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  1. Seems this queue system is actually working? That'd be nice for once. I managed to get mine through my FLGS and I'm really excited to paint up Yndrasta
  2. My first squad of blood knights, even more excited about them come 3.0
  3. just that apparently everything but Soulblight and Slaanesh is getting adjustments more or less. It's a bit weird the GHB hasn't been shown but everything else is at this point.
  4. Also praetors with Yndrasta are... just nasty. If they can keep up
  5. That understrength units thing is new, able to take a model or two from a unit to fill up points now?
  6. Confirms that blood knights can use Riders of Ruin and charge in the same turn?
  7. I wonder if we're getting the second rank fighting rules that 40k now has with this coherency change.
  8. I mean, this is exactly what they just did in 40k. Generally speaking most people are going to have more than they need, how many people get to 2k points in an army and then stop collecting that army? Sure they might stop getting specific models but people like variety
  9. You might want to read the rest of the post 😜
  10. Has their been any news/rumours on Stormcast in 3.0? They're not exactly in a good place right now and a lot of their range kind of steps on each others feet tbh These new ones however are goooorgeous
  11. Maybe the overcosted heroes and leaders in recent books are because of the new heroic actions?
  12. In the Dominion box? Probably yes, in the starter? Who knows O_O
  13. Which makes Vyrkos even stronger if that's the case
  14. If it's anything like Indomitus the core book will be in the Limited box with a special cover, while the bigger core box will have the normal rule book
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