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  1. Hey guys, I had little time recently, but with new GH2017 and later free Bretonnian and Tomb Kings PDFs I'll be making new updates and I'll correct all mistakes and also add models missing and ideas you asked. Thank you all for sending suggestions and reporting bugs . I'm really happy that you liked this work. See you soon with new Unofficial Skirmish Point GH2017 edition!
  2. In Age of Sigmar the Fimir Noble is just a leader of Fimir Warriors unit. And in Age of Sigmar Skirmish you can upgrade one model from each warscroll to a unit leader for free.
  3. Yes, because of rule changes between AoS and Skirmish some models will have that kind of impact on the game. Most models that can target multiple units will have devastating power. And models that used to hit multiple models in one unit will have their abilities weaken. This in no way balanced in this point system. My only advice is to maybe talk with your group how they see that problem fixed. Personally I would probably limit from all units in 3" to one unit/model in 3". Or maybe even get rid of the rule.
  4. At first I thought he would be auto included in the game, since Chaos Lord has an ability to become one. I'll add him in the next update.
  5. Furies are there (in PDF version), Daemon Prince not as he has Behemoth tag in GH.
  6. THE PDF IS READY PLEASE SEE THE FIRS POST IN THIS TOPIC FOR DOWNLOADS. THIS IS NOT OVER YET There is still some work to be done. 1. I need your help with first page, disclaimer, info on how to use it etc. (The one right now is kinda sketchy) 2. Report on bugs and mistakes, missed models etc. Suggest ideas. 3. I'm going to add FW stuff. Cheers!
  7. Chaos Points Please check for bugs. Let me know if there are any models left.
  8. I'd love to attach somekind of info like that to this points list. Models like Salamanders can make this game very sketchy. That's why my first idea was not to include them. As the rules say no Behemoths and no Artillery. But maybe some kind of nerf could work.
  9. Not yet. After I'll make all Generals Handbook models I'll export it to PDF. So far Chaos Grand Alliance is left and I need to add some more models for the Aelves. When ready I'll post it in the first post for easy find.
  10. Seraphon, Sylvaneth, Stormcasts Again please check if all models are included and if I'm correct on points value and units sizes. I haven't added salamanders and razordons because they are artillery. Salamander can take out a hero in a single shot. But let me know if you wanna see them too.
  11. AElves are out! Again please check if all models are included and if I'm correct on points value and units sizes.
  12. HUMANS are here. Please check if all models are included and if I'm correct on points value and units sizes.
  13. Dwarfs are ready. It seems all Dwarf Models are included. If you have any other idea on what to include please let me know. Also please someone check if I'm correct on points value and units sizes.
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