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  1. Unglorious Heroes

    Weirdnob also had an epic (and consistently self destructive) game yesterday. Round 1, Attempts to mystic shield on the Cabbage, rolls doubles, causes 3 wounds on the Warchanter round 2, Attempts foot of Gork, fails round 3, Attempts foot of Gork, rolls doubles kills a brute. round 4, Successfully casts Foot of Gork (hurray!), causes 2 mortal wounds on Gaunt Summoner who promptly saves both with is 5+ ward save. End of round 4, opponent's 3 year old son places his toy car next to the Shaman. Time to go Billy...
  2. Phoenix Guard

    Really beautiful paint job and this battle standard is wonderful
  3. Unglorious Heroes

    Love the responses . All these poor sods, failing to keep up with the big words in their warscrolls. I like them way more than the cool kids of the army...
  4. Thought to start a fun thread about those guys/gals in our armies that constantly underperform to the point that they become a source of laughter rather than frustration. I am sure almost everyone has a model like that in their army. Lets share stories and have a laugh. My best unglorious champion has to be the Mournfang Pack Skalg and his Ironlock Pistol attack. I must have played a good 20+ games with BCR and the guy still has to wound anything with his pistol. I have promised to buy drinks for my opponents the day he 'll score his first wound . I am planning to convert him with an eyepatch or black glasses or something... Another good one is my weirdnob shaman. Now I love this model but he almost constantly underperforms and ends up scoring more wounds on my side than the opponents side. Last game against Seraphon I put him on balewind, made sure he is babysitted by 30 arrowboyz and attempted to cast Foot of Gork (now on a7+). I also took the weirdnob battalion for maximum effect. He didn't pull out the spell once on 5 turns. More so, in his 3rd attempt I could use 2 rerolls on the casting (from guessing right the dice of Cosmic Herald of the Skink Starseer). I rolled 1 and 3. Then I rerolled the 1 for a 2 and then rerolled the 3 for a 1 . Despite his uselessness, he is a great model and probably one of my best paint jobs so far, so I stubbornly keep (and will keep) fielding him every game. So, what's your useless champion?
  5. Sportsmanship and AOS

    This! Great topic overall.
  6. New Aelves

    I am really exited about this release. Whats more, I think Raging Heroes models would fits perfectly in this army . I am in!
  7. Fallow's End House in the Harrowmark, Shyish

    Really nice. Can you share where we can buy this model ?
  8. is there a TGA like forum for 40K?

    I find this difference between 40k and AOS players very interesting and somewhat puzzling. I don’t play 40k myself, but I cannot imagine of a convincing correlation between 40k and being a ******. I would expect both games to attract the same amount of rude, aggresive people. But then maybe AOS is still young and carrying a reputation of being a simplistic game not suitable for them greatest of generals. Or it could simply be that the creators and moderators of TGA are doing a great job protecting us from our true self
  9. Grots win 4 games at GWGT Heat 1

    Great stuff. Looking forward to read the rest!
  10. darkling coven & friends, 1200 points

    Wonderfully looking army. Curious why no executioners
  11. Since we got into AOS a couple of years back, in my group we played almost entirely 1k due to the fact that we did not have enough miniatures for larger games. Lately we have started playing 2k games. In many respects I find them more enjoyable and rich in experience than 1k games. Some armies sing a completely different tune in 2k and generally there are more tactical options, more synergy and more chances to field expensive models. My Maw Crusha is way to expensive in 1k but in 2k it fits nice and has a completely different tactical role. That said we still enjoy 1k games since they are fast and easier on the brain (especially after a long day at work). Sometimes we prefer to play 2 small 1k games instead of a long 2k game
  12. Malign Portents

    From watching the videos I get this feeling that the heralds will bring some sort of "destiny dice" option for every GA
  13. Malign Portents

    I somehow sympathise with them ****** this up Makes them more human and small family business scale industry instead of a megacorp people sometimes wrongly imagine they are
  14. Malign Portents

    so...that's what they meant when they said "the age of hope is dead"
  15. I absolutely love the idea. An elite band of good skaven fighting under the banners of the good guys but facing the suspicion and discrimination of everyone. You are in the Mortal Realms now and everything is possible! Do it!