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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. I've started setting up the third season(campaign) of Hinterlands locally(DFW area). So far we've had a decent showing of players who really appreciate the pseudo-Mordheim feel combined with the fast pace of the game. Here is the campaign intro, primer, and first battle plan of seven(last one is a large scale multiplayer battle). I'll be posting the battle plans as I release them and if anyone is interested I can link the files for the 1st and 2nd Season. Cheers! Intro: “The bounties have been posted; the targets listed; and the hunters, trappers, and beast-masters have headed the calls. From all planes warbands have converged on Ghur to trap the most exotic and priceless creatures at the behest of a mysterious patron. Misgivings have been dissolved with either initial payments of treasure; ur-gold, shadeglass, or realm Stone; trained advisors; or additional gear. The Gnawing Sea, already suffused with deadly magics and crawling with dangerous predators, now becomes the battleground for your warbands who seek glory, money, and blood. Overcome obstacles, capture your prey, and stand atop the bodies of your enemies in the realm of beasts!” Battleplan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13HvrOz6UIMx3d6ddZWb0CFx8ts_9BVZPb2zYYr5YhXk/edit?usp=sharing Primer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13erkoBftCoEMCAwV9_ki6jFNzCNAgl6x0c-ehYBW9V8/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Hi all, I'm hoping to bounce a few ideas with you fine internet peepz. I'm looking to drag a mate of mine kicking and screaming into the hobby. So a cool summer campaign should do the trick. I first wanted to do the skirmish campaign, but having played it I found the upgrade system a bit lacking. At least it didn't make me love my hero. So then I thought what about Path to glory? Very cool.. except only fun if you play the same faction (the current version can be so insanely unbalanced between factions). Hinterlands? Even cooler but ends up with a lot of paperwork after 3 or 4 games for a new player. (Personally like the depth that it adds but... also know my boy ) And both skirmish and Hinterlands don't build up to a full game experience. So I threw everything I liked together into a blender and I love to hear your thoughts! (this is my concept in a nut shell and if other people like the concept i'll write it out in depth). I had some extra thoughts marked with an asterix. Not sure if it's too much or a fun extra. First three games! Hinterlands... - Both players start with 10 Clanrats that are numbered and the goal is to discover what clan your hero belongs to. Hidden in an envelope their is a list which number corresponds with the different clans. (2 Moulder/Skryre/Eshin/Master/Verminus). - The first scenario is to learn the rules, second and third offer you the chance to discover the clan of a couple of rats. Level the rats through the Hinterlands level system and you can recycle every rat but it then loses it's experience) - After the third game you choose a rat to be your hero, reveal the clan and turn the rat into the hero of that clan. All skills or injuries are carried over. * Maybe choose two lieutenants, reveal their clan and note their level. Next three to six games! Skirmish... - Both players start with their hero and 10 Renown/*the two lieutenants turn into a clans unit champion. - All upgrades for the leader are carried over until the next phase. - The winner of the campaign gets a small advantage for the next campaign and all upgrades are carried over. ( i'm thinking in the theme of the rats that the winner can trade a lieutenant as he betrays his master) * The lieutenants can add to their levels in some way. note them down. Path to glory! - Just a regular campaign with the following exceptions - Both players start with their Path to Glory with their hero including all magic items and upgrades. (extra command abilities become a roll on the chaos command table) - Maybe ending the final game as the old chaos PtG with the champion turning into a Verminlord. * The lieutenants get their very own unit to run. Every level (or two) turns into a roll on the unit table to represent their champions skill. I'm a planning to play every set of games before fully fleshing out the details of the next set of games. Depending on the enthousiasme, speed of play and our time limits we may add more games, more points and the like. The backstory will develop from play but in essence it's two rivaling litters of 10 rats with all the bloodshed and treachery involved in that. Sorry for the wall of text and love your dedication for reading this far
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