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  1. AoS Wish For 2018

    I am finally close to get my Ironjaws army at 2000 painted points so looking forward to start building a second army. I would wish for something more challenging, more tactical and less meelee oriented. Cthulhu aelves or goblin sky pirates sound awesome for 2018
  2. The Rumour Thread

    I WANT paper Can we have a rap battle based on that, please?
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Or an indirect reference to Lovecraftian Mythos i.e. Cthulhu Aelves
  4. As opposed to any other discussion about toy soldiers going on on this site
  5. @The Jabber Tzeentch , @RuneBrush Personally I really like the idea. It is in the same direction with warscroll builder. Something that started independently, gradually became the market standard and finally was adopted by GW. However we need to keep in mind that warscrolls are GW copyrighted material. Tweaking them to bring them up to date might raise copyright issues…
  6. I am working closely with Quality Control guys and Document Controllers in my job and this is not as hard as it might initially sound. For a low level system a simple excel would do the job. As @Marc Wilson said its mostly a case of getting an unsuspecting intern to do the job And hey, still much better than running errants or making photocopies, if you ask me
  7. I wonder if anyone else thinks this is a good idea. I just checked the Stonehorn warscroll on GW website this morning. To my (mild) surprise the site still lists the old warscroll (before the nerfs). All the changes are still only on the FAQ. This strikes me as counter efficient and confusing especially for new players. It really puzzles me why GW is not adopting a simple document control system based on revisions. Instead of using the FAQs for updates they could simply update the actual warscroll and put a revision number on each new version. Then they could keep a public register where they would mention which is the latest (and valid) version for each warscroll. This sort of document control system is really easy to manage and allows to have all the useful information were it should be (i.e. on actual warscroll) instead of an obscure FAQ document.
  8. The grand final break down

    So there were 3 fyreslayers lists in total and 2 of them ended in the top 10?
  9. GH2017 - Beastclaw Raiders Review & Discussion

    I find yetis to be some of the most unappreciated units in Destruction. Their horrible models have certainly something to do why people are not noticing. I bought them as part of the Icewind Assualt package and field them regularly but refuse to paint them apart from the initial white primer
  10. Christmas Set ..

    You are going to buy him mixed Death and then pit him against Tzeentch? Now thats a great way to keep a friend
  11. What drew you to collect your Army

    I wantez to be da best and some toldz me ork is da best. So now I am da best.
  12. Christmas Set ..

    Can someone quote the source for this? Is it legit?
  13. Yet another question about Balewind Vortex

    There is no written rule against using loaded dice either. There cannot be rules for everything that's why we have to use our intuition. "Dont be that guy" is actually some of the best advice in the game...
  14. So, last weekend we played a nice little 3vs3 TRIUMPH & TREACHERY game to test some new army settings. I played a semi-random mixed destruction list using a newly purchased Arachnarok, four Mournfang cavalry and lots of very of 5th edition gobo miniatures along with a very elaborate proxy for a squig gobba which can be seen in the photo. My goal among others was to see how well the gobba will fare. My opponents were running a similarly unoptimized semi-random Seraphon list and a very-well tuned Skaven Pestilens battalion. The scenario we were playing was RIGHT OF CONQUEST It was a weird game. Start of first round the Pestilens guy who was using 4 casters worked some vile magic (don't ask ) which wiped out entirely one of the gobbos unit! Immediately after that the action gravitated completely to the other half of the table. On my part I managed to roll two 1s on a Mystical terrain leaving my arachanrok and the Mournfang befuddled for the first movement phase. By the time I was awake (i.e. one lost initiative and 6 battle rounds later) the Skaven and Seraphon were franticly wiping each other out on the other side of the table and I was running to catch up with the action. My only interaction with the opponents during this period was the squig gobba. Its debut was poor, rolling only 4 attacks on 2d6 on round1 and causing only one wound on one of the priests. But from round 2 onwards it did great causing 7, 8 and 8 wounds per shooting phase and essentially deleting all the Pestilens spellcasters off the table. Arguably I has some good rolls on 2d6 attacks but on the other hand in a more favorable scenario I feel it can perform even better. I think I am buying one to make friends with my ironjaws
  15. Its actually 90 attacks but I have assumed a 5+ save for the opponents (same for the gobbas). It looks like the "average" case. As for the distributions, its not a model I made. I have stopped doing this sort of (tedious) work for WH when I found this great site: http://tools.druchii.net/AoS-Combat-Calculator.php?q=r:335:10 TBH never double-checked the results but its on the internet so it must be correct, right? Anyway last weekend I had a first run with the squig gobba. It was a fun game and the angry tomato did great. ll post about it later!