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  1. Crazy. a) That’s one of my favs, b) I unintentionally bought it twice.
  2. Who’s court is the decision in to move forward again?
  3. Posted this above, but try this on for size: https://www.themortalrealms.com/age-of-reynolds
  4. Not to speak for him, but something like this is what I go off of: https://www.themortalrealms.com/age-of-reynolds
  5. For anyone who wants a list of all AoS Fiction releases, I keep them all organized on the bookshelf of this Goodreads group: https://www.goodreads.com/group/180883-the-mortal-realms-of-the-age-of-sigmar Go to bookshelf and sort by date started to get them in release order, or use any of the categories to get a filtered view of different storylines. Also, I'm starting to fill out a completely unnecessary and convoluted blog set-up to more centrally display information about each of the releases here: https://www.themortalrealms.com/talesfromtherealms There's only a handful of entries currently, but I'm hoping it will end up sort of a one-stop-shop for a given book, displaying more info than what you'd see on the BL website. I dunno, maybe it's dumb. Huge work in progress.
  6. How would you say things are different now? (If they are, that is. It seems like it to me.)
  7. The bookshelf in this Goodreads group lists all the Black Library fiction, and you can sort by release date (identified by date started). http://www.goodreads.com/group/180883-the-mortal-realms-of-the-age-of-sigmar
  8. Where was it said there's a Mortarch on board? I'd like to read it.
  9. Attached is a copy and paste job I pulled from Goodreads, i.e. here: https://www.goodreads.com/group/invite/180883-the-mortal-realms-of-the-age-of-sigmar?invite_key=f015d0a1813a8866be8b46ac01ad9363ba04354e&utm_medium=email&utm_source=copypastegroup Black Library.xlsx
  10. Thanks, I've been dutifully updating it for myself the past year or so, I'm glad others can possibly find it useful too.
  11. All the Orruk rule books and models. Temporarily, obviously.
  12. I have this weird habit of tracking discrete information about my favorite games, and this is what I've been working on for AoS. I find it easier to go and look back in one place to find out when something was released, or what an average hero model costs, or what book has what information without digging through old White Dwarfs or the website. I linked it in an earlier thread, but here it is again: AoS Tracker I'm pretty sure nothing on here is violating any copyrights or anything (though someone correct me if I'm wrong). I'm keeping tabs on release schedule and pricing, new model keywords, and battleplan & time of war lists and locations. Let me know if there's any other things I could keep track of, too. I'm thinking maybe spells, battleplans, etc. As you might expect, this is a work in progress, so I may be missing a few key things. Let me know what you think.
  13. Was it you who bought out I'm Board? They didn't have anything left on the shelves today.
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