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  1. It also very easy to plan around. You can in anticipation of your own earthquake or even your opponents. It doesn't cripple anyone when all types of warbands gain some benefit from it. As another poster mentioned above, "No Time" already exists as a counter too it. Arguably the best time to use Earthquake is in the fourth activation, and there are ways to prevent your opponent from doing that. It doesn't "cripple" anybody, because everyone can benefit from it, and everyone can take cards to counter, or at least lessen it's effects. That being said, I will again reiterate that I would like too see a card of some sorts that could at least counteract the effects of cards like "Earthquake."
  2. I'd say it's good for obj based decks, and too counter non-obj based decks. Obj based decks can use it too counter their opponents "Earthquakes" or even too claim objectives in the last action phase by deliberately positioning their fighters near objectives they want to take. (The only downside being, everyone has to move in the same direction.) It's also good for for countering obj. based decks for obvious reasons. I'd certainly put it in my 5 "always take" ploy cards, but that's just me. For that reason however, I personally hope we see some sort of counter to it in the remaining two expansions just so it isn't so "essential" in the deck making stage of the game.
  3. You wouldn't even be able too appreciate the extent to which I want this to be the deliberate.
  4. I don't think the ship actually has anything to do with it, it looks too just be a mashup of the old Dreadfleet ship cad files.(Or maybe a 2/3UP of those files. Perhaps 3D printed?) Ie; Not big enough to be an actual model in it's own right, but something specifically created for this video. The important hints here are the; "Out of the darkness" (Darkness=Shadow) , the under water theme, and the GW troll of the "Fishmen" battletome coming out next. It's going to Deep Sea Aelves.
  5. At some point earlier today, I was considering which match-ups I felt would be most difficult for Skaven and it actually occurred to me that the Skaven have a really nasty trick they can use against the Sepulchral Guard. Because you can bring back the "Swarm" on any starting hex, you can effectively stop the SG player from bringing back his dead fighters if he is yet to move them off the starting hexes by bringing back your own fighters on one on his starting hexes. If there isn't a spare hex to place his fighter on he/she won't be able to bring their fighter back onto the board. This could result in S.G player player fighting without one of their key fighters at a key point in the game. At the very least it may force your opponent to make a move they weren't ready to make so that they can bring their dead fighters back
  6. The "vainest soul" has to refer to Sigvald surely?
  7. Skritch's Card Wicked Halberd: If you roll at least one crit, this attack action has cleave. Action: Place a friendly fighter that was taken out of action (other than Krrk) on ANY starting hex and remove their wound counters Inspire Ability: A player chooses this fighter when using a ploy Spoils of Battle (Generic) - Play an upgrade card. This does not cost a glory point. There are always more (Skaven) - Choose a friendly fighter that is out of action (Other than Skritch or Krrk). Remove all wound tokes from them and place them on ANY starting hex. Sacrificial Pawn (Generic) - Choose a friendly fighter. If they are taken out of action in the next activation you gain a glory point.] Swarm of Rats (Skaven) - Targets all adjacent fighters. Roll for each. - Range 1, 3 Swords, 1 Damage Fjul-Grimmir's Card - Long ago the Fyreslayers of Vostarg Lodge failed in their oaths to protect the city of Shadespire. Fjul-Grimmir, a former Runefather, sacrificed his birthright to enter the Mirrored City, end the curse and restore the honour of his people. Inspire: The fighter holds an objective at the end of the action phase The Earth Shakes (Fyreslayers) - Choose a fighter and push them one hex Ur-Gold Boon (Fyreslayers) - Healing potion duplicate Activated Runes (Fyreslayers) - Everytime this fighter makes an attack action you may re-roll one dice. A Claim Retaker (Fyreslayers) - Way too blurry to read.
  8. I have a feeling the "Spoils of Battle" card will be finding it into pretty much every deck. It seems a little too good not too in all honesty Really looking forward too picking up both warbands and taking them for a spin.
  9. From what has been said, we can deduce that there are actually 3 stages too the "Malign Portents"campaign. It could very well be that what you describe, and I do somewhat agree with, is infact just stage 1 of the Malign Portents saga. However, I think the overall end result will be Slaanesh being freed due to the actions of Nagash.
  10. Hands down the flagellant kit, it has loads of little bits and bobs in it, from bottles, too scrolls and the mandatory skull charm. On top of that you can make the kit into pretty much anything from wizards to warrior priests, or perhaps just something boring like flagellants. I'd say the Great sword kit has the best head/face options though.
  11. I'm quoting you out of context here, so apologies for that, but this is actually my exact beef. There are 8 realms of limitless possibilities, and the buildings still look Empire architecture. If want an example of AoS themed terrain done right look at the Gnarlmaw. (Ok I guess you could say that's not exactly terrain, but it can be used as such.) I just feel it's abit boring/lazy too transport Old world buildings into a new setting when you could have things like; "Crystaline towers of Hysh", "Flaming Gysers of Hysh", "Aelf Wanderer Treehouses", abstract statues of the various gods etc; AoS is at it's best when it distances itself completely from the Old World imho, or takes an old concept and completely re-imagines iit. Just look at the Kharadron Overlords.
  12. It's a nice scenery piece, and I'm glad to see it on sale again, but it doesn't fit the AoS aesthetic at all. It should have been saved for the oft mentioned Mordheim revamp where it belongs.
  13. I really really want Tomb Kings too be brought back, but it cant be done based on recycled kits. They need to re-imagined ala Dok/Sylvaneth etc; in order for them to work in the new setting, the old models would look even more out of place than the current "Freeguild" range.
  14. I guess the more accurate assessment would be wishful thinking. My thought process however is derived from the new Shaman model. The baby squig whale has wierd craters on it's back, almost like something could live in them. Not too mention there has been a precedent for smaller versions of the bigger models on bases as of late...
  15. I'd expect too see; (No, I'm not joking/taking the wee) - Shadow Aelves riding sea horses/octopuses - Moonclan grots that live on the back of Squig Whales (The whales have caves on their backs) - More Kharadron models. (Mainly new characters) - A Deathrattle faction with massive skeletal constructs/bone giants - A Vampire faction - The first hints of Slaanesh - Stormcast warmachines - A new WHQ box. But I doubt we'll see all this, this year. More like over a period of 18 months.
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