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Captain James Hook

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  1. Captain James Hook

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    Since I didn't finish my grave guards, i pledge to finish them this month! and I want to show you my Vlad " Prince Vhordrai" tepes conversion! Nothing great but I'm happy with the result
  2. Captain James Hook

    The Painting Contract - June 2018

    Started too late working on my grave guards but there are the wip of the first five!
  3. Captain James Hook

    The Painting Contract - June 2018

    I pledge to paint 15 grave guards and a Wight King with black axe!
  4. Captain James Hook

    The Painting Contract - May 2018

    I've finished the malignant prime. Pretty HAPPY with the final result! !
  5. Captain James Hook

    The Painting Contract - May 2018

    Hi! I use him as Arkhan. He's missing his mount, but fluffwise, i imagined his armor to be alive and attacking his enemies. I was inspired mostly by the Horned King from the Black Cauldron, but skeletor is another indirect inspiration. Originaly this model had the wight king head, but it was a bit small for the body so I had to change it.
  6. Captain James Hook

    The Painting Contract - May 2018

    Here's the WIP of My malignant prime. I'm going to finish it within the weekend
  7. Captain James Hook

    The Kitbash Competition - May (Participation thread)

    Patecipating with my Mannfred Nightmare guard ( grave guards) and plastic blood knights
  8. Captain James Hook

    The Painting Contract - May 2018

    Ok, I've failed twice so I'm keeping low this month. I pledge to: Finish building my 2000 grand host of nagash Paint my vampire lord on foot and, since I want to win the best model in an upcoming huge tournament the 20th of may, I'm going to paint my Malignant Prime wish me good luck!
  9. Captain James Hook

    The Malignant Prime

    BINGO! I love the Horned King so I thought I had to put an homage to him into my undead army.
  10. Captain James Hook

    The Malignant Prime

    No It's not Venger ( I didn't know there was a D&D cartoon) The head has been taken from the morr statue you can find in the garden of morr ( now sigmarite mausoleum) or in the kit of the Cygor
  11. Captain James Hook

    The Malignant Prime

    No, I'm afraid not! It's still a charachter from animation though
  12. Captain James Hook

    The Malignant Prime

    Hello folks! Since I've decided to start a Legions of Nagash Army, I wanted to jump on the Maling Portents wagon, and imagine what could happen if the forces of Death would be able to obtain an evil version of the Celestant Prime. Fluff-wise, Zacharias the Everliving, the necrarch vampire from the world that was, managed to return to the mortal realms thanks to the soul escape after the ending of the Maling Portent. Back to life with the undercover help of Mannfred, he plans to show Nagash that he still has enough power to fight. As a reconciliation gift to the God of Death, Zacharias has created the MALIGNANT PRIME, an undead and powerful creature, powerful enough to match the Hammer of Sigmar. Zacharias infused in the creature the remains of the essence of one of the most powerful enchanters that walked the world that never was: Drachenfels. Armed with the Sword of Mourn and the Glaive of Despair the Malignant Prime is bound to destruction in the name of his master, Zacharias and his god Nagash I took inspiration from a conversion I saw on the internet, and since I had a Celestant prime lying around the house, I decided to change it into something I could use for my death army. I also took inspiration from a villain of on old movie but I'm not going to tell which one 'cause I want to see if it is recognizable. I have to put some skulls in the vortex, to make it look more deathly- like Rules-wise I'm still uncertain how to use it. Mannfred count-as maybe? Well, let me know what you think!
  13. Captain James Hook

    The Painting Contract - April 2018

    Due to flu and other misfortunes I wasn't able to fulfill the march painting contract, so i'll go easy on me this month I pledge to finish my stardrake/dragonlord model before the end of the month. Also i've a conversion I'm really excited to show to the forums, but I'll open a topic for that. Happy painting folks!
  14. Captain James Hook

    The Painting Contract - March 2018

    thanks for the tips, I'll use next time I'll take pics. Plan is to finish the star drake before weekend
  15. Captain James Hook

    The Painting Contract - March 2018

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting pics of my WIPs. I wanted to post them on the wip wednsney topic, but I only took the photos today. Here are the photos of my drakesworn templar's stardrake, then my wip of Brokk and a pic of a finished (except for the base)model, my freeguild general on griffon