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  1. Yep that’s what I thought. It’s hilarious that the trailer makes a big fuss of the warscroll cards being in...the...box and then they’re not in the box at all! Obviously a mistake. Oh well those other cards with spells and traits on etc. are really nice and probably exclusive to the box. Anything that makes gaming smoother is a bonus.
  2. So the warscroll cards, are they in the box or not?
  3. So only 2 generic heroes who can take items/traits? That is a little disappointing and to be honest a bit odd. Unless, UNLESS all characters can take items and traits in Lumineth armies!
  4. That’s a good idea. I actually like the Sphinx face. What I’d really like is another warscroll. A Generic combat/magic hero that can become a suitably impressive centrepiece for the army without having to take a special character like Teclis. The Teclis kit could possibly do this.
  5. So, unless GW are keeping a colossal secret, it seems we’ve seen all the kits for the Lumineth. All the articles, art work and photos would suggest that. Whilst this is relatively disappointing, we still have some of the most gorgeous rank and file in the whole of age of Sigmar. My favourites being the classic medieval fantasy tropes of archer, spearman and cavalry. I do have one last hope however, that the Teclis kit will have multi build options including a martial Prince riding upon a giant Hyshian Griffon. It would only take a head swap and a rider. Now that I would love.
  6. Yeah I tend to lose every game anyway! Maybe this way I’ll have some miniatures left on the table by turn 4! But yeah You’re right.
  7. Yeah! I know death star units have fallen out if favour recently, but I do believe that large units of Blightkings are looking pretty tasty in the current meta. Like you say, larger units mean more immovable Kings getting buffed. As for painting I have 25 done with another 5 on the way. It is a lot to paint though, so I don’t know if this list will ever see the light of day! I’ve got a version of this list with 30 total Kings and Rotigus which will have to do if that’s all I have by the time of my next tournament in July.
  8. Definitely! And there’s a couple of Gargants skulls knocking round in kits to make a head. Could be a partially exposed skull to make it particularly zombie like. The Kraken Eater might work well thematically with this - a huge rotting hulk rising out of the bay to terrorise the coast! Think the undead seamen in The Fog!
  9. I can’t believe that’s the whole range because we are still lacking a generic warrior Lord character, similar to an Akhelian King ... unless, as someone previously mentioned, The Light of Eltharion uses the old character name but is a generic character, similar the the Spirit of Durthu. Dual build on the Teclis kit is a possibility too - a sphinx riding Lord would be cool!
  10. Here’s some photos of my Maggoth Lord I mentioned earlier. Its my version of Morbidex Twiceborn, but I suppose that as it’s a guy with a scythe it could double as Bloab if I add some flys and bells. It was great fun to paint and makes a decent centrepiece for a Blightking army.
  11. I think Lord of Afflictions is a really good suggestion. He’s better in the list than Morbidex in every way. Unfortunately he’s just not as visually impressive as a Maggoth Lord. My hands are tied by trying to compete for painting prizes to some extent. Most prize winning armies have at least one visual centrepiece of some sort and this is usually a large monster.
  12. I think you’re referring to the Plague Cyst and Blessed Sons Battalion combo. This is a Blight Cyst which is more competitive, but cannot be combined with Blessed Sons Battalion, well not unless you have 3 Battalions and spend over 3000 points.
  13. What do you think of this list? A bit bonkers yes, but the plan is simple - flood the table with rend 1 Kings and invite the opponent to chew through that. No wizards because I think they are a waste of time, they hardly ever cast, and anyway - more kings. Also Morbidex Twiceborn because I needed a cheap centrepiece for painting noms and I’ve just finished painting him. Just the little matter of 20 more Blightkings to paint before my next tournament in July...hmmm
  14. Hi guys. Quick question. Been out of the Nurgle loop for a few months. Can named characters eg. Rotigus, benefit from the sub faction abilities such as Munificent Wanderers from wrath of the Everchosen? I thought that since they do not have faction keywords themselves they could. Thanks.
  15. I went to the Facehammer GT a few weeks ago with my Nurgle army and lost every game! Finished second from bottom! I did however win 2nd Best painted army which was amazing! If you really want to see how not to play Nurgle then you can watch it on YouTube as my round one game vs Donal’s Seraphon was streamed by the Honest Wargamer. The highlight was Gotrek killing The Glottkin and Rotigus in one round of combat! I also played Slaanesh, Stormcast, Sylvaneth and Gitz Troggoths with similarly bad results. I love the models in the Nurgle range and even though the army has taken me over 2 years to paint, I will be retiring it now. I just don’t enjoy playing it, particularly the bookkeeping which is quite tedious for very little reward. I’m just not a good enough player to make a success of them. I easily forget things. Kudos to those who play this army well. Here’s some photos of my army from the event taken by @MattAvis who did some brilliant photography at the event. Check out the Facehammer Facebook page for more photos.
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