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  1. Vaeron

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    Just want to point out that 2 grinder teams cost 480 points less than 2 warpgnaws, who dont even have a command ability and whose spell is now either kills one model with up to 6 wounds (which an engineer can do for 100 points) or does nothing.
  2. Vaeron

    Warscroll Spotlight: Lord Skreech Verminking

    It has been both faqd and updated in the printed rules to show that he summons clanrats.i actually think the nice thing about the Verminking is that you don’t actually have to try to kill models and summon units. You can just lay down an average of 6-7 mortal wounds on a single model.
  3. Vaeron

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Interesting that they only effect hammer of sigmar units. The start of chapter tactics? I know there have been some battalions for sce that are themed, will be interesting to see if that carries into the new battletome in a more fleshed-out way. Is this known and I just missed it? In any event, suddenly glad I went gold instead of silver, not that I ever actually Wysiwyg
  4. Vaeron

    Warscroll Spotlight: Plagueclaw Catapult

    I’m always put off by being able to buy 2 or 3 mortars for the same price in a mixed or allied skaven list to get double or triple the potential shots (or a lightning cannon, obviously) The point decrease changes the math more than just 20 points would suggest, though. I thought it was kind of iffy before depending on the match points, but is now a smart include for mono-Nurgle armies.
  5. Vaeron

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    The English rules also say to roll off Every battle round. Just who breaks ties is different if it’s the first round.
  6. Vaeron

    Morbidex, lord of Nurglings question.

    Restoring a unit (up to its original size) costs no points. New units cost points.
  7. Vaeron

    The Rumour Thread

    There are a couple factions with only one or two model choices, so a leader + huge numbers of lackeys may be unavoidable for some armies.
  8. Vaeron

    The Rumour Thread

    Some people were saying reknown is just warscroll points divided by 5. If so, anything much over 100 renknown drifts into the territory of just a normal size game of AoS, with 200 renown equaling 1000 points.
  9. Warhammer Silver tower had a new model for elves, dark elves, slaves of darkness, disciples of sigmar, clan eshin, and maybe a couple others I'm not remembering.
  10. Vaeron

    The Rumour Thread

    Right? Must never have played against Destruction.
  11. Vaeron

    The Rumour Thread

    Actually, they said this on WarhammerTV to explain why the studio's Kharadron frigates were wobbling so much, and that the plastic versions wouldn't do so.
  12. Vaeron

    The Rumour Thread

    Actually, they said this on WarhammerTV to explain why the studio's Kharadron frigates were wobbling so much, and that the plastic versions wouldn't do so.
  13. Vaeron

    The Rumour Thread

    I actually agree with points per upgrade (See: stormfiends with warpfire vs other builds). If they just increase the cost of stormfiends across the board, it badly overcosts the models for those who dont just spam three projectors.
  14. Vaeron

    Brokk Grungsson questions

    In the sample army lists he only shows up in the Barak Nar force, which makes sense in the fluff book, but it would be odd to exclude the named hero from 5/6th (or so) of the kharadron forces. Ruleswise there is nothing explicitly preventing his use.
  15. Vaeron

    The Rumour Thread

    I like coming releases being discussed. What I don't like was the wishlisting/conjecture being presented as fact that was going on For several pages not long ago.