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  1. My Beasts of Chaos army once was comprised of Beast Herds, Shaggoths and Chaos Ogres... but when the 7th Edition army book came out it removed those units from the army and so project warpig was started. I had a bunch of spare boar heads in my bits box at the time as the tuskgor chariots always came with alternate heads. These pigs needed a leader and aside from the shield, i also built my first full greenstuff model for the doompig. Unfortunately i never ran them much so never finished them off fully. With Age of Sigmar, i've ran them a few times and with devastating effect if they get into enemy lines. In honour of some of their most recent successes i've started to scratch build a piggy-mum (will count as a Ghorgon) to fill out the brood. Pig-gors Doompig Ghor-pig Size Comparisons Next hobby tasks for these: So i'm rebasing all of these to rounds, i'm going to do some more conversion work on piggsy (the pig on the square base) to turn him into another standard bearer. I need to finish basing and painting the DoomPig and obviously there is still a lot of modelling to go to finish the mother pig off. Her arms are going to have large bladed weapons bound on, i need to add a cloak to her too, buckles and detailing to the straps, additional armour plates and then i'll see what else needs adding after that.
  2. Cheers for taking time to make comments The rocks for the bases are made out of FIMO. I roughly cut some pieces the right shape and baked them in the oven for a while. After they were cooked, but still warm i hacked away at them with some modelling tools. The flakes that come off leave them with a rock like finish. They are then pinned together with steel wires and some greenstuff barnacles added along with some resin crystals. The ropes on the boat are picture hanging wires. I feel i need the red as a punch colour - i'm going to keep the blue as the colour for aethermatics, but yup the windows are not working at the moment. I was trying to do them with the gem paints and i haven't really found the result i was hoping for so far. My warherd units are all pig themed - i'll put a blog-post up with an introduction to the family
  3. Slowly but surely the switch from square to round bases continues. One of my favourite models still in the GW range is the Shaggoth, this metal version is probably heavier than my entire Kharadron force will be when complete. The harpy is a daemonette and tyranid gargoyle conversion. As for the Kharadrons, i've been playing with colour and basing options and i've got to a point where i think i'm happy to start painting the rest of the force
  4. Could you put me down for this too please... John Southgate Thanks
  5. Used the games club option - but its at work (after work hours) that a group of us get together to play narrative and matched play games
  6. A unit a two models has been charged from different directions by two units. Both models could reach either unit with a pile in move, but each model is closer to different units. By moving each model towards their closest unit they would break coherency as a pair. What are the options here? Am i not allowed to move at all? Can i pile into the same unit as coherency trumps nearest model? This has happened a few times and i'm not really sure on the best solution... we just let the models move to closest enemy either even though its wrong as its more fun, but it would interesting to know what a more tournament focused ruling would be
  7. Could you set a limit (for example 300 points) and then if the monster is under by over 100pts then they get an artifact from their appropriate alliance. For every 20 points over the limit the monster starts with a wound ( so 100 points over = 5 fewer wounds) Not looked at the exact numbers to balance here, but you get the idea as most monsters will scale back their abilities after being wounded