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  1. Well done with an awesome army. Glad to see Sweden are picking up AOS and have some fairly competitive armies. I am suprised you did not take the warrior Kinbad formation as that really helps the alpha strike and gives the extra pile in range which is amazing when you stretch out so much. I like the hearthguard, not sure if they are worth it over another unit of Vulkites as in the formation they are very shooty themselves. You could fit the kinbad (90), change the magmadroth to a runeson (40), drop the sky wardens (-300) giving you 170 points to play with. Perhaps drop 10 heathguard (-80) for 2 Trumpets (240) which leaves you at 1990? Hope that helps, not sure about the loss of all those shots and bodies is worth it. Its hard to fit range mortal wounds unless you take trumpets or celestial prime but they are expensive and trumpets are best in duos.
  2. Opposite to what sorry? Im not trying to be personal mate, just stating that your views can come across trying to incite quite a harsh conversation so lets just all move on with this topic. It's derailing currently. Anyways, as to the firestorm abilities, I'd like to see them at least played out in a few tournaments before people cry cheese and instinctively ban them. Personally I think they arn't overly as strong as some people have pointed out compared to some combo's already in the game.
  3. I think you will find we don't push grey plastic in 40k and in fact every model is painted in tournament play. We also can paint our models how we want, and since when is a game of toy soldiers about looking how "they should". Why does your opinion on what "they should" look like apparel to someone else's view on what "they should" look like? Seriously, this bugs me, and putting 40k players in a specific boat is unnecessary when we have more variety to choose from (GW produced successor chapters for a reason). Stop going off topic and trolling please, you're just inciting posts like this one.
  4. Looks good, glad to see some new abilities for mixed armies
  5. No offence mate but don't you think thats a bit of an immature response? People write lists on what is available to use and there have been time and time again, numerous "Broken" combo's written by the GT team, albeit nerfed eventually (only recently, before thye have been left for years). As previously mentioned, this is no different to Sayl bombs or teleporting lizards with re-roll saves, or Fyreslayers with re-roll mortal wound saves. The game became a shooting fest with Kunnin-rukk, then I joined the scene with a mixed order gunline. People complained about the ridiculousness of firepower and shooting into combat. Now we see ridiculously (broken) durable armies and people will still complain because gunlines or mortal wound spamming armies cannot sit back and remove them. Instead of blaming the player for taking the army (plenty of players have taken armies under the context they are broken) blame the system. Fundamentally, the same could be said for certain warscrolls and armies still but its a tournament, expect hard lists and build your own list accordingly. When I moved to play AOS from 40k, the idea of first turn charges absolutely baffled me, yet it happens. In 40k 7th Ed we had armies with a 2+ re rollable mortal save which was the norm. You had to build your army to counter it. Now a new durable army with NO shooting has arrived, you now need to build accordingly (with your own durable unit to hold them up perhaps?) Excuse the rant, not meaning to be cynical, just had to vent when I see people blaming others for using a strong build haha. Gratz to James for a strong performance with what was once a weak army.
  6. I've been grudged by Nick Myland. If you could put us to play round one that would be great. Thanks Looking forwards to playing AOS for the first time since South Coast.
  7. Kurnoth Hunters and Skyfires are overcosted! Please GW reduce their cost, sincerly, no one.
  8. Do you mean one model from the unit?
  9. Question - The command trait prospector allows units on or within terrain to ignore battleshock. Does this mean that if one model from the unit is on the terrain and that model survives by the time you take your battleshock, you automatically pass?
  10. If you can stack khemists I will happily say hands down a mixed order list will become unstoppable ...just saying ?
  11. I think it's a safe bet to just build lists whereby khemists do not stack to avoid disappointment
  12. In the 40k tourney scene no one cares what colour your models are as long as you have what your list says it's fine.
  13. I agree the way it is worded it does stack, however will ghb2 allow this and most importantly, will most TOs allow this?
  14. If khemists do indeed stack then overlords will become the most shooty army in the game.
  15. Oh yeah ? anyways as for the drop +Aetherspheric guns i think a Davy opponent will deploy chaff then the rest of the army 3 inches back behind the chaff so your 12 inch guns cannot reach.
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