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  1. ledha

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    A super cool way to make The Gorechosen playable, fun AND powerful would be to : 1 - bypass the limit number of 6 heroes (obviously) 2- Giving to ALL OF THEM a command trait (like the clawlord from Verminus Clan) 3 - All of them can have a magical item from the khorne battletome, bypassing classic limitations. It sounds "too good" but if half the points of your army are in 8 models with 5 wounds and save 4+ in average, you need this to make them worthy. Plus it could make a super cool scenario of some heroes vs an entire army. A grimdark and ironic retelling of the 7 seven samorais (with 8 khornate heroes) and the old Warhammer Fantasy Battle scenario where a few bretonnian heroes were pitted a whole army. Which could be a good hommage to some of Khorne's qualities, like bravery, determination, martial prowess and fighting against the odds.
  2. ledha

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    To be fair, the most popular khorne list (gore pilgrim) make slaughterpriests borderline tzeentchians. 6 spells prayers per turn with 75% chance of sucess and not needing line of sight ? YES
  3. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    If the skellies start already at 3" of the gryph hound, they can't move past him (because of his 3" wide footprint and their 4" move which is not enough to just move around him). Then they have only their charge roll to move : 2D6 If the gryph hound isn't there at all, they move normally, then charge, which is 4, then 2D6. The trick is to use him by putting him just in front of ennemy units (not hard with a 9" move + run), not like 7-8" away of them. I never recommended to be a complete idiot and just run blindly toward the ennemy for giving him a free move. Of course, it need to be skillfull and use it at the right moment against the right ennemy (it doesn't work against flying or VERY fast units) but that's how victory come. Use it in your next game so you'll be able to see how it works. Well used it's very useful. Anyway, between you who say it doesn't work at all and the other who think it's pure cheese, i don't even know why i'm bother trying to help people...
  4. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Back then when the relictor was 80 pts, i played 4 of them with lightning chariot. For 320 pts (10 judicators) those 4D3 mortal wounds and -1 to hit were absolutely absurd. I could make two ennemy units completely irrelevant, and it was ridiculously cost effective
  5. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    A lon A lone gryph-hound won't completely stop a unit, but preventing it to move past it in the movement phase make the charge harder to reach the units behind. if the ennemy's 40 skellies are 3" away of your gryph hound and 9" of your others behind units at the start of his move phase, it will be harder for him to reach those units than if the gryph-hound wasn't there, because he can't simply move toward you (since he can't use his normal move and going toward you without being at less than 3"). It's far from cheese, but i used it enough to know it can work outside of simple theory. Even if it work only one time, it's ok, it's a free model.
  6. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    It's a game, not a balanced simulation of warfare. Why the archers would be able to fire at a monster wrecking them ? Why aren't the boat immune to melee attacks ? Why does a 20-tons mawkrusha can't smash trough a sylvaneth forest and go where he want ? How the hell a stardrake can eat a kurnoth hunter ? Why does the stormcast teleport religiously far away from their opponent ? For the same reason that a handful of models can halt the advance of bigger regiments. It doesn't make sense but we shouldn't care. Plus, every model represent many more soldiers "in reality", and history is full of big armies being bog down by much smaller band of soldiers. This being "realistic" or whatever is absolutely not important or even meaningful here anyway. And i don't say it stop people from taking hordes, it just give a flaw to those to not make the decision of spamming hordes a no-brainer.
  7. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    That's how the interdiction area of 3" work. It make lone characters and small units very good to block massive units, and make massive units less mobile and more vulnerable to that sort of manoeuvers. It's the entire purpose of skirmishing units like skinks, freeguild's archers or aertherwing. If your opponent bring ton of big blocks of unit but don't have any plan against those 5/10 models units, then he messed up
  8. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    area denial : asingle 40mm base create a area of interdiction of 8" your opponent can't cross except if he fly or charge. Just run 3" in front og a big blob and look it having to take the other way around because of your single gryph-hound. If he charge your gryph hound, he will have to attack it first. If he doesnt.. the gryph-hound can attack, retreat in front of the ennemy unit but outside its reach. Rince and repeat. Or charge the edge of a blob while another big unit charge somewhere else, making pile-in more difficult. It make another very big area denial against deepstrike. Very cool in games where you don't have to "waste" a unit staying behind to prevent deepstrike in your a**. In low-points game, he is very useful for his big move+charge+move after attack. He can quickly flank the ennemy army, and your opponent may not always have enough units to use one to chase your gryph hound. And if he dedicate one to this, it's still a whole unit who had to go in the outsides of the board to chase a free model. If your opponent don't chase the gryph hound, he can grab or contest an objective. His single base also mean that few models can attack him, so his survival is better than it look. And, of course, near a gunline, he can scare some deepstrikes. Of course, against shooting, he is usually shot off before doing anything good. But against full melee army, he can be a real pain. I ended up 5th of a 1000 pts tournament with a weak list (no sacrosanct, only liberators, protectors, a castellant and a veritant) thanks only to the two gryph hound who are an enormous pain to deal with.
  9. ledha

