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  1. On the Broken Realm website at the bottom they have what look like set releases related to the battalions, so I'd say this seems weirdly more or less confirmed
  2. Actually given the particular nature of this slip up I wonder if the DoK faction will be absorbed/conglomerated into the umbraneth Orruk style
  3. Marauders are the main reason I don't collect and play StD to be honest. Their models are terrible IMO, they just feel like random barbarian dudes compared to most of the rest of the range. If they looked more like the Darkoath Warqueen or the Warcry cultists that'd be a different story.
  4. Hell, depending on the points the DoK warscroll could make good allies for other Order factions, with their teleport. And that just makes the situation with the Chaos warbands worse tbh, the fact that the Khainites are actually decent.
  5. Blood knights and Vampire lord it looks like
  6. Warcry book leaks are about! Looks like new fighters and leaders for every faction. Notables include Sylvaneth Arch-Revenant, Akhelian King for IDK, LoN gets a bunch of stuff, etc. Practically the whole army ranges are in these warbands now
  7. 160 Euro, probably ends up at 120-125 Pounds
  8. Might have something to do with Brexit, importing certain materials might have gone up.
  9. Man I'm so excited! Finally catacombs is coming!
  10. Aw damn, I think you're right. The balls on the leather glove match those on the Lord of Pain
  11. Definitely an elf of some description? My heart says Kurnothi, but my brain is saying Malerion's
  12. Another preview weekend would be great. I would also love if they announced the Catacombs box this weekend!
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