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  1. In Warhammer I started when 6th came out but I had been playing 40k since just after the release of 2nd edition. 3 hours queuing to spend the money I got from selling my SNES to buy the 40k box, Dark Millenium and a codex book deal (Orks) from the coupons they had in White Dwarf at the time and I picked up an Ork Dreadnaught too My actual first game I suppose was going round to a friends house to help him cut out paper templates for his skaven and then he faced off against a combined force of Dwarves and Chaos. Not that I had any clue about what was going on with any of it. I ended up getting into 40k first because that's what my brother wanted to play.
  2. firebat

    The Rumour Thread

    Well I was a bit disappointed in all. Khorne getting a 3rd book before Slaanesh gets one is...well about what I expect honestly... but it does confirm my feelings that all the rules should be free. Ultimately in the case of Khorne itself it will amount to being expected to shell out for a few extra special rules that cover your army build. Does this also mean re releases for any army that doesn't include those things currently? So are we now going to see a new edition of the Tzeentch and Nurgle books? How about Khaine? They don't have endless spells or a terrain piece so I expect they're on the new book list too. Could start to feel like some kind of annual or bi annual subscription cost I've no problem with them changing the game and introducing these new elements but does it now mean that whenever they think of something new and cool to add to an army that it's going to be a re release of every book that doesn't include them? It also makes it really confusing and not a great investment for new players when one of the offsets of it being relatively expensive is that the stuff you buy is useful for a long time. Why buy this Khorne book when there will be a new one out next year? Sadly I bet it's because the rules team has to look like it's making money separately from the models to justify it's existence. It does start to feel like an early access game where you're paying for the lack of development early on rather than great additions later. tl/dr new book for substantive content is good. new book for a few extra rules is bad.
  3. firebat

    The Rumour Thread

    See I love the minotaurs precisely because they're so over the top. If it's the muscles over the shins you think look weird, those do make sense, it's just because every muscle has been made so bulky they stand out more than they ever do on anything realistic. In fact I like the minotaurs so much i'm making dragon ogres out of them.
  4. firebat

    The Rumour Thread

    The Bloodsecrator is also all Khorne units within range while this is a spell you can cast once on a single unit a turn.
  5. Personally I'm all for the more casual commentators. When a game takes 2-3 hours there isn't that much to talk about when the majority of the actual table 'action' is someone moving units of 30 guys or working out how many 6's they've rolled. I also don't think it's very watchable in general unless you're actually stood around the table. Having said that these are my suggestions based on WarhammerTV, some other youtube battle reports and having watched a lot of esports over the years of what I think would need to be done to make it more appealing to spectate (also very pie in the sky and expensive I expect): I think any game needs a director or observer in the same way a game of Starcraft does who can relay the information to the screen in a far more readable fashion. Generally at the moment this seems to be more making sure the camera is pointed at the right place but I think it really needs to be more involved with them having a virtual map of the battle from which they can select information to display like being able to throw warscrolls up on screen. No dice rolling, use an app. This could be displayed on screen in a far more readable and immediate fashion. There could be the risk of having an automated solution that works things out from beginning to end and it might be less satisfying for the players to not roll buckets of dice but it would be better for an audience and the players could still work out what the effects are from roll to roll. You'd also get the specifics of x unit hit y with this weapon and it did z instead of stuff being rolled and models being taken off without any visual reason for why. This might save some time too and could also be used for some kind of cool Advance Wars style visualization of each combat. Twitch Extensions. My main exposure to these has been through Hearthstone where you can mouse over cards in the play field and it will pop up with the stats of that card. I've no idea how possible it is to make something that could be moved in real time by a director of some sorts but it would be good for someone to be able to put icons over units on the play field that could be moved as they move in the style like WD battle reports would. You could then mouse over or click on these icons and it opens up the warscroll for that unit. It also means you don't have to devote screen space to rules when you can just say what battleplan or realm is being played and someone can hover their mouse over it if they want the specific details Following on from this some kind of fog of war that dims the rest of the table and makes either one side or both sides more obvious because I tend to find a lot of models get lost when you're looking from a top down view. An app that contains the data in real time so you can see the actual battle on the screen and you can look at your phone or tablet for the specifics. Again a format like a WD battle report would be fine. You don't need to know the exact placement of every model just be able to see what stuff actually is and what it does.
  6. firebat

    Mausoleum & Memorial

    My first model, the chapel in my previous blog (link), had been quite a large model and while it had been a fun experience from which I learnt a lot it seemed like it would be better for the next steps to try something a bit smaller with a lot less parts. The first of these was a memorial model that was still relatively large so it would block line of sight. This was made in 3 pieces as shown above in order to make it manageable to print on a variety of print bed sizes as well as making it less risky (Nothing worse than getting to the end of a print then something going wrong.). I also wanted to leave the top off in order to make it easy to install another model as a statue. It's a bit more awkward printing decent character models than buildings and scenery so my plan is to add a Chaos Warrior model as the statue to this model at some point. In general I was quite happy with how it turned out though and it was good having something that could be printed in less than a day instead of about 3 days. In addition to above I had been working on some smaller extra bits but the main next building I decided to work on was a smaller version of the original chapel as a mausoleum. Again I wanted something a bit smaller but that would fit in with the same style as I was planning on making a series of terrain with a similar theme so i'd have a Death or Shyish set. This model came out as 16 parts. The ground floor: and the roof: Part of what I wanted to do this time was as it had a modeled roof I wanted it to be easily detachable so I created some indents in the tops of the pillars and in the base of the end sections of roof. This allowed some small 5mm diameter magnets to be glued in and so I can detach the roof as needed. The next step is to finish off the extra bits i've been working on and I should have a good set of graveyard themed terrain which i'll hopefully be able to post about soon (and hopefully be able to give my Aelf Loremaster a rest too).
  7. firebat

    How many editions until...

    About the same time as Elves, Goblins and Dwarfs also disappear I expect 😛
  8. firebat

    Big FAQ?

    I like how Fiends are still to be based on 40mm round bases despite models being released next week on different ones.
  9. firebat

    Wrath and Rapture

    Wouldn't surprise me if it had an ability like the old Siren Song making a unit have to move towards it. There used to be a spell that did something similar but I can't remember the name of it.
  10. firebat

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    My choice would be drop the spells and 5 of the Hellstriders and the CP and take 30 daemonettes. Given the summoning rules I think it's better to take as many characters as you possibly can.
  11. firebat

    The Rumour Thread

    Holographic map I guess. In fact, isn't that Warhammer World?? Edit: Yes it is haha
  12. firebat

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Yeah I assume it halves the move characteristic. I think it would have to say halves any movement. Although it saying that turn rather than that phase could imply it works for charges and pile in moves too.
  13. firebat

    The Rumour Thread

    Am I totally wrong in thinking that if they replace the marauder kit that would be the first plastic kit they're replaced since 6th edition? Although I suppose if they're spurned off to their own faction and not called marauders any more it could be argued they still hadn't.
  14. firebat

    The Rumour Thread

    Entirely depends on if they can fill out a full faction of Marauders in an interesting way I suppose. It's a bit like a Beastman army without the interesting bits like monsters and goat heads (or horse bottoms).
  15. firebat

    The Rumour Thread

    Makes sense if Darkoath is taking over the marauder side. The question is will it be just the marauders or replacing Slaves to Darkness entirely. Chaos Warriors must be the oldest plastic kit now and look a bit weedy next to the Stormcast and Khorne Chaos Warriors.