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  1. Also, complete immun to battleshock mean your opponent will have to kill your guys to the last and hard counter bravery bombs. I'd also add than dropping 5" away is more than just easy charges, it also make it much harder for your opponent to prevent you to Land behind him. Also it's usable with every chamber or with staunch Defenders, unlike the gavbomb
  2. They are quite good. The most competitive build right now is a big block of 30 hearthguard in Vorstag that will delete everything it touch while tanking the entire world, but every combination and themed list, even if not "top 10 tournament worthy" will be solid, because there isn't any bad unit in the army. Even the runeson on foot and the doomseeker (arguably the weakest ones), are still very good for their cost.
  3. Well, the main stormcast chamber i've found is the warrior chamber( they have a mega bataillion), so i used this. They never use the name "strike chamber" in the battletome, which is even bigger, and in the same way, we talk about extremis or sacrosanct chamber, not "tempest" chamber, which regroup vanguard/extremis/sacrosanct. Thanks for the hindsight anyway ❤️
  4. from what i remember, it also prevent the ennemy to pile-in, which make them great for attacking the corner edge of a big horde
  5. personnaly, before changing warscroll, i'd add a allegiance ability to the stormcast. - One if your army is full warrior - One if your army is full vanguard -One if your army is full sacrosanct - One if your army is full extremis. Etc... Stormcast are supposed to sometime fight as chambers, but in the current rulees, one chamber can't be played (extremis), another has too many crippling weaknesses to be played alone (vanguard) and another is meh (warrior). It could be giving retreat+shoot to everyone if you play full vanguard (so they can properly harass), a +1 to cast and unbind if you play full sacrosanct (so your caster are actually efficient), giving run+charge to extremis (so your full cavalry army doesn't rely on a footslogging hero from another chamber to do what it's supposed to do) or a 6++ if you play full warriors (or a baseline staunch defenders for everyone). Nothing for a mixed army, because everyone can cover each other weaknesses. Also, NOT GIVING POINT DROP but boosting the warscrolls. I didn't played stormcast to be as numerous as everyone. I want to fight at 1v3 and be able to win. I want elite warriors. Why the hell are 6 gryph-hound as expensive as 10 arbdoys ??? Why are liberators 100 pts each ? Keep the point cost, slap one more wound and/or attack to everyone and half of the work is done. Also, rework the celestant prime. His special rule sound cool but a model that need to NOT BE HERE to be powerful enough to have some impact is complete retardation.
  6. why giving them maluses when the stormhost equivalents of every other army just give flat bonuses with 0 malus ?
  7. A MV4 deathstar in a army with deepstrike, run+charge, bonus movement and reroll charge. Not a very valid argument. Many armies are slower
  8. there isn't a lot of sense to take a lord arcanum if you don't take sequitors as battleline. Take a knight incantor instead, or, if you really want the -1 to hit, the lord relictor. It give you enough points to replace the desolators by fulminators, who are the heraldor's best friend.
  9. they can remain competitive, fyreslayers players will just have to think a bit harder than throwing a deathstar unit in the middle of the ennemy army and killing everything with it. I mean, godmamnit guys, 5 hearthguard berserkers at 120 pts have nearly the same damage output than stormcast retributors at 200 pts, it's a complete joke. Sure, the old fyreslayer book where they just had to deepstrike 90 vulkites berserker on objectives and see if the opponent could shift them over objectives (spoilers : the opponent couldn't 90% of the time) to win didn't helped them, but i'm sure there is some players here and there who can do good thing without an overpowered unit
  10. Longstrikes in anvils are efficient but bore me to death. Also they aren't fun to face and i don't want to bring this in small points game. People don't play meeting engagement to face the 1K point version of a tournament netlist
  11. What do you think about a 1K list with aquilor, knight incantor, 2x5 vanguard hunter, 6 palladors and the stormcast comet ?
  12. Do you think it's feasible with a celestant on stardrake instead of a drakesworn ?
  13. While i still don't understand it, khorne players considered the bloodreavers, who have this exact profile, as worthwile. Skinks blow them out of the water both in speed, utility, resilience and objective game. So yeah, even at 70 pts, skinks are good
  14. don't play ****** units to hope your ennemy will kill it so you'll have blood tithe points. Play good units instead. Making a summon-focused khorne list is a waste of time. Plus why summon 10 bloodletters when you can make your skullreapers attack in the hero phase ?
  15. MW are more and more common and units attacking in the héro phase or at the start of the combat phase bypass their rerolling saves
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