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  1. AdamJohn


    This is awesome! Where is the head swap from? I want to do a bloodbound army but looking more like Norse men and this is perfect inspiration. Been looking on the net for ages trying to find something like this.
  2. Hi, trying to get to grips with GHB2017 and the alliances. In doing so I have the following list based on models I have and think it is okay but just wanted to check I understand how pitched battle lists work Allegiance: MoulderLeadersPackmaster (80)- General- Herding Whip & BladePackmaster (80)- Shock-ProdVerminlord Corruptor (220)- AlliesBattleline4 x Rat Ogors (240)- Moulder Battleline2 x Rat Ogors (120)- Moulder Battleline3 x Stormfiends (300)- Skryre Battleline20 x Giant Rats (120)- Moulder Battleline3 x Stormfiends (300)- Skryre BattlelineUnits2 x Rat Swarms (60)2 x Rat Swarms (60)1 x Warp Grinder Weapon Team (100)- Allies1 x Ratling Gun Weapon Team (80)- AlliesBehemothsHell Pit Abomination (240)Reinforcement Points (0)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 400 / 400 So the following questions... Storm fiends are okay due to having Moulder keyword? 400 points of allies - Vermindlord Corruptor 220 Warpgrinder Weapon Team 100 Rattling Gun Weapon Team 80 Is that how the whole alliances works? It is how I have read it as. And finally, if it is okay, opinions? Thanks!
  3. Thanks. I was getting confused thinking that by using battalions all of your army had to have the same key word, like I could only take a battalion if it was all Skaven, Bloodhound, Swifthawk Agent etc... So for the moment (in first example) I'll be able to have Chaos allegiance and mix the battalion :-)
  4. Noob question here... Can I use multiple battalions form different factions (but under the same grand alliance) in matched play. Example 1... Mixed chaos army with Skaven Ripsnik Raiders and Bloodhound Goretide battalions - essentially mixing the Spire of Dawn and AOS starter set as an entry Chaos army. Example 2... Swifthawk agent battalion from the Spire of Dawn boxset but then adding in additional order high elf and possible wood elf units. Thanks guys!
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