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  1. Pretty much every statement I can find anywhere on setting up a unit states where it must be deployed - e.g in the battleplans in GHB 2018. The Chameleon Skink deployment rule has to be able to supercede those statements of where a unit must be deployed or else the rule does nothing at all, ever. So on the first part I would say it is clear that the ability keys off the words set up and as the summoning rule has the words set up the ability can trigger and then functions just as described - they are in hiding instead of being where a normal unit would have to be. I am afraid I really do not see what people are getting at when trying to state that the word must in the summoning text is somehow different to the word must in the instructions for set up in the battleplans. It is the same word in the same context - restricting where a unit can be set up. Chameleon skinks can bypass that instruction on where to set up with Chameleon Ambush because that is exactly what the rule says they can do. The obvious exception is Total Commitment, I can see a strong case that the rule on no reserves should still apply because this is still a set up and therefore putting them into Chameleon Ambush would see them destroyed. Summoning has no such clause in its wording forbidding units to be set up in reserve.. The second part of the question is a no; the sequence of events does not make that possible at all. You are at the end of the movement phase therefore cannot now do anything that would take place during the movement phase.
  2. The sheer cost of the models is a real issue. Also there is that Razordons are arguably better Really I agree with you, Razordons and Salamanders are gems of units and I continue to think they over-stepped the mark when they dropped them from 60 points to 40. However they have been this good for well over a year now and we have seen nobody smashing the top tables with them so there is probably some limitation with them that I have missed.
  3. I would love to see a Titanosaur giant walking fortress for Seraphon. That would be cool as anything.
  4. Well yes, not supposed to be the most reliable thing ever. He just wants to run his Arcanites as a cabal of wizards with the minimum possible minions - so maximise the spellcasting and turn his opponents into spawn/brimstones/tzaangors whenever possible. Nice to know he has his rules straight though.
  5. Can I call on the arcane wisdom of the community to sanity check an idea my son has for the next month in a local escalation league. Magister General with Arcane Sacrifice Use destiny dice to get a double to summon a Balewind Vortex Get an extra spell for the double and can cast an additional spell from the Balewind rules Perform Arcane Sacrifice to get a net +15" range on spells and those precious re-rolls Cast the extra spell gained with re-roll Cast the additional spell from the Balewind with destiny dice to get a double - getting an extra spell Cast the last extra spell with re-roll Part of the point of this is to get maximum spell casts to build up a fate pool as quickly as he can - the other part of it is to rain down mortal wounds from across the table and tie something up with a Spawn while he is at it. So does that work as described or have we both missed some restriction or nuance that would not let it work? As a seraphon player I will admit to not knowing all things Tzeentch very well.
  6. My daughter quite liked the various Aelf models and as I started reading through your initial post I was beginning to think "Wanderers would be perfect then" right up until you wrote pretty much the same. My daughter never liked the gameplay side so much and will probably use her minis in D&D but that is OK. In the same way that studies have shown that words implying competitive focus dissuade women from applying to jobs I actually think that GW maintaining a strong emphasis on and trying to foster strong local communities of more narrative play might be the most important aspect of appealing to women. A focus on competitive play can of course be a turn-off for either gender but is more likely to act that way for women (presuming the research is right, which it probably is). I think there is a legitimate place for all sorts of different representations of male/female/um-something-else miniatures in the game. Daughters of Khaine, armoured female Stormcast and Wanderers all have an appeal and may appeal across genders. Choice is pretty much a good thing here.
  7. The long term impact of Brexit is bitterly disputed, lets not bring that dispute into TGA community. The medium term average exchange rates between the pound and the dollar have not really changed in 30 years. That means that GW is too young a company to have had to deal with significant and durable exchange rate movements in its major markets before; they have never needed to seriously change their policy before. Their finance people are probably scratching their heads about how they approach this but it would seem that they - along with most of British commerce and industry - are waiting to see what really happens next year before they decide what change to make.
