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  1. My bad, i tought it was a 5 to cast lol. I'm getting old my memory is failing haha. In that case it's not bad (but hard to cast your you too so it's unclear).
  2. @PlasticCraic I'm curious, i'm guessing you use the spider rider as your main screen? Not a bad idea considering you deny an easy battle tactic for your opponent. Like mentionned in my post, i'm not a big fan of the big stabbas in Icebone. I would personnaly favour more pigs / morboys. Between the 12 big stabbas and spiders, it's almost 900 pts that don't benefit much from Clans ability. About Shackle, each time I read it i like the ability. Then I realize it will just get dispel almost every time and move to something else so I guess i'm voting for option B lol. I'm also dubious about amulet on the Big boss, doesn't seem that usefull? Good luck
  3. I'm curious what's the mechanic to include a mega gargant in BS? i didn't know you could! edit: NM found the rule in SoB tome. Really nice!
  4. You use the Aleguzzler Gargant? Not sure of your exact list, but if you go for triumph you might consider using an extra enhancement for the immune battleshock one. Since we have low bravery, and you can use it after failing a battleshock it's much better than Inspiring presence (and it give you redundancy for 1 turn if you need it)
  5. So I now had the chance to try every sub-faction. At first, it seemed evident to me that Icebone was the way to go (unlock a good battleline + nice army wide ability). Yesterday I elected to try Bonegrinz for the good old Arrowboy ( I won't report because i was playing against squig and it's almost an autowin), but i did some math hammer before the game to analyse the weight of subfaction, and give rationnal to wich unit fit better in each. Obviously we all know Icebone now and I will use it as my baseline. To measure the expected damage increase from the allegiance, i've use the simple metric of expected damage against 4+ save, and calculate the increase in damage per attack for different scenario. Depending of the hit and rend of unit, you get a value between 0.0185 and 0.555 extra net damage per attack. Translate into a more gamewise aspect, you would get the following value (in extra net damage after save) - 10 charging boars (assuming 8 in contact): 2.66 - 10 charging morboys (10 in contact): 2 (2.66 if you give them +1 to hit) - 4 big stabbas: 0.22 So Icebone basicly act like a flat damage increase for all your army. The better it get the higher the save you're up against. It also lose value on high rend unit (big stabbas, Rogue Idol) Now let look at Drakkfoot Drakkfoot is hard to analyse because it can be very good against some army, but useless against other. So you need to consider it first to unlock Morboys, who are IMO plainly better than savage orruk. But to put a value on their ability is quite tough. I think it safe to assume that most army will have at least 1 ward save (amulet of destiny is everywhere). So let's take an army with no ward except the amulet (like Ironjaw or Son of Behemat). So against a Maw Krusha with amulet it can worth an extra 10 damage spike (assuming you're going for the MK kill) or even 20 damage against a Megagargant. But i think that right now the biggest argument for Drakkfoot would be the high prevalence of Lumineth in the meta (they have a 5++ ward save bubble). High rend value (Big stabbas and Rogue Idol) gain value elect to go Drakkfoot. Finally Bonegrinz Bonegrinz is interesting as it allow you to go for a 30 arrowboys block (as well as boosting them). But how does it translate into damage efficiency? Fortunatly it's relatively easy to calculate. Imagine you don't want to use bonegrinz, but still want some shooting and elect to use 30 arrowboys (20 + 10). Assume you use all out attack each shooting phase, you're 30 arrowboys will output 11.25 net damage against 4+. That is an extra 4.6 damage per shooting phase over your 20+10 unbuffed arrowboys (with a +1 to hit on the 20 block as well). Moreover, you need to consider the extra potential you'll get from Unleash hell. Sure it's just 6 up, but 90 shoot will still net you 3.75 net damage after save (or 2 more than the 20 arrowboys shooting), or an extra 6.5 per battle round. Not to shabby. In the list I was using yesterday, I was betting high on triumph for the +1 to wound as well. So the first Arrowboys volley of the game can do 30 damage before save. That is a nice damage spike and will put pressure on lot of army. Since early game damage as more value than late game damage, this can be enough to justify this allegiance over Icebone. In summary, while Icebone is still the default clan to go (simple overall bonus, good in most matchup), both Drakkfoot and Bonegrinz avec their niche as more specialized list. Thanks for reading, and hope you learned something
  6. Nice report! I like the addition of spider! I want to test some monster in my BS list as well (toying between Mangler, Troggboss or Aleguzzler as I don't own Spider). I dont dislike the Rogue Idol, but I find it to be on the expensive side for what it does (and I hate that it doesn't fly) I think it fit nicely to fill the battle regiment slot (and unlocking a battle tactic, always nice). I also like varying the type of model. A problem i've with pure horde is that it's longer to play, sometime leaving you less time to think over important decision.
