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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Hey all! Recently bought the Wrath and Rapture boxset for my OH and myself. We've been looking at the textured moulding blocks in order to add texture to the bases. What have you found as the best thing to use, greenstuff, Milliput or other alternative's? I've used Milliput in the past for some gap filling however found that it started to crumble when it dried. If you've got examples of bases done in this method and what you used that would be excellent! Thanks in advance!
  2. I've had a trawl back on this topic thread and can't find the answer so... I'm using Revell plastic cement for the standard Sigmar figures with no problem. But I've bought a set of witchy things from Raging Heroes and that glue isn't working (I presume because the resin isn't melted by the Revell solvent. Had a quick look online and there was the odd mention that resin kits are best stuck together with super glue. So went and bought some, squirted it ... nuffink going. I tried scratching the surfaces up a little but it still wouldn't hold. In desperation I even tried a little Revell/Superglue shandy and the only thing that stuck together was my fingers. Any advice from longer term modelers out there?
  3. Hey all, I can't sell my 10x Freeguild Cavalry, who are heavily armoured horses with plated knights with lances and foppish plumed helmets. I got an image from a Website online, the armour and heads are the same but they have lances instead of hammers. I've got the big box of skulls so I could probably do some conversions/head swaps if needed. I plan on playing either legion of sacrament, night or grand host (most lists with my old metal vampire lord on zombie dragon, two necromancers, hordes of zombies and skeletons, 2x5 dire wolves, and no of the "new" kits such as blood coven blood thrones hexwraiths etc). I don't have support troops like vargheists or bats either. What I'm wondering is: which unit should I make with that lot? Black Knights (swapping their head for a skull, painting the armor in rust) Blood Knights (painting them in the regular red and black scheme is good enough even if they keep their human looking heads) Hexwraiths (priming them in white and adding wash; maybe doing the head swap)
  4. Apologies if this has been asked before, but I've just joined and done a quick search of topics and can't find the question. I was wondering if there is an official ruling on what shape and size a model's base has to be? I have a fair number of old models I used for WFB and also Dungeon Saga which have either 20mm or 25mm square bases and I am curious to know if I can use these in 'official' games, or will I need to re-base them on the new (and bigger) round bases that the AoS miniatures come packaged with these days? Cheers,
  5. Hey All! I just picked up a "Guardians of the Deepwood" Box for a great price, but being an older box it still has square bases. I looked on the GW website and it says the base for the Treelord is a 105mm, which I assume it the 105mm x 70mm and not the 170mm x 105mm base? Or is the Treelord bigger then I remember? Thanks in advance! -Bryan
  6. Alright. So I remember the GW store I used to go to back in the early 2000's had this AMAZING Fantasy Orc that they built using a few kits. They bashed an old Bloodthirster box and used most of the parts to make a Orc Boss that really stood out. I have read that when measuring for contact you need to measure from the model and not the base. Would this disqualify my model if I wanted to use it at a tourney? If not, anyone have an suggestions of kits I could bash to kind of beef up the decent but not quite bossy enough Savage Big Boss model? Or perhaps even just create a new model? Does anyone know if sculpting your own miniature is allowed at tournaments? Dunno, I like the Savage Big Boss... It is just that he doesn't really stand out other than having a two-handed axe.
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