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  1. Nice to meet you Mark! I have a baby on the way so cannot game much right now, but my brother and a few others play in Ottawa. We are all preparing for www.capitalcitybloodbath.com we are using the new GW points and it has 2 catered meals. It will be a good event.
  2. Hi Ben Can you please add a CanHammer sub board to the podcast sub forum. Chris
  3. All my pics get uploaded upside down. Is there a way to edit them on the site? This is from an Iphone 6+ Oh and on my computer and phone they are right way it seems it is during upload they get re oriented.
  4. I was all about Order until I saw the new Destruction models now I am super into Orruks!
  5. I purposely am not re basing anything until I see a re-released picture in a GW publication. There are so many ovals it is hard to pick the correct bases. Seems like most stuff is going 32mm for infantry. In 40k if people use the wrong base we generally just try and work it out. It really only comes into play with model reach and fighting through other models.
  6. CanHammerChris


    I like the liberators in units of 5 for survivable objective scoring. I ran 2 at Adepticon with 2 empire battle wizards and was able to score objectives no problem. They are not threatening so people leave them alone and they won me objectives which led to the event win!
  7. Capital City Blood Bath is a gaming convention that will run from August 19th-21st, 2016 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This year we are featuring Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Warmachine and Hordes, X-Wing, and Batman as well as our annual Gamer Garage Sale! This years AOS includes a doubles event on the Friday and a 6 game GT on the Saturday and Sunday. Our comp pack will be out soon on the website and we will be using modified South Coast GT comp. Useful Links Our website: http://www.capitalcitybloodbath.com Last Years Videos part 1:
  8. Hi Guys, I am just introducing myself. I am Chris and I am into Age of Sigmar. If you are interested in helping to expand the AOS community in Canada please message me and we can get the scene up an running again even better then before! Chris
  9. Super pumped about the new Orruk stuff!

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