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Jonathon Bentley

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  1. Has anyone seen any rumours of any battleboxes coming this Christmas? What do people think might bet a battlebox release?
  2. Player Location: East Leake, Loughborough, UK Name: Jonathon Bentley Contact: PM or jrbentley80@gmail.com Playing: Age of Sigmar
  3. Hello, I have been away from both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K for almost 20 years and I decided 6 months ago to get back into it. I have started collecting both an Ironjawz army and a Stormcast army (both AOS) and am really enjoying the collecting and painting of some great models. I don't know anyone who plays AOS locally so am finding it hard to actually learn how to play. Any advice / tips on local groups and how to meet some like minded people who are getting back into the hobby would be really appreciated. I'm near Nottingham so am lucky enough to be Warhammer World, but they don't run beginner nights so that doesn't work for me. Anyone near Nottingham or Loughborough, feel free to get in touch. Jonathon
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