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  1. Hey all- I'm building some online tools for AoS in a similar spirit to TonyP's amazing Warscroll Builder (scrollbuilder.com). I noticed that WSB doesn't support the GA:Death "Beasts of the Grave" versions of the Terrorgheist and Zombie Dragon - only the FEC versions of both. Azyr, the army builder included with GW's AoS app, seems to support both and provides point values for both versions (320pts for both models under both FEC and BotG factions). Oddly, the GHB doesn't include any points for the 'Beasts of the Grave' faction and the GHB 'Pitched Battle Profiles' errata/update didn't either (https://www.games-workshop.com/en-EU/Rules-Errata). Neither of these BotG warscrolls are mentioned specifically in any of the FAQs. Two main things I'd love to get your thoughts on: - From a Rules perspective: what I gathered reading through some older posts here was still some split opinions on whether the BotG version was supported/valid for Matched Play (last thread around Dec 2016). No question, GW could be clearer by including their BotG points in an updated 'Pitched Battle Profiles' errata or directly FAQ'ing these two models. However, the question of whether they are valid for Matched Play seems more definitively settled now as Azyr includes both versions and points them both. Is that the general consensus? Is Azyr is now *the* definitive resource in these sorts of questions? - Practical reality: Do folks generally come across the GA:Death / 'Beasts of the Grave' version of these models 'in the wild?' Do you use them in your lists? Has this somewhat confusing difference been a source of contention in any games you or your friends have played? All this to ask, what is worth supporting on my end as a tools developer! Thanks for your time and help!
  2. Perfect! Exactly the confirmation I was looking for. Thanks @Antipodean7! It's on my pre-order list this weekend for sure now! ?
  3. @mdkinker - from what I hear $55 USD for the set of 4 models (thanks @Big Jim for the scoop!) , which seems like a steal! The Venator/Azyros model is $40 USD by itself and the Slaughterpriest is $30 USD. So really great value. Like @Anodyr I was planning on picking up another Venator/Azyros kit to run as Knight Azyros in my SCE army. Now I can get some other beautiful models for $15 more!
  4. Hey all- Curious if any of the #rumormongers or VIP folks on TGA have some additional deets on the new and amazingly priced Silver Tower expansion box. As an SCE player, I'm curious if the Venator that ships in this new box is the same sprue as the separately boxed Knight Azyros/Knight Venator kit? That is, would you have the option to build it out as a Knight Azyros instead of a Venator as shown on the Silver Tower package? That would be awesome if so... Maybe @Ben will get a super exclusive sneak peak at this Silver Tower Expansion box too? *crosses fingers* Thanks for the help and info! Obi-Jon
  5. As a noob SCE player myself, I'd love to get some of the more experienced folks to weigh in on this topic too! FWIW, Bryan the @HobbyKiller (@ubertechie74 on twitter) has a great blog with some strategies both for and against Stormcast here: https://hobbykiller.wordpress.com/. Definitely check that out as well. I hear he may be working up a post on his very successful SCGT list as time allows, which should be great. Cheers for starting the topic!
  6. nice been looking for an iOS solution - the most popular one I've seen is Android only...will def give this a try..
  7. Looks like a blast @Ben! Thanks for all the great coverage so far...can't wait to see more tomorrow! Still geeking out about the pics you and @Dan Heelan posted with Duncan and Em! Epic... I hope you guys got some audio or even better some video interviews with the two of them! Cheers mate!
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