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    i would prefer they simply delete the +1 attack + immun battleshock from him and slap +1 attack to every khorne model. And give him new abilities Wouldn't change anything (except making us not auto-ignore a very interesting mechanic of AOS) power-wise for khorne, but would answer to the problem that the entire army is entirely reliant on a single model because let be honest, without the +1 attack, the khorne models are absolutely pitiful
  10. ledha

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    one cool thing in the lore is that khorne directly interverne when a battle take his attention A cool thing would be that those endless spells/whatever are automatically cast when you reach or use a certain amount of blood tithe points. Like one every 3 points, so, as the slaughter grow, khorne influence grow as well. Only downside is that it would force us to buy those models
  11. the castigators are a wasted opportunity. How can you make a unit of ghost hunters with crossbow launching explosives grenades-arrow NOT COOL ? They could have aoe abilities or not needing line of sights. Plenty of cool things. But no, let's make them judicator 1.1 !
  12. ledha

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    a dual box with one army based on shooting and the other based around woods that prevent shooting ? would be a fun, but terrible idea
  13. Well, we can compare liberators with bloodwarriors (same price, nearly as resilient, attack WAY harder and acess to many more synergies) or the ardboys (160 pts vs 200 pts, better bravery, much better offensive output because 32 mm base, nearly as resilient) or chaos warriors (worse offensive output, but cheaper and the invulnerable save making them a better roadblock), who are in the same category. And no one will argue those units are among the best. Your skellie example is not really good because skellies are taken in big units and are one of the most well known example of undercosted madness. Liberators are not, either in units 5,10,15,20,25 or 30. Nerfing sequitors won't make the mediocre liberators better. People took them for 2 purpose before : having cheap battleline, or a big unit of 30 because LOLVANGUARDWING. That's all.
  14. Liberators are a bad unit, and they would be average even at 80. Nerfing evocators and sequitors won't make the liberators, paladins or prosecutors more viable. They will be as mediocre as before. They are NOT a viable choice in tournament (if you want to be in the first half of the classment). Even the Skyborne Slayers, the only vanilla battalion that received countless buffs with the new BT (even the nerf of the lord celestant made him better in the skyborne), is average at best because the units inside it are simply subpar and loose against new battletome simply because new things (including simple goblins) hit too hard and resist well. What the hell are you supposed to do when 15 liberators are the same price or more expensive as 30 bestigors or 6 enlightened ? (who will roflstomp them) The problem with stormcast tournament lists are Gavriel, not the sequitors (who get shat on by the first decent shooting units they come across, because they don't reroll all saves in shooting saves) or evocators (which the problem is making mortal wounds after they attacks, and not at the end of the combat phase like units such as the Kurnoth Hunters). The ballista can make incredible damages, but the average output for them, while better than most of the stormcast shooting units (except vanguard hurricane) is fine. Plus having lot of ballista give problems to the stormcast players than appear on practice but not on paper : the fact that 25% of your army is put inside 5 models who need to stay together and don't move a lot, making the list much weaker in keeping objectives. Keep the sequitors as they are (but make them 460 the 20, not 400, this point reduction is stupid), put Gavriel at 160, the balistas at 110, change the way the evocator mortal wounds work, and you will make the units much more balanced with a few tweaks and without penalizing players fielding them outside of a gavbomb (which is the main problem)
  15. upping the cost of those units would make it weaker, but would not make the paladins/liberators better. You would just kill the few competitive stormcast lists and let them with absolutely nothing else. There is some changes to do, but not those one