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  1. What are the top tier lists of this army at this moment? Katakros arkan pretorians list posted here seem really competitive.
  2. in my opinion these are our top tier lists: first, Blisterskin Royal Mordants. Probably with one terrorgheist, as is our best way to do mortals, but recently Bill Souza played a list in a local tournament without terror , playing an unit of 40 ghouls, 9 flyers, 9 horror (hollowmourne with the crypt infernal as general) i guess that's a way to don't instalose if we lose our terror against shooting armys. But i prefer the classic mordants with terror, archregent, varghulf, and a unit of 9 flyers, another of 6 horrors, and two of 10 ghouls in blisterskin. Secondly, gristelgore lists, my be
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