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  1. @Dracan Here are the changes I made, mostly just my personal preference (however I fixed some of the errors you already took care of). Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this. Cheers! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LaQNln3zHLBNYG1yKTswg1MN92TQn9aB (couldn't upload the file for some reason)
  2. Thanks for these, they are great! Is there any way to send me the files to make edits? There are some minor things I'd love to change around. Cheers!
  3. Yeah... I just bought a second one at LVO hahaha I'm really bummed this wasn't "fixed" in the FAQ, but maybe we really will get a new book
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of bringing in a Mourngul to a Nighthaunt LoN list, but i agree the underworld ability is probably the way to go for a Nighthaunt allegiance list.
  5. Until the Mourngul warscroll is changed we can still summon them via the old summoning spell method.
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