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Slowly but surely the switch from square to round bases continues. One of my favourite models still in the GW range is the Shaggoth, this metal version is probably heavier than my entire Kharadron force will be when complete. The harpy is a daemonette and tyranid gargoyle conversion.



As for the Kharadrons, i've been playing with colour and basing options and i've got to a point where i think i'm happy to start painting the rest of the force





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Love your Shaggoth paint job. It is a great model.


I like your Kharadon paint scheme, the white armor is a nice change. However, the ballons being white don't work for me (but in all fairness, the whole metal bubbles holding up a ship are a struggle for me to get my head to accept).

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The Kharadrons look really cool, would love to know how you did the barnacles and the bases and the ropes and... well, all of it!  

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forget all about the bloated dwarfs... I want to see the ogre with boar head!! That looks really good!


When I saw the photos earlier on my phone I really didnt like the orange/white(ish) scheme but now on my PC it works great! Im not sold on red. That color doesnt go well with the others. The same actually for the blue windows. Those shades are a bit off in connection to the orange and white scheme. I dont mean any disrespect - just some CC : )

The hull is awesome! nice to see some custom work. I will likely just paint the models as they come so huge respect for doing the extra work and achieving something unique (like the ogre-porker - please show a photo of him/her : )

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Cheers for taking time to make comments

The rocks for the bases are made out of FIMO. I roughly cut some pieces the right shape and baked them in the oven for a while. After they were cooked, but still warm i hacked away at them with some modelling tools. The flakes that come off leave them with a rock like finish. They are then pinned together with steel wires and some greenstuff barnacles added along with some resin crystals.

The ropes on the boat are picture hanging wires.

I feel i need the red as a punch colour - i'm going to keep the blue as the colour for aethermatics, but yup the windows are not working at the moment. I was trying to do them with the gem paints and i haven't really found the result i was hoping for so far.

My warherd units are all pig themed - i'll put a blog-post up with an introduction to the family

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