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  1. Planar

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    I was looking for an updated rule but cant find it. Azyr still has the "6" deployment" version. So essentially the realmgate is completely useless as far as the battalion is concerned?
  2. Planar

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Reading the realmgate rules: I am wondering if bloodtoofs can use this "6in away from edge of the battlefield" to their advantage somehow. Especially the part that does not specify that you have to be Xin away from enemy models when re-deploying. This could be used to drop some elite troops directly into combat behind enemy lines and when least expected. I am looking at you Slaan starmaster...
  3. -7 model range (one of which is an old and rather ugly cast) -Outdated battletome -Non competitiveness and yet Ironjawz are still the third most popular army after the two armies of the new starter set. No wonder why Orcz iz da best!
  4. i am really happy to see Ironjaws scoring so high (till now at least). It means that people collect and play them because they really like them and despite being non competitive recently. Their popularity gives me hope for more awesome models in the future
  5. Planar

    Mind Bending Seraphon

    Hello everyone, Just finished one of the most exciting and mind bending games I have ever played in AoS. My Nighthaunt were facing the new Seraphons in all their mega summoning majesty. It was a great game that lasted five full turns and was decided at the end of the fifth turn by a single failed charge roll. The difference in victory points was 19 to 20. Fun apart, the new Seraphon sort of intimidated me! It was my first game against them and luckily for me I was facing a rather inexperienced player that made some tactical mistakes. I feel this is what kept me in the game. Over the course of the game my opponent managed to bring 600pt worth of summoning units. It was literally raining skinks on my objectives! 600 free points on a 1000 pt game is ...challenging So, how do people deal with the Slaan starmasters? My opponent's Slann if you managed to chew through his constantly replenishing bubblewrap of skins, could deflect wounds to another hero (eternity warden if i remember correctly?) and if you managed to kill him he could come back on a 3+ . But before that when cornered he could simply teleport away to the other end of the table. Can hardly imagine having a chance against a fully seasoned player. But there must be ways! There always are! Please share your insights and advice!
  6. Planar

    Tell me something awesome

    My awesome story involves a game against Seraphon. It's the end of the fourth turn and I am behind in objective points. The only way to win the game is to capture an objective on the other side of the table currently controlled by 10 saurus warriors. Closest model to the objective is my Cabbage which is a mere 38 (!) inch away. It is my turn so I roll for mighty destroyers scoring two successes, one for the megaboss general and one for the nearby warchanter. I give both the extra movement buffs to the maw crusha then also move him his normal movement for a total of 24 inch. Now he is only 14 inch away. from the objective. In charge phase he charges a forgotten nearby skink unit with only 3 models, destroying it promptly with destructive bulk and activating on the rampage. Now he has to pull off a final 10 inch charge to reach the saurus warriors guarding the objective. He succeeds on the charge, kills all the saurus and wins me the game after covering the distance of 38 inch in a single turn in the most epic upset ever experienced in our group. That stunt is his finest hour to this day. Here it is him celebrating his victory: WAAAAAAGH
  7. Planar

    NH: Wave Of Terror. Can you pile in?

  8. That triptych of coolness/ aesthetics /background is also my main criteria when buying new models. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the responses so far I wonder if this is a real trent (people buying based on coolness/ aesthetics/ background of units) or if it is a biased picture due to the specificity of the people hanging around TGA (i.e.TGA crowd not being an accurate representation of the average gamer in terms of buying choices)
  9. Planar

    Warscroll Builder Update

    Thank you so much for all the effort you are putting on Warscroll Builder. I love it!
  10. All those might not be very simple to accomplish... Any units you don't destroy can be regenerated at an alarmingly quick rate. Also leaving small units can be a constant cause of harassment and bogging down for your more valuable units. It means you are surrendering an important part of table control to remnants of units here and there. Killing the general is not a solution any more since you can nominate a new general in the new edition Parking on top of gravesites is probably the most feasible thing to do but its simpler to say than achieve especially in smaller games or against low count armies
  11. you might want to check this out: https://www.ragingheroes.com/blogs/news/118410373-tgg2-update-52-may-not-be-sfw-the-great-avatar-of-shaah-4-lust-elves-heroines-the-hunters-void-elves-sf-whats-left
  12. Planar

    Allies for Ironjawz?

    Some choices: Troggoth hag has been my ultimate MVP. Spellcaster, super resilient, nasty ranged attack. She delivered reliable for me every single game so far. Bad thing about her is that she is slow to keep up when things get fast (cabbage and pigs running forward) but she can hold a portion of the table by herself. Rock lobbas as the only means to take out dangerous characters hiding behind enemy ranks. But as someone else pointed out they are really dicey Arrowboys in 30s to babysit weirdnob shaman in a weird first battalion. Used this a few times. Medium success as it alters the fast run and hit hard character of the IJ but fun as an alternative built. Moonclan Grot shaman (or two). Dirt cheap with amazing spell. My personal moment of glory with him was taking out 2 stormfiends in two turns. In AoS 2 the fungoid babysitting a cabbage sounds a great choice. With command points you could retreat and charge with the cabbage every turn in addition to mystic shield provision. Bonus fun list: Twin towers. Two Aleguzzler Gargants. Very unreliable but quite fun. I found people tend to be worried about these guys more than they should and you can play with that fear
  13. Planar

    Describe your gaming group

    Us is just three 40 year's old dudes being friends since high school. We used to play Fantasy 5th edition then took a 20 years break for studies/ work / family and reunited when AoS dropped couple of years ago. Our usual setup is to play in a living room among our (5- year old ) children. After 2 years of effort we are now very close to our first game of 2 fully 2k painted armies
  14. Planar

    Hardest kit you've built?

    After building 2k of Ironjaws and another 2k of Beastclaw Raiders without any issues, Arkhan was a total nightmare to built in comparison. He compensated by casting 2 -all the way through- Curse of Years thus auto-deleting a Bastiladon and a Carnosaur in his virgin game