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  1. I disagree and you’re wrong Is the price known? As long as I preorder from my favorite UK supplier there shouldn’t be any issues with stock levels (based on the recent boxes that came out)?
  2. I think it all depends on how good you’re at sculpting b00bz (Apparently the Auto-censorship here doesn’t allow the actual word of hoohaas/cans/knockers on the hag) i don’t know the base size for the hag but my gut feeling is that it’s larger than the trogboss. i checked at mierce miniatures and found a few altentives but still all would need quite some gs work to fit into a gw Range I think All 100mm round bades https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_dkl_ysn_kys_mbs_602_000 https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_dkl_ysn_kys_mbs_501_000 60mm alternative https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_dkl_ysn_kys_min_552_000 squigboss https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_dkl_ysn_kys_wcf_190_000
  3. I’d find a other person to play. His interpretation was clearly over what would give you a meaningful and entertaining game. id normally be all for rules as written and all but 4 monsters that cannot walk through trees? That’s just silly try to find people that play the game in the spirit you enjoy. or at least clarify pre-game next time
  4. No clue either that was a mistake on my end! but rule fiddles a side. I am not seeing Shootas as prime candidate for the hand i could see the 6 Rockgut as they can follow up with combat later
  5. So then the warscroll online at gw is wrong 5+/4+ at gw for 20 from what I can see but sadly my point is the same. I don’t think it’s effective. would you find it viable to take 40 Shootas for that purpose?
  6. I’m trying to see what options there can work with hand of Mork/gork and will take effect same turn to deal with sniping behind enemy lines This is what I see: fellwater - only 6” vomit so that won’t work rockgut - with a 6-pack you’ll deal d3 mortals to any unit or model with 6 or less wounds. grots with bows - hitting on 5+... Fanatics - can be charged out for a 6” charge Am I missing something with the Spiderfangs? Or does the spell just work for objectives and moving wounded units away from harm?
  7. So we had a new interesting rumor last night but it’s more interesting to debate stormcast nature? fair enough but also a little odd in the rumor thread All in all not to be negative because all I see is a bunch of people with equal passion for the hobby. anybody for bear-riding fyreslayers?
  8. So just a fyreslayer tome or assuming there will be new models too? the range is not huge so how much can be done with just a book update?
  9. Hi, I tried to calculate the probability for where the moon may be positioned at each turn. my assumptions were: -T1 the moon is in your position and you’ll roll at start of T2 - rolling a 1 doesn’t move the moon, 2-5 moves 1 step, 6 moves 2 steps -the field is divided in 5 positions where after it moves away from the battlefield (Q1(start), Q2, M (middle), Q3, Q4) of which q1-2 is within the first quandrant and q3-4 is the diagonal quandrant.
  10. Just like good-old OnG? I will miss the Grot mechanical constructions if they go. Chariots, airships and pumpwagons are just too cool to miss
  11. Are the older plastic goblins/Grots still acceptable to field? im not opposed to the current kit or the bfsp models, I just happen to really like the old models and I have 100+ of them to be assembled and/or repurposed together with some metal hopper, Squigs and netters. Apparently big hands does it for me. Now really feels like the time to get them table ready - and mix in some new plastics manglers and the new king.. MmmHmm
  12. Makes you think that could have been the squig design for the supposed 9th edition for square bases : ) somehow everybody should be happy now.
  13. Alternative advice see where and what army you get the best deal on already assembled and primed or even painted to a decent standard youll spend time on just getting models ready and you can go faster to playing like that by buying an army that you can supplement on-going when I started playing Warhammer I had good friend letting me use their painted armies while I got my own first army painted. hooefully you have such friends too. That’ll also help you find out your play style - that’ll matter too as it sounds like you enjoy the more competitive part too. good luck and enjoy!
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