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  1. What are all these talks about 2+ skullcrushers ? Did i miss something ?
  2. I use them a lot and high armor isn't a problem if the ennemy unit have 5 models or more. You just fish for sixes ( reroll everything that isn't a 6 because they reroll isn't limited to failed hit and you don't have to reroll EVERYTHING ) and your unit suddenly casually throw around 10 mw every time. If they attack in the hero phase ( before sequitors or morteks rerol their saves) it's a carnage. They tear trough everything that isn't a well armored monster, basically 95% of the game . Mine roll over mortreks and sequitor with hilarious ease I play 3x5 in slaughterborn and they are o
  3. It say before the first round begins, but not before the roll-off or anything like that. So i'd go for the most simple option : after the roll is decided, but before any other action.
  4. Il would swap the items. The -3 rend weapon on the demon prince claws attacks will make a incredible killing machine, and the unmodifiable save for the chaos lord will make him very very very VERY hard to shift.
  5. Yeah it's either completely useless or broken as hell
  6. From my experience, the psychological impact of it as well as the huge blocking potential make him incredible. Even experienced players who know what i can/will do start to hesitate and do mistakes, because you really don't want to roll this dreaded 8 Even if, to be fair, all of our judgments are very good.
  7. The more i play with a demon prince, the more i think it's a auto-include in the like of the bloodsecrator. I played against Ossiarch yesterday. Goretide general + dimensionnal blade on the claw gave to my demon prince (and only with a bloodsecrator around) in charge 4 attacks 2+rr1/3+/-2/3 and 4 attacks 2+rr1/3+/-3/3 The guy slaughetered morteks (in petrifex) left and right (between 9 and 12 per combat phase) like they were nothing. And the CA is incredible. He literally soloted 20 morteks backed up by a boneshaper in 3 combat phase. small base + fly and 12" move make him more
  8. gloomspite gitz are probably the best for that Big trolls, medium trolls, goblins Big spiders, little spiders Big squigs, little squigs And little goblins everywhere It's the best "big guys surrounded by waves of small guys" army Also, Ossiarch Bonerepeaer. Katakros is a good centerpiece and is towering over the mortek guard.
  9. Give me a allegiance which give aura of khorne (sf std battletome) to a khorne mortal/bloodbound army and i'm ok. I literally ask for nothing else. For demons, an allegiance making blood thrones priests or bloodsecrator-like would be super cool as well And, feeling crazy here, a reliable way to have run+charge or fight first/twice for khorne armies, outside of very specific combo (such as goretide or the tyrants)
  10. i was thinking of a despoilers army with 2 daemon prince and belakor, and chaos knight/maraudeurs around, do you think it could be efficient ? I have a demon prince in my khorne army and the guy is just cleaving trough everything
  11. Hey everyone. Does anything prevent me to play a full khorne/blades of khorne army and take archaon or a slave to darkness demon prince as a general ?
  12. with his army, he do MW when he charge, MW at the start of heroes phase, MW when doing a 6 to hit for most of his army... During the entire game, it really add A LOT
  13. They could run a world campaign where the results decide if excelsis fall or not
  14. People complaining about GW balance should check the other games. Even the games where "balance" and "tournament play" are the main focus can end with complete ****** netlist that will break the balance harder than Bane crushed Batman's spine. Warmachine mostly died in a few months (despite being in a incredibly good position at the start at the V3) because they decided to release those stupidly overpowered broken theme force that were 1000% worse than their previous iteration. So much for "focusing on balance"
  15. Can also be applied to the entire stormcast eternal range. Sure, you could resolve most of the book problems by cutting price of 20/30% of most of the units, but who want 70 pts liberators ?
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