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  1. As someone looking at maybe getting into Underworlds, why is Harrowdeep bad?
  2. Dragons as in the big models, or the riders as well? This bodes ill x.x
  3. If the warscrolls don't require Warhammer+ after beta this looks like the place we get them now.
  4. I noticed that October is completely free of 40k Codexes, which is when the Chaos battletome is supposed to hit. Maybe it'll be a slightly bigger release and not just a book?
  5. Man, given all the news with Kill Team, I'm really hoping for something for warcry in the next year.
  6. Changing ones opinions on new information is a pretty good way to go with speculation
  7. If it's two models per box I'll be disappointed if unit sizes are two, and the only way to get the hero is that box. it's just weird and leaves a model randomly hanging. If the unit size is one though? Might make sense for flying cavalry, and I believe there is a specific rule for single models, but not necessarily units of 1? Unsure though
  8. Possibly the Thousand Sons hero that has yet to be shown, or if Grey Knights are actually getting an update? Unlikely though, would like it to be more SCE and OW model reveals rather
  9. I think part of it is how they're just painted like the rest of the model, but make them more maskish/death masky and suddenly it's a lot more interesting to me personally. In other news, I really do hope we get more AoS new inbetween the Ork and Kill Team stuff, like it's nice we know that OW and SCE are due next month but I'd like some sense of where this is going honestly. The crusade packs in 40k have been some of the most interesting content for me, so I hope we get something like it for Path to Glory
  10. Great model! Didn't know that strike squads were dwarves though 😜
  11. Very much feels like trying to enforce space marine culture onto AoS tbh. I don't think anyone other than SM players even care, I've seen so many eldar Biel-tan painted armies be played as something else.
  12. Honestly all this seems to do is encourage people to play with their own colour schemes, we ain't space marines here.
  14. Personally I also love the trope of characters sounding really articulate to each other but when talking to someone less versed in their language or what have you it sounds much less so.
  15. Honestly? Probably because if they gave these new points with the current scrolls there would be a lot more wailing and gnashing of teeth, and less sales of Dominion I guess? The new points reflect the new scrolls at least, who knows how the behind the scenes at GW works though.
  16. Wow! How did you do that white? Please tell me no airbrush
  17. Seems this queue system is actually working? That'd be nice for once. I managed to get mine through my FLGS and I'm really excited to paint up Yndrasta
  18. My first squad of blood knights, even more excited about them come 3.0
  19. just that apparently everything but Soulblight and Slaanesh is getting adjustments more or less. It's a bit weird the GHB hasn't been shown but everything else is at this point.
  20. Also praetors with Yndrasta are... just nasty. If they can keep up
  21. That understrength units thing is new, able to take a model or two from a unit to fill up points now?
  22. Confirms that blood knights can use Riders of Ruin and charge in the same turn?
  23. I wonder if we're getting the second rank fighting rules that 40k now has with this coherency change.
  24. I mean, this is exactly what they just did in 40k. Generally speaking most people are going to have more than they need, how many people get to 2k points in an army and then stop collecting that army? Sure they might stop getting specific models but people like variety
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