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  1. Nope, as hurben said, one last gift triggers on 6 to hit for attack made with melee weapons that targets a friendly unit. With the witherstave enemy units reroll hits of 6 while they are within 12" of the bearer. I play a with both munificent and witherstave, just don't give that artifact to your general
  2. So they lowered the save of both Scrivener and Bilepiper from 4 to 5. Was this really necessary? They seem like pretty fragile heroes to me anyway (especially by Nurgle standards). I don't know yet the new cost in points of the units but I have a bad feeling about it
  3. I really hope so, I have always appreciated the models but it has always been impossible for me to deploy them because of their obvious uselessness. Almost 100 points for what? +1 to the discipline (already at 10), reroll of the failed charges or reroll of the 1 to hit (on an exclusively defensive unit)? Their lore is much better than that, I really hope for a change that can make them what they deserve to be
  4. 12 inches of radius is huge, especially considering the already wide base. But for 400 points is it really worth it? P.s. I wouldn't mind if in the future also a GUO would have the same ability, maybe through an artifact.
  5. 1) Unfortunately only the Glottkin CA will work on the bullgors since it affect all friendly Nurgle units. The harbinger CA require the mortal tag. As for the Warshrine, the rules are even more restrictive: it requires both the mortal tag and the STD tag. 2) It is very unlikely to summon a GUO in a game. You'll often want to use your available points to summon a unit of plaguebearers or a feculent gnarlmaw to make a charge after running. Also, the GUO is a support piece that works mostly in the first 2 turns of the game. Having it available at the end of the game would be very unhelpful I
  6. In the last year Nurgle has only received improvements in points for units and battalions (which shows how much they were overpriced previously). This has been joined by new deployment possibilities, such as the new S2D units (looking at you ugly marauders), or the wrath of the everchosen sub-factions. Also, it was extremely important the faq that allowed the BKs to explode on unmodified 6 to hit. Another thing that may have contributed to Nurgle's competitiveness is the shifting of the meta to the shooting phase: this has worked in our favor thanks to the good average resilience of th
  7. You seem to like drones a lot, because otherwise you could replace them with a unit of marauders that have a very good synergy with Glottkin (blades, fleshy abundance and CA) and would be incredibly fast with the +3" of the bell. With this replacement I would use the spare points to turn the two units of BK(10+5) into a single 20-man unit.
  8. Ally in a contorted epitome for its double re-rollable dispel and its 2+ save against mw might help but you know, you should redo some calculations to figure out what to remove to make it fit
  9. In my opinion, in marauder spam list you have to do all in, in order to have a complete army, while with blightkings you have more freedom to create the list. Although marauders actually cover one of the biggest flaws of Nurgle: the lack of a unit that can really hurt the enemy.
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