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  1. What would the Underworlds models count as for Warcry? They're amazing models and I don't own any other Skaven or even play Underworlds. Would love to find a way to get them on the table.
  2. Incorrect. Choppas and Smashas are the name of the dual wield loadout. Any dual wielding ardboyz are using the Choppa and Smashas loadout.
  3. You've also utterly embarrassed everyone you've fought with that list too πŸ˜€
  4. Dang, that's rough. Very different metas. We use a disgusting amount of line of sight blocking terrain there is almost zero shooting, outside of the poor ko guy who I don't wins much. Usually turn 2 double turn means our chaffe is dead.
  5. I've just never had a problem with it. Yet the alpha strike is so awful I hate 40k. I do think you're on to something though. Locally most the 2nd turn haters are primarily 40k players. My first miniatures game was AoS just when 40k 8th was coming out. Everything about AoS, including the double turn just seemed so much faster and fresh, while 40k - even in 8th edition felt old and cumbersome. I know people love the games they grew up with, but the double turn is a great, fun mechanic that adds excitement and depths of planning to the game. Endless spells add even more to it, position them in ways that force your opponent to want to give you the double turn. Also, how often are you seeing first drops going second, most want to go first to secure objectives (mission depending). Usually I see people fighting for the turn 2 into 3 double turn.
  6. I mean, if you go first, I should get the chance to go first the next turn, otherwise I might never recover from a hard alpha strike.
  7. Thankfully, it's almost impossible to get double turned. Get a low drop army, choose to go second and your opponent will generally not give you the double turn if they win the turn 2 roll, and if you win, give them the turn and you go second.
  8. I asked for Khorne 3.0. I didn't expect it so soon, but they have a lot more potential than just Gorepilgrims and a new book should help that.
  9. The link in the article for stabbas and shootas links to Gitmob Grots... I expect that is an error. Would be interesting if they were rolled in.
  10. I went picks and shields. My whole goal in starting this army was to try a more defensive faction than Ironjawz. I can always come them off later if I hate them!
  11. I'm sitting with my first SC box and a paralyzed with load out indecision. I'm going to be running 1250 point Vanguard mostly, I have 30 Vulkite Berserkers and thinking I should go pick and shield, but rerolling hits just always seems like the best practice. My second battleline will be either 10 Hearthguard for now.
  12. tchad78

    Starting Seraphon

    So, if I was looking to get a taste of Seraphon - at like a 1,000-1,250 point level, would the battleforce be better suited than the SC?
  13. They might be subpar, but they are essentially the equal to Stormcast Judicators. They couldn't be any better without a point hike. I'm not sure I'd want to bring them up to Skyfire's level if the points matched
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