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  1. firebat

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    That's not how it works though. There isn't in the main rules a defined list of accepted phrases. There being other rules that cite ANY is irrelevant for the application of this rule. There are always going to be multiple ways to write any rule but A unit and ANY unit are functionally the same in that they generalise for all units with that banner and aren't specific to this exact unit It's only fuzzy if you're trying to fudge the rules to fit how you want them to. If you actually apply the rule as it is written there is no scope for stacking of multiple banners as you are within the range of a unit whether that is 1 unit or 3 which results in that condition being positive and 'switching on' the -1 to hit for that model. It's like the Keeper of Secrets and Exalted GD command abilities rules that cropped up earlier in the thread with claims they can stack when they can't because both rules clearly specify after a 1st attack they can attack a 2nd time. Using both abilities means a unit attacks for a 3rd time which breaks one of those rules and is effectively cheating. If one of them only stated that after attacking they could then attack an additional time then they could stack, but they don't, and so they can't. It feels like looking at the rules, seeing something that would be powerful and then trying to wriggle it in somehow by looking everywhere else than the rule itself. I quite like the Slaanesh Daemon Prince anyway. They should always be used with something else but the mark ability is really nice for messing up peoples day for just putting some wounds on a monster or softening up a unit that has charged something else. The fact it can fly means you can hide it behind something else like in a unit and it can pile in over models that are in the way to get stuck in and it means you're always attacking first or twice in a row or forcing your opponents combat choices in some way if they're taking it into account. I've run 2 in a tag team a bit which was fun (and annoying for my opponent).
  2. firebat

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Has this been FAQ'd somewhere because that's not how it's worded. There is no condition in the rule for the Enrapturing banner that allows for it to stack. If a model is within 6" of A unit with the banner then it gets -1 to hit. If it happens to be within 6" of 2 units then it it still follows the wording that it is within 6" of A unit with the banner and so gets -1 to hit. Same with 3 units. Or to put it another way. Is this model within 6" of a unit carrying any enrapturing banner? (the condition) Yes. It gets -1 to hit (The effect) A unit is an either/or condition, you're merely checking that there is a unit in range, not counting the units. For it to stack the wording would have to be: "Subtract 1 from the hit rolls of enemy models within 6" of EACH unit that contains any Enrapturing Banners."
  3. He's been brushing his hair since the End Times and it's turned him into some Bayonetta inspired hair daemon. Probably not with guns on his heels though.
  4. firebat

    Wishlisting Thread

    I want a new fancy plastic version of the Steed of Slaanesh both as a character mount (so replacing the current Lord of Slaanesh) but also with a Herald option for a rider and also as a monster cavalry option like the old Pleasureseekers that you had to convert. I also want the riders to either sit on them properly if it's heavy armoured mortal troops but I want the daemon options to ride them like the old metal seekers with the daemonettes to be balancing on their backs. I don't really have an issue with the current plastic daemonettes but the way the seekers ride their mounts just doesn't work for me (Not that there is any chance of them changing the existing Seekers and chariot sets).
  5. firebat

    Battalions Points

    I really like battalions but the Tzeentch book in my mind shows the good and bad side. The Arcanite side gives some cool groupings of units that you can theme an army around and provide some nice structure to building an army as they're all built around 3 units so while they can get big if you max out the unit sizes there is a definite limit. The Daemon side on the other hand are all massive and can all encompass your entire army which as you say makes them a bit pointless and the same effect could be achieved by other means. I'd be happy seeing more like the arcanite side that are like small warbands making up a bigger army and losing the mega battalions unless they're the ones that are made up of the smaller battalions.
  6. firebat

    The Rumour Thread

    I don't think they'll be doing anything of the sort. I don't think GW has any issue with Slaanesh other than it being the least popular god and it's more projection from the player base. I mean just on the models alone how often do GW actually replace a plastic kit and you're talking about them scrapping them all and releasing what would be a 4th version of Daemonettes. The chariots are pretty recent and they got their own Start collecting set recently. I wouldn't expect any of the daemons to be touched other than a new KoS and Fiends and maybe some new heralds. The other new sets will most likely be the Slaanesh 'other' troops that would be their equivalent of Arcanites/Bloodborne.
  7. firebat

    Unit Fillers in AoS

    I think an excuse for this kind of thing in AoS could be to represent and remind yourself of certain abilities a unit might have beyond the usual command models or perhaps to tie units together in a battalion. As has been mentioned the more model centric nature of AoS means they couldn't work in the same way but you could definitely use them as part of a movement tray with a bunch of cultists performing a ritual perhaps or a unit escorting a cart which they can then be removed from once you get close to the enemy.
  8. firebat

