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  1. ledha

    Will there ever be New Human models for Order?

    AOS minis are news and different from the WFB, but are always referencing a strong theme from WFB. I can see the new humans being either more peasant/fanatics aspect of the middle age, to contrast to stormcst, or go in the opposite direction, an army of knights or guys in heavy armor mixing both the empire AND the bretonnian imagery, with lot of clothes, feather, and a small part of italian renaissance instead of german empire. Something like the knights of Kekai Kotaki, with a very ornate and more "slim" and articulate armor than the walking tin-can the stormcast are. Something more "luxuous", and maybe less practical. If i was a GW designer, i would take both : basically, make the free people a horde-centered army with lot of flagellant-like or milician units who are weak, but with a extremely customisable noble champion (like the pictures i linked) with minor-hero or even hero-characteristic, who would give different buffs to the unit he lead in battle. Basically, a handful of nobles from X family/house/city leading their people in battle, but heroically on the frontline, and who could all act like like centerpiece for your army. A little throwback to the bretonnian virtue of empathy who gave to the knight the possibility to fight on foot alongside the poor people and motivate them. You could even customize your noble house/city a bit like the kharadron code to give it more personnality
  2. Oh, come on, The Hag Queen is better than every hero at 120 or even 140 pts (compare her to a Khemist, a Spirit Torment, a Runesmitter or anything else at this point level and laugh. Even at 120 pts, she would still be better) and she is not even easier to snipe out (invulnerable save), how being able to being sniped off like everyone else is an argument to her being fair point-wise ? It's like saying Evocators are not better than Retributors because they have the same resilience The only hero that is at the Hag Queen level of point-efficiency is the Bloodsecrator, but basically the whole battletome crumble without him
  3. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    The celestant on dracoth is a 220 pts guy with 7 wounds. His 3+ rr 1, with staunch defender, can make him absolutely unkillable if the opponent don't have any mortal wound or rend-2, but as soon as something like this appear, he die in one second. Vandus is even worse, not having the shield giving rr1. 7 wounds and 3+ save for the points of a bloodthirster is... ouch
  4. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    that's a good list, but the lord arcanum on celestial dracoline really need a unit of evocators on dracoline to be useful You could easily swap him for a lord arcanum on gryph charger, Or tale astreia solbright, which is a lord arcanum on dracoline, which has the command ability of the lord arcanum on gryph charger, and will work better with the rest of the army. And she is 20 pts cheaper, so if you take her as a general and play Hammer of Sigmar, you'll even have enough pts to kick out the liberators for a unit of sequitors. You will loose the 6+ invu or the staunch defenders, but hey, we can't have everything ! this will make your list slightly better in my eyes, without changing it too much
  5. I played a 1K tournament with a castellant and a veritant, i can confirm, my 2 lone gryph-hound basically won several games by themselves. people don't have many units at 1K pts, as well as few shooting, and can't dedicate two units to keep objectives and chase 2 single models which will escape half of the time. It's harder to slip between ennemy units with 6 gryph hounds
  6. At 120 pts, they could be reasonnable. No save is bad (note that you can still buff it with lantern and cover), but 18 wounds for 140 pts is quite cool. Still, they are not resilient, and their warning cry ability is akward to use. They can do a nice screen, especially since your opponent will HAVE to attack them first if he don't want to see them retreat 3" away and block all move in a area, but why take 140 of them to do this while your 100 pts AND battleline liberators will do the job and your 120 pts sequitors are just incredible for this ?
  7. ledha

    LoN after grimghast reapers.

    prevent LON units to be affected more than once by gravesites
  8. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    You can't use destiny dices for spells damage, your tzeentch players should check out his rules. Concerning scorched earth, you can't burn your own objectives, only the ennemy one, so the nurgle player cheated here Anyway, thanks for this long report !
  9. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    swords are better, but the difference is so small that it won't really change anything if you take mauls, so you can go rule of cool here
  10. ledha

    Expanding on Death: Not Enough Flavour

    I would really like a ultra-elite army for death, like stormcast but even more elite, with vampires. Full black and stylized armor, badass swords and capes, vampiric powers. Each of those guys is supposed to be a murder machine. Nothing more badass than a army of 30-50 models killing an army twice to thrice it size
  11. ledha

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    they are the best as well in nighthaunt, but because LON is more powerful than nighthaunts, the tournaments are full of LON armies with very few nighthaunt one
  12. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I may be wrong, but doppelganger cloak work only in melee and won't prevent the monster to be killed by a double-tap from the longstrike
  13. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    i find it as good as before. It much easier to make it work (affect people 6" around them,) and against everything else than the "hit6 = mortal wound", it's way better than before. You heroes are automatically 2+ save against shooting with it. I would like to point to that pretty much every "hit 6 = XXX" are or will become unmodified roll, so the previous version would do nothing against those
  14. ledha

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I'm thinking of using 6 prosecutors with shield because we never know if we don't try Drop them via scion. 3D6 charge, fly so you can even fly over the tarpit or screens if needed. The goal here is to engage with the ennemy screens (in prevision of others units than he think you will drop and charge) and possibly make a mess in the opponent deployment zone, because 6 large base with the 3" of n go zone can block a surprising chunk of the battlefield. Prosecutors are not very resilient, but they are resilient enough to hold their own against tarpit/screening units (even more with the -1 to hit from scion). Off course, it doesn't work if someone has retreat+charge or can kill them in the hero phase, but it could surprise some armies.
  15. I wouldn't put the most overpowered army as the "most difficult army to master"