  7. 6-7 is awfully low (is average output is 16-17 with the 4++). As Plastic mentionned it's high variance so a 6-7 once in a while is bound to happen, but 4 game in a row it is quite unlikely.!
  8. I use a Wurrgog as well. Wurgog doesn't really fill the same role. It's more a defensive mortal bomb. Boltboys provide long range output and overwatch. The two combined will give hardtime to any army to break your bunker. If they charge and kill your screen they are now sitting in front of a 16 mortal bomb, after taking 8 mortal from unleash hell. 20 Arrowboys will do a meager 10 damage (often with no rend) if you use a CP (6.67 without). Boltboy have mortal output (even without a shaman) and their 2+ base hit mean they can snipe small heros (with Shaman it get really consistent). But the true value here is really the overwatch (one of the reason i don't like arrowboys that much). Unleash hell on Arrowboys do negligable damage, while Boltboy can do 8-10 mortal when buffed by their Shaman. Having as much action in your opponent turn is what will separate good from great army in AoS3 as it make armies much more (one easy exemple is double turn mitigation) Boltboys give you this flexibility and is one the reason i would play Big waaagh over Ironjaw for exemple.
  9. I use x6 boltboys and 1 swampcalla shaman in Big waaagh. In my opinion they're almost an autopick in BW. Killbow is much more niche. Reason i would use it would be to fill the Artillery spot in Battle regiment to lower the drop for exemple. But you'll get much more value from boltboyz overall.
  10. you mean in a Kruleboyz list, or more a big waaagh? In pure kruleboyz both are usefull. Boltboyz are much more versatile and stable (ie you'll get a consistent output of mortal/rend 1 each round) Killbow are much more volatile and specialized. The damage output is really high agains monster. You can reduce the variance by including 2-3 of those. As a rule of thumb I would say include Boltboyz first, then complete with some killbow. hope that help!
  11. Interesting. Still a bit unclear to me tough. I'm looking at Alpha beast pack, and it's not explicit that end of deployment and end of set-up are different. I feel it could get ruled either way in a tourney. After armies have been set up but before the first battle round begins, you can make a normal move of up to D6" with each unit in this battalion.
  12. Super interesting. But i'm looking at the exact ruling on this: After deployment but before the first battle round begins, half of the BONESPLITTERZ units in your army (rounding up) can move up to 5". If both players can move units before the first battle round begins, they must roll off, and the winner chooses who moves their units first. After set-up is complete but before the first battle round begins, each player gains control of all objectives that are within 6" of any friendly models and more than 6" from all enemy models. It's nobodies turn, so both effect happen at the same time. After deployement and after set-up seem to be simunaltenous effect? (just looking to have the right argument if this arise in a game haha)
  13. true for objectives. For screening i'm pretty sure you will get more reach with 5 board than 10 orruks tough. For infantry i tend to throw in morboys. Less defense, but cheaper and do lot more damages.
  14. Honestly right now i dont' think you can justify savage orruk on foot. They are marginally cheaper per wound than boarboyz (8.25 vs 9.33) but almost do twice the damage with 12'' move + access to potentiel rend 2.
  15. Tought I would share some feed back. Played a mirror match yerterday, so not that relevant on a strategy perspective. But getting the in game vibe of waaagh point build up might interesting: My list: He was playing something really similar, but with Rogue Idol and Kruleboyz balista over Gruntas and Big Stabbas and Wurgog. So the first thing worth mentioning is that waaagh point from charge and combat are much more important than before (every unit generate them instead than 10-mens units like before). We both had d6 + 3 WP per turn and both rolled a 1 on first turn. I tried the heroic ability and missed (he didn't). By then end of R1 we both each an extra point for charging and engaged unit at the end of the combat phase. On his turn (2.1) he roll a 4 or 5 and had 1 charge (his Maw Krusha) to end the turn at 14, just shy of the +1 to hit. At the start of my turn i roll a 4 as well and are now sitting at 13 WP, with most of my army in good position to charge. I managed to charge with 5 units (18 at the end of the charge phase good for the +1 to hit) and 4 engaged unit at the end of the combat phase, triggering the +1 to wound for next turn). So my reflexion was that round 1 should be pretty conservative for Big waagh army. The objective is really to minimize your loss so ensure you head into round 2 and 3 with as much unit as possible. Unlike in v2 where you could rush for turn 2 +1/+1 (using the command ability) in v3 we have to rely much more on combat. On the other hand, the fact that we have easy access to mighty destroyer really boost the army mobility compared to v2. With that in mind my overall game plan with the army would look like: turn 1: Spread and put pressure on objective (watch out for enemy shooting by checking distance and deepstrike). Grind some stuff with shooting. Don't overcommit big point chunk (ex. Maw Krusha) turn 2: Charge if you can trigger the +1 to hit. If not redeploy wait 1 more turn. turn 3: Fight
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