  8. They have set the exchange rate at the 10 year average, see this post for example doing the analysis. Note that the 29 year average only differs by 3 cents - so the reality is that the pound usually does have that exchange rate and unless GW want to change their prices frequently in response to fluctuations (which in this case are driven by short-term political uncertainty) what exchange rate would you suggest they use other than the medium term average?
  9. You seem to be missing my point that people posting incorrect assumptions on a GW run Facebook page is just going to mislead and misinform people if those posts are left there. For which reason it is reasonable for GW to remove those posts. You stated assumption that this would save GW money is almost certainly mistaken, why would any company leave that sort of mis-information on their social media platforms. Your feelings are your feelings but they do not reflect business reality.
  10. I am rather at a loss to why you think GW running additional warehousing and filling it with more stock to achieve shorter delivery times would save them money. Where exactly do you think they are saving money by comparison with using their existing stock and warehouse space right next to the factory in Nottingham? These sorts of unsupported assumptions are exactly the sort of thing that I would expect any reputable company to want removed from *their* social media space so that people coming along and reading it are not misled into all sorts of false conclusions about what is happening and why.
  11. Unless any of that commentary was actually from experienced and knowledgeable exporters with a clear understanding of how Brexit is going to work out[1] then it was probably best removed from their facebook page. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but if it is not well informed then it is likely to mislead those reading it. and cause nothing but negative feelings. People tend to make highly simplistic assumptions about currency exchange and associated costs as part of an exporting process. In volatile economic times such as these those assumptions are probably quite wrong. [1] I strongly suspect that no such person was posting on a GW facebook page. People not in a position of expertise should not be making claims of bad practice.
  12. Start collecting box is pretty good and if he likes dinosaurs it gives him the choice of Carnorsaur or Trogladon (hint: start with the carno) Another box of Knights lets him run 3 units of them or one big unit and leaves a spare to have fun converting up into a Scar Vet. I would steer him towards something like Oldblood on Carnosaur Scar Vet on Cold One Starpriest Knights x 15 Warriors x 10 Ripperdactyls x 3 At 950 that leaves an extra CP or room for an endless spell that the Starpriest can cast. The extra CP on either the Oldblood or Scar Vet is not to be sniffed at - stacking additional attacks could be a heap of fun when he pulls it off. But obviously be guided by models he likes and wants to paint and build - but don't let him see Razodons or Salamanders unless you are literally made of money
  13. Maybe you will. Maybe your opponent will have worked that out from your list and then pick a feature that is to their benefit or a detriment to you. I actually quite like putting the control in the hands of the players as it can become its own game of skill and double-bluff. Of course you can only assume you will be picking realm half the time, the other half you will be picking feature anyway - so building a list to maximise benefit from a single realm would not work consistently for you. Anyway just an idea that occurred to me.
  14. How about something on the lines of the old Starseer guessing game. TO excludes one realm and assigns numbers 1-6 to the ones in play. Player 1 places a dice out of sight for the realm Player 2 places a dice out of sight for the feature Both dice are revealed at the same time. Play the chosen realm + feature.
  15. The entire point of this thread is about non-random realm rules do. So far as I can tell nobody - at GW or elsewhere - is actually proposing fully random realm rules for tournament play. What GW in particular are suggesting is not revealing ahead of time which realm rules will be in play - or at least not until after lists are submitted. I snipped the rest of that because you appear to be trying to rebut something that nobody is actually proposing. In practice I think there are a couple of the realm rules which most TO will steer well clear of and the majority of them might see use in tournaments as they shift things around a bit without having a crippling effect. The set of suggestions at the start of the thread looked very sensible and pragmatic to me, enough variation to cause problems for one-trick-pony hypertuned lists but nothing that should negate the value of a more typical balanced list. They are far from the only such set of realm rules a TO could choose - most of them might have a place in competitive play.
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