    The Rumour Thread

    All I can think of now is the possibility of Sigmarkart and a cartoony Alarielle racing around on her beetle throwing potted plants.
  9. firebat

    New Aelves

    Describe to me how the culture of the Lion Rangers matches more with that of the Order Draconis than with the Order Serpentis and do it without referencing anything established in Fantasy Battle please.
  10. firebat

    New Aelves

    @zedatkinszed But the argument I was replying to was that there is no such things as Dark Elves any more and it's just recycling kits when that clearly isn't the case. Look at Sylvaneth since you bring them up. Again, like the others they can only take Wanderers as allies (+stormcast), the only other faction based on their old army book. Wanderers and Ironweld are the only exceptions to the rule having been rolled into the High Elves to some extent for the former and an amalgamation of the empire and dwarf war machines for the latter, and so both humans and dwarves can take them as allies. The High Elf factions can also take Sylvaneth allies no doubt based on Alarielle because none of the former Dark Elf factions can. The point being High Elves and Dark Elves not being able to mix is a flavour decision based on WHFB. I'm not saying they should be able to ally purely because they're Elves but currently, in a time period thousands of years later to be almost a reboot, when by all accounts the only survivors were huddled in Azyr together and the former rulers, now become gods, were all despondent because they couldn't find more of their kind, and who can all be used together anyway under order, the way the allies are set up exists purely to keep those former WHFB distinctions alive. As long as those distinctions exist they ARE Dark Elves still. I don't need Hammerhal to use DoK and my White Lions together because I can just do it as generic Order just for some reason in some cases I can keep allegiance bonus' and in others I can't. Thinking about it more I think I just don't like the allies rule. I kind of agree with the post I quoted that I don't think those distinctions should exist in the current game (and probably mostly do just to allow people to field armies kind of similar to what they had). They feel arbitrary in the current setting. As the quote says, if they don't follow Malerion (and he's not really even Malekith these days, he's already been working with Tyrion) then where does the schism exist in the current setting? I could possibly understand it in the case of Shadow Elves and Light Elves but currently they don't exist. I think you should be able to just take that 20% from your grand alliance as a whole. Unless they did something more interesting with it and made it some kind of political alignment that could shift with the story. In a game where you're buying models though I can't see many having an appetite for that.
  11. firebat

    New Aelves

    Yeah I think so. I don't have the Firestorm book but as far as I know (possibly completely wrong) those are just additional rules on top of what you would already get. So as it stands DoK + Stormcast could be DoK allegiance +city allegiance while DoK +White Lions would have to be Order + city allegiance. I have no idea what you can actually take for each city allegiance though.
  12. firebat

    New Aelves

    Except GW has decided to largely split who can ally with who based on FB guidlines. The Dark Elf factions can only ally with dark elves (+stormcast), High Elves with High Elves (again +stormcast) The same is true in destruction with it being broadly split along the old army book guidlines of Ogres and Greenskins. I'd love to be able to use the new Khaine stuff and then ally in my old white lions but I can't without it then being generic order. Not necessarily a problem but it shows those old factions still exist.
  13. firebat

    New Aelves

    Yes but Death was one book before and Destruction 2. Order was what, 6? I think if you're expecting Death to have a similar level of support to Order or Chaos you're probably going to be disappointed. They're important but they're the minor players in the overall story of the fight against Chaos.
  14. firebat

    Malign Portents

    No you weren't. The person you quoted was talking about their belief that the Aelves could have been the mortal followers of Slaanesh and that looked less likely given that Khaine seems to be the main focus in the video. This is nothing to do with the (continual ridiculous rumour) of the removal of Slaanesh as a whole, just these particular Aelves alignment. You seemed disparaging of this being a possibility (judging by your sigh) and this video is total proof they have nothing to do with Slaanesh. I was merely saying that if she's changed and is a serpent (and this being in the image of Slaanesh) and her leading a faction that includes other beings with the same form this doesn't necessarily have nothing to do with Slaanesh since Fulgrim is also a serpent and GW has shown they're willing to crossover more aspects of chaos between the 2 games (Such as more of the Tzaangors appearing in the Thousand Sons codex). Skaven already have troops that cross boundaries in a way other troops don't and provide a beastman type unit that isn't just another variety of Gor. It's not totally unreasonable that there could be something similar here (or the start of something)
  15. firebat

    Malign Portents

    It's not that unreasonable considering the parity between AoS and 40k chaos. At some point Fulgrim is going to get a model and he's half serpent too.