including the entire warriors and chaos and knights of law boxes, leman russ and wolves, harry the hammer x 4, the original thorogrim.... I have a problem.
  11. nicromancer

    AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    Just a little something I started. The start of my mech sought after nurgle warband.
  12. nicromancer

    AoS 28/hinterlands. Seeking the Mystarikum.

    UPDATE TIME! I went on a trip to warhammer world today and got some nice proper photos on some scenic tables, So I'll be uploading a gallery of them here. http://mystarikum.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/a-strange-excursion.html
  13. nicromancer

    Age of Sigmar Skirmish - Full Points List

    You're churning these out! Look forward to trying them out!
  14. I'll float the idea with some of the other staff at dark sphere and we can arrange something....