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  1. Kovaks

    Full book review for Skirmish ft. Bottle

    Great episode, awesome to hear Bottles take on everything, and what this means for hinterlands. You keep teasing the dice too, can't wait for those.
  2. Kovaks

    Getting Gross

    It has been a few more washes, some edge highlighting and alot of pustules painted but I am almost done with the magoth, he still needs some final touches such as blood for the blood god and nurgles rot but I will have to wait till he has been varnished for those. Next up is getting Bloab done and stuck on.
  3. Kovaks

    The Rumour Thread

    I assume they expect us to overcome this by having them be alliance rather than small faction, order, this, destruction and death. That is how I heard and read it.
  4. Kovaks

    Armorless IronJawz

    I was wondering the same thing, wip makes sense. I'll leave the plates off and fill the holes, gotta practice my sculpting to copy Bruticus too, so psyched to do this
  5. Kovaks

    Armorless IronJawz

    I found this while doing some research and it is pretty much exactly what I was picturing.
  6. Kovaks

    Armorless IronJawz

    So I really like the IronJawz and with skirmish now a thing I am planning on grabbing the new warband box and getting started on them. As great as the Brute Models are I am completely in love with Bruticus' converted Backbreaker on exprofundis.com. The Idea of the IronJawz charging into battle with minimal armor just sounds so much cooler to me, which brings me to my question.. having never worked with any of the kits, is there a way to build them with minimal armor, especially the chest and back pieces or would that require a bunch of sculpting? Since a warband has a minimal number of models I am thinking I am ok with doing quite a bit of conversion but I want to maybe know what I am getting into.
  7. Kovaks

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Watching skirmish now and can't wait to run a warband with Morbidex and a bunch of Nurglings. Edit: I guess no behemoth's so no morbidex
  8. Kovaks

    Battlemat for Realm of Death?

    Glad you liked it, I am curios about the new GW mat coming out but I am always a little frustrated that they always release theirs as 4X4, maybe the new skirmish game is played on a 4X4 instead of a 4X6. And also the GW mats come folded up in boxes where most other companies give you a nice carrying bag to roll them up into.
  9. Kovaks

    Monster mash

    Don't worry I already follow all your feed Really enjoying things since they added you to the team.
  10. Kovaks

    Monster mash

    Darren you should start a blog with pics of all of these, I love the wip on Facebook but want to see it all together... also as a Dr. How do you have time for all of this?
  11. Kovaks

    Archaeon wih khorne or nurgle

    Does he fit point wise in the 4 bloodthirster list, that would be sick
  12. Kovaks

    Battlemat for Realm of Death?

    I have always been a huge fan of this one as something that would work for alot of factions, and the detail when you look close is amazing, lots of skulls hidden around it
  13. Kovaks

    pondering pus

    I added a few more washes to the mogoth, I don't think the pictures show it off well but there is a nice purple hue to the skin. The next decision is how i want to do all the pustules and other filth. Currently I am thinking i will reverse the colors with the purpley flesh getting yellow and green pustules and the green underbelly getting purple/blue pustules. will have to see how that goes or if I want to keep the colors together... Maybe i'll go crazy all over it. Picked up some pink this weekend so I can get moving on the PB's again.
  14. Kovaks

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    need help deciding on how to do the pustules and filth, was thinking of reversing the colors and doing purple on the green underbelly and green on the purple-tinted top, or i could keep it more standard and do yellow on the green section and red/pink/purple on the purple section. Thoughts appreciated.
  15. Kovaks

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I am working on Bloab right now, I wanted to do morbidex but the setting aside points for new units kind of put me off. He will be my next magoth rider though.