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  1. Guys it really doesn't matter if @Ndabreaker rumours are true or not, at least they've got us talking about rumours instead of the usual rubbish like i hate Stormcast or Stormcast are not human!! Thank you for taking the time to post and actual start up topics related to 'the rumour thread' I've actually enjoyed reading the last few pages which I haven't recently
  2. I suggested aos kill team and they sounded optimistic after how successful 40k has been
  3. Did see some bloodletters and what looked like the slanesh model on the video don't know much about slanesh models, no pictures of new moonclan or when released, at blood and glory
  4. The war band for underworlds, sorry predictive text look really good just like silver tower model the cartoon image doesn't give them justice, not seen moonclan yet but rath and rapture models look good
  5. Moon clan confirmed, plastic flesh hounds and Darkoath war and looks awesome
  6. I live in Nottingham and work for the local fire service and we've had severe weather warning at work for today. Although the car park looks clear there's more snow on the way today and the wind is horrendous, destroyed my garden fence when I got home this morning from nights. Gutted as I only ordered my tickets this morning when it said it was going ahead, but can understand them cancelling with how bad the weather is.
  7. New video "The shadow Queen" Sounds like my wife after a bad day at work!!!
  8. Spelling mistake "Invest" not "incest"should pre read before posting not after apologies
  9. Hi guys, After reading several articles from this forum over the last few months I couldn't resist not signing up anymore as I feel I have a million and one questions, lol. I had a dabble in the hobby about 20 years ago in my teens and since returning I have become totally addicted. It was my eldest son who first brought age of sigmar to my attention after a school visit to warhammer world and since then both of my boys are as addicted as me. In fact since I built the gaming table all their friends on the street are too feels like i'm running a youth club, but at least it gives me an excuse with the wife to incest in my armies. The main question I would like to ask is how to find out about local groups/ communities. Being in Nottingham near to warhammer world I thought there would be a few but i'm struggling to find any. As much as i enjoy playing with the kids I would love to meet some like minded adults to play against and continue to learn. That way I won't feel bad when I win or won't have to let them win. Any help is much appreciated and I look forward to getting to know you all on here Cheers, Krok
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