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  1. While i still don't understand it, khorne players considered the bloodreavers, who have this exact profile, as worthwile. Skinks blow them out of the water both in speed, utility, resilience and objective game. So yeah, even at 70 pts, skinks are good
  2. don't play ****** units to hope your ennemy will kill it so you'll have blood tithe points. Play good units instead. Making a summon-focused khorne list is a waste of time. Plus why summon 10 bloodletters when you can make your skullreapers attack in the hero phase ?
  3. MW are more and more common and units attacking in the héro phase or at the start of the combat phase bypass their rerolling saves
  4. Did they touched the Skyborn Slayers point cost ?
  5. Taking such a big deathstar without a castellant to protect it seems strange
  6. to be fair, the skullcanon is much faster, more resilient (can't be crew sniped), have a respectful melee profile and also shoot in the melee phase (including the opponent's) if he kill someone in melee.
  7. Did the stormcast endless spells had a point change ?
  8. All paladins need to be 160 pts if they want to be relevant. There is still only a 20 pts difference.
  9. This ghb feel like a glaring lisses opportunity to rebalance the stormcasts
  10. Did anyone here thought about using gorebeast chariot ? They are khorne and mortals, so can be buffed by everything. For less than a khorgorath, they have 8 wounds, a 4+ save, and a 8" move, make MW in charge and THREE ATTACK PROFILES : 3 attaques 4+/3+/-/2 (double un charge if 8+), 3 attacks 4+/3+/-1/1 and 2 attacks 4+/4+/-/1 That mean that a single +1 attack will actually give them +3 attacks (one for each profile), meaning buffs are expotiennaly good on them. For 300 pts, a single unit buffed by a bloodstocker and a +1 to hit (with a bloodsecrator around) making a 5+ move charge make 21 attacks 3+/3+/-/2, 12 attacks 3+/3+/-1/1, 9 attacks 3+/4+/-/1, rerolling all wounds. That seems pretty cheap.
  11. Monster or not, 30 aurics deepstriking and putting 60 shots at 3+/2+/-1/1 are a pain to deal with
  12. those point change + the reduction cost of the skyborne slayers would make me laugh a lot
  13. +1 with battlesmith (aoe) +1 with prayer +1 with runesmitter one-time-per-game ability (aoe) +1 with forge brethen Note that forge brethen work in ennemy phase until your own so if your opponent have a double turn, you actually have a +5 save to a unit or at least +2 to the save of several units and three +1 bonus to who you want. So vulkite berserkers in cover can reach a -2+ save.
  14. Fyreslayers. Most of their units are quite resilient at base, but they can combine that with the ability to stack aoe bonus save (up to +4 !) and reroll save + invulnerable save.
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