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  2. Happy to share with you my first 1500 points of Idoneth Deepkin. In these strange times I bought, assembled and finished painitng all these models before playing my first gme with them. Its a great feeling hitting the table with a new army that is full painted (well almsot fully painted) . In fact I bought these models just as "Moranthi"dropped and decided to go for a built with a bit of everything insted of eels-only. I was very happy to read later on that sharks and turtles are now very viable. I played my frst two games last week and was really happy with the playstyle and the p
  3. For me Ardboyz represent the common GW tactic of makign the ugliest, oldest sculpt of your army, the most essential one competitive -wise so that you have to buy and paint tons of something sub-par while ignoring all the amazing models . I could never get to grips with assemblying and painintg more than 10. Seriously It has been done so many times by GW it is hard to believe it is a coincidence. Ardboyzs, skinks, witch elfs, demonetes, marauders... For this and just this reason I am negatively predisposed against ardboyz. I would like to see them been given a new sculpt with the n
  4. Less Ardboyz, more Brutes and more Cabbages Less hordes. More monsters and characters. Loved it back then when AoS felt like a semi-skirmish game
  5. So if 0in does not count as a move, what if you move 0,0000001in instead? Does this count as a move? 😎
  6. if that was true we would face problems only from shooting/ magic heavy armies which is not the case.
  7. I have this feeling that NH can go from bottom to top tier with very subtle changes, namely: 1. A more reliable charge while deepstriking (some mechanism providing a bonus to charge) 2. A more reliable model ressurrection ability 3. A mechanism for a slightly more probable Wave of terror 4. A couple of spells / artifacts that actually worth our time (this can go back to pints 1-3) All these are in line with the army theme and not so difficult to improve. But in general it seems to me that NH are a very difficult army to balance. They can go from "too weak" to "too
  8. I played with a fluff NH list (Olynder, Black Coach, Forgotten Scoions).against a Kroak + 3 bastiladon list in a local tournament. End of round 2 I had two models on the table: Olynder+ one chainrasp. I had seen this coming so I played very aggresively, teleporting for table control and pinning him in his deployment zone to score objectives as fast as possible. By the end of round 2 I was seriously leading on points despite being double turned. We had time for only one more round. If I won the initiative I would score too many points fo him to catch up in his turn. If I lost the roll,
  9. Thanks @Sonnenspeer I feel you. I have been stubornly tryying to play Ironjawz with brutes instead 100000000 ardboyz 😆. Its a futile exercise. At least the eels are nice models So how ow does your list fare so far? any particular weaknesses/ strong points?
  10. Hi everyone Just considering to take the plunge into ID mostly for modelling / collecting reasons (I find the models gorgeous in their hyperbole-I mean...flying sharks !!!!) My question is, are there any viable lists that are not totally dominated by eels? After studying the book, it seems that eels are two leagues above anything else but I dont want to be painitng more than 6 of those dudes. Especially with the Eidolon and the flyng turtles/ flying sharks as potential models to be included. I am not looking into building something top tier. Most of my gaming is casual with th
  11. Olynder I love the model, and for that reason she is always in my army roster but she is so difficult to play as meant to... The model suffers from a badly written warscroll . She has to lead from behnd due to her 7 wounds and at the same time she has to be in the front line due to the short range of all of her abilities and her slow movement compared to the rest of the army. If you manage to get here where needed she can be as devastating as a Mortarch should be, but this happans very very rarely... In addition: The whole terryfying/ target bravery aspect of Nighthaunt is
  12. these are phenomenal . great army. well done
  13. This is the place for wild rumors eh? OK here's one: Kharadrons are about to become a top tier army Here I said it!
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