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  1. His spell Devolve forces the opponent to move 2D6 in your direction. With Kairos doing it through the portal it could guarantee Archaon charging T1 fully buffed.
  2. Leviadon’s aura is 12’ or 15’ with mount trait still strong
  3. Just a quick question about Flamers and the rule touched by fire. do you have to roll a number of dice equal to the number of wounds (2per model) or equal to the number of wounds inflicted in the combat phase? (As all attacks from the attacking model are made at the same time) it would mean that if for instance a terrorgheist inflicts 20 wounds, you would roll 20 dices. Is there an official response? Thx
  4. It’s a mistake, I took the vortex The sweet part here is moving the 2chickens in range before the start of the game and being in range. +changescaster on BV.
  5. I played today against StD and won quite easily with this list. Even if it is probably not the most opti one, I found it fun with good tricks. any comment? TesthostsArcanum.pdf
  6. Working on a fun list, does Kairos have access to infernal gateway of LoC if he is wholly at 18’ from him?
  7. I played a 20 men tournament last weekend with the Eternal conflagrations list with Fatemaster and went 2-1 but should be 3-0 without a huge miss play and miss counting... anyway this list is very competitive but lack of fun and strategy. If you have a double turn with your flamers shooting it is over. Working now on others lists, I was wondering how it works when taking slaves to darkness units...I saw very interesting starting point from @Gwendar but what about chaos warriors? Do they have the benefit of Tzeentch mark (reroll save 1) when being close to a tzeentch hero? In add
  8. @Gwendar out of curiosity, how do you decide who will take the 1st turn when playing an Eternal Conflagrations list?
  9. Sorry I should have posted the list. It’s quite easy: LoC Changecaster The Blue Script 2x 10pink 2x6 Flamers 1 Exalted changehost And the remaining 100pts...so I have to add one daemon unit.
  10. Further to this question, I have now to decide how to use my last 100pts. Is it better to take a 2nd exalted flamer or some blue/brime+endless spell?
  11. Thank you! Very interesting. It confirms my “feeling” that it is worth having it if you really have something that decreases your chance to hit a lot. Otherwise, it is very close and hence more flexible to have daemon heroes (+the Locus)
  12. Hi, Preparing my army for a 2k tournament, I am wondering if the Fatemaster is mandatory for an Eternal Conflagration list ? I tried some maths and seems that it is worth especially if you have negative to hit in front. Am I right? thx
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