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  1. Remark to the Curseling: Check out Artefact "Souldraught". Its a once in battle ability to use 3 dice and the best 2 of them to cast and dispel in any hero phase. Meaning use it in your opponents hero phase, then two chances of dispelling and casting, so possibly 4 times using the three dice! Also if you have scribes around....reroll your failed casts ;-)
  2. ....you could drop the magister, get 10 more acolytes and the command point...but i get the point. So difficult.
  3. I like that list Aaron. Looking into similar things. Dont you think there is a need of 50 points off for a CP, for Battleshock your Skyfires if you dont go first?
  4. I have to say I don't like the list. It's not enough i think. Not mobile enough, not MW enough, not spells enough. AND... 10 Tzaangors are 45$, 60 Tzaangors = 270$.... i mean c'mon....
  5. What about: Curseling 180 Ogroid 180 Tzaangor Shaman 180 Blue Scribes 140 Magister 140 10x Pinks 200 10x Pinks 200 10x Tzaangors 180 6x Skyfires 440 Spell Portal 60 Balewind 40 1x Command Point (for battleshock if not going first!) 1x Triumph! (They've become better!)
  6. Thats correct as far as I understand. It's not a given model in my lists at all... I'am trying to find a list with the blue scribes in. Where we want so many casters there should be space for this genious model...
  7. Then it should be possible starting having 8 Models in the unit left no? edit: disregard. Those who can read are in favor....
  8. Autsch.... ok....even that one cannot i think..... its still a wizard with wounds characteristic minimal to minimum unit size isnt it?
  9. Sirs, how does it work when summoning a balewind vortex with the pink horrors? The one on balewind cant be shut off because i say who gets deleted of the unit? As he balewind becomes one with the model does he just need to have coherency? So you practically lock the unit in place? Any other things to consider? I think its a great tool and if you have paid the 40 points you can delete it and resummon with a pink for flexibility, for example a fold reality on the skyfires far away.... P.S. I used 3 Skyfires in my 1000p list for 2 years now, and it was the only constant in my list. I suspect I will continue with it, because they are still good for many things. And targetting no heroes anymore but the next in line which would be elite unites such as Storm Fiends, Kurnoth Hunters, and others.... PPS: my current idea for 1k points: 3x Skyfires 220 2x10 Pinks 400 1x Curseling 160 1x Ogroid Thaumaturge 180 1x Balewind Vortex 40
  10. it's described in the GHB 2018 under Tzeentch. I cant post it sorry.
  11. The wording in German is written totally clear, you roll at the beginning of the game, if a tie, the first dropper decides!
  12. U guys think there will be tzeentch nerving time soon, again? If so, what kind of, any rumors? very ? worrying, again
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