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  1. Gabester539

    Winter Onslaught


    Sign me up for both days please. Gabe Andrew
  2. The Warhammer underworlds site has a few example decks for starter warbands like Garrek's Reavers
  3. Any speculation about when the sylvaneth band will be released?
  4. I think we might see MW on an unmodified 6 from now on, but hopefully a points decrease too
  5. Hey guys, been working on a brass stampede list for a tournament soon, got the list figured out but don't know what to take for my artefacts. Thinking either talisman of burning blood on the juggerlord or brazen rune. The second one I have no idea
  6. I like it. At least it's not two armoured lumps, and it fits with the style of the darkoath chieftain
  7. I ran the bloodbound warband in my games this week and find it's a pretty good starting point for any aspiring worshippers of khorne. And aspiring deathbringer, bloodsecrator, 3 units of blood warriors, a unit of skullreapers and 1-2 units of blood reavers. Half of this battalion comes in the starter set, all you need is one box of blood warriors, a box of skull reapers and an aspiring deathbringer. Throw in the khorgorath or stoker from the starter set and you have a neat 980-1000 point list ready to go.
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