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  1. Starting a progress log for my Hinterland Chaos war band for our upcoming campaign. My starting list is a pair of goblin brothers(one mutated) which counts as a Spoilpox Scrivner, a Black Orc who has turned to Chaos which counts as a chaos warrior, a pair of Skaven clanrats, a pair of Chaos Dwarf Fireglaives, and a Bray Shaman. First up is the first four models. Only one I've started to pain so far is the first of the Clanrats.
  2. I've started setting up the third season(campaign) of Hinterlands locally(DFW area). So far we've had a decent showing of players who really appreciate the pseudo-Mordheim feel combined with the fast pace of the game. Here is the campaign intro, primer, and first battle plan of seven(last one is a large scale multiplayer battle). I'll be posting the battle plans as I release them and if anyone is interested I can link the files for the 1st and 2nd Season. Cheers! Intro: “The bounties have been posted; the targets listed; and the hunters, trappers, and beast-masters have headed the calls. From all planes warbands have converged on Ghur to trap the most exotic and priceless creatures at the behest of a mysterious patron. Misgivings have been dissolved with either initial payments of treasure; ur-gold, shadeglass, or realm Stone; trained advisors; or additional gear. The Gnawing Sea, already suffused with deadly magics and crawling with dangerous predators, now becomes the battleground for your warbands who seek glory, money, and blood. Overcome obstacles, capture your prey, and stand atop the bodies of your enemies in the realm of beasts!” Battleplan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13HvrOz6UIMx3d6ddZWb0CFx8ts_9BVZPb2zYYr5YhXk/edit?usp=sharing Primer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13erkoBftCoEMCAwV9_ki6jFNzCNAgl6x0c-ehYBW9V8/edit?usp=sharing
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