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  1. Planar

    Allies for Ironjawz?

    Some choices: Troggoth hag has been my ultimate MVP. Spellcaster, super resilient, nasty ranged attack. She delivered reliable for me every single game so far. Bad thing about her is that she is slow to keep up when things get fast (cabbage and pigs running forward) but she can hold a portion of the table by herself. Rock lobbas as the only means to take out dangerous characters hiding behind enemy ranks. But as someone else pointed out they are really dicey Arrowboys in 30s to babysit weirdnob shaman in a weird first battalion. Used this a few times. Medium success as it alters the fast run and hit hard character of the IJ but fun as an alternative built. Moonclan Grot shaman (or two). Dirt cheap with amazing spell. My personal moment of glory with him was taking out 2 stormfiends in two turns. In AoS 2 the fungoid babysitting a cabbage sounds a great choice. With command points you could retreat and charge with the cabbage every turn in addition to mystic shield provision. Bonus fun list: Twin towers. Two Aleguzzler Gargants. Very unreliable but quite fun. I found people tend to be worried about these guys more than they should and you can play with that fear
  2. Planar

    Describe your gaming group

    Us is just three 40 year's old dudes being friends since high school. We used to play Fantasy 5th edition then took a 20 years break for studies/ work / family and reunited when AoS dropped couple of years ago. Our usual setup is to play in a living room among our (5- year old ) children. After 2 years of effort we are now very close to our first game of 2 fully 2k painted armies
  3. Planar

    Hardest kit you've built?

    After building 2k of Ironjaws and another 2k of Beastclaw Raiders without any issues, Arkhan was a total nightmare to built in comparison. He compensated by casting 2 -all the way through- Curse of Years thus auto-deleting a Bastiladon and a Carnosaur in his virgin game
  4. To all the people on TGA thank you for your work and the continuous support of what has became to be known as the best AoS forum on the internet. One very specific side of me wants to cry about how conflict can be harnessed and turned to a force of creation but another (more rational) part of me knows this is almost impossible to achieve on an internet environment without derailing into an obnoxiousness. At least I have never seen it once happening in 20 years of forum lurking. In the end I believe you guys, the creators and moderators of TGA walk the right path. So thank you again for your difficult and inglorious job
  5. Planar

    AoS 2e previews

    Lets see what skeletons will cost in GH2018
  6. Planar

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I can see banishment used to land enemy units in Deady terrain. This spell sounds pretty much terrifying for my slow moving non-teleporting IJ army
  7. Planar

    Destruction at SCGT

    @Chris Tomlin , @Sangfroid Since both of you guys are immensely experienced with IJ, I would really like to hear your views on which match ups you view as auto loose . I am doing fine with IJ but f I play on a non-tournament environment and only against a limited range of (middle tier) opponents. So I would be really interested to hear against whom you have found IJ to really struggle against (and why) Thanks!
  8. I 'd go fo Anthropoi
  9. After seeing yesterday two units of 40 skinks with javelins easily bringing down my Rouge Idol of Gork in a single shooting phase I have to say the little annoying lizards are among the best. For 200 points you get 40 attacks at 3+/4+, with a 5+ save (ignoring rend) and the super annoying free retreat from combat trait. Add to this the teleporting and its a nightmare to deal with
  10. Planar

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    that's actually a very good question...
  11. Planar

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I like the subtle reference to Greek lore in the name "EIDOLON OF MATHLANN" Eidolon (Ειδωλον) is ancient Greek for Idol i.e. Avatar
  12. Planar

    Updating Ironjawz

  13. Planar

    Alternative Skeleton Models

    Awesome responses! Thanks everyone!
  14. Planar

    Alternative Skeleton Models

    Hi there, Hope this topic has not been beaten to death (no pun intended). Site search did not turn out anything useful. I am thinking to start a LoN army and looking for alternative models to GW skeletons. Do you have any suggestions? Has anyone used these: http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/kings-of-war/undead/product/undead-skeleton-regiment-20-figures.html How do they fare in scale and detail? Any other suggestions welcome! Thanks!
  15. Planar

    Updating past Battletomes

    All IJs need is a Brute Lobba throwing brutes across the board