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  1. All effects like that activate after rerolls. If your reroll is no longer a double 1, a miscast doesn't happen.
  2. @Green Tea I've magnetized two of my three treelords. Both have swappable weapons and heads, although I only ever use the TLA head on my third one. Your main issue is going to be finding a pose where one of the weapon options doesn't look silly
  3. The new Core rules had a bit about how if multiple effects trigger at the same time, the player who's turn it is, applies theirs, then the other players. If two abilities counter each other, the latest to be applied applies. In your example, however, your ability to force rerolls happens earlier in the sequence, due to MW on natural sixes abilities triggering AFTER rerolls have been made. If your opponent has an ability that lets them reroll any hit rolls, they could apply that one instead, but only in your turn. A bit of assumed developer intent: if you had full rerolls, you
  4. I'm still going to agrue that yes, uniques can get spells. Unlike artefacts, mount traits, etc, a spell lore enhanchement isn't given to a unit or model, but instead grants a spell from an available spell lore to every wizard in your army. As per the Spell Lore sidebar in the core rules. I can see how it would be different if the enhancement would give A spell to A wizard. I first read it as every wizard getting a spell from a single spell lore, and I was pondering lists that would get a second spell lore enhancement, and how I would use the rest of the generic spell lore. Flying Dur
  5. I'm hoping it can go on Drycha.
  6. How is "Take a unit from 10 - 20 is 1 reinforcement. " clear indication of unit minimum sizes being used for this? If they had said take *insert unit with minimum size 10 here* from ten to twenty, sure.
  7. In an effort to keep this thread clearer, I've made a new thread in the Painting and Modeling subforum for all Sons of the Round Table needs: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/28807-sons-of-the-round-table/
  8. Disclaimer for those who haven't seen the beginnings of this in the Palette Cleanser topic: This is not my work, and I'm posting these pictures with permission. The author started A Tale of Some Warlords campaign that has 21 players, building and painting 22 armies. This one is Sons of Behemat, converted and painted to the theme of King Arthur, posted for your enjoyment. Here's the concept art: With that out of the way, here's Söör Lääntsalott in his almost finished glory: He likes blowing up squigs (not unlike balloons), long walks on the beach, and squeezin
  9. I see it as 'up to ten is free', so I think it would be one reinforcement in your example. Remains to be seen whether it'll be 1 reinforcement to add models equal to your minimum unit size, or if reinforcement starts counting at 10 models and allows you to add ten more.
  10. Forgot to add, the graph is against a 4+ save without rerolls. On the other hand, the single dice reroll pushes the graph a bit more toward the top end, more so if you have the leader with a glaive, and the new command ability that gives +1 to hit pushes it even further.
  11. Unbuffed, using only their 1-damage profile on all models and without using Martial Memories, their statistical output looks like this: 10 T-revs with blades
  12. 10 is better for combat activations and unwounded heroes while giving up a bit of output compared to 2x5, as two leaders have good odds with their single dice rerolls if you give them the 2 damage weapons. 2x5 has better odds of making the charge.
  13. Up to five models. Above that, and you need to stagger the models, either how it was described a few posts earlier, or rank-and-file style.
  14. I used dryads, as I had them on my hobby table. Conga lines are getting compressed, but otherwise we're going to be fine. @Mirage8112 Are you thinking about using the Arch-Rev just to give hunters rerolls, or using the CA wherever it looks like you might need an extra push?
  15. Maybe I need some. This is fine until you get into a fight, as coherency is checked at the end of a turn and once set up. I'll have to put some models on the table, but even on 32mm bases, you should be able to offset the second rank and keep the models far enough apart, that both ranks can fight, and losing models isn't an issue.
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