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  1. Why is everyone so surprised that point changes probably written 9 months ago for the purpose of selling another book/undersold models don't actually address any issues in the game.
  2. Battleline in big waagh is specified... look at the other entries
  3. It's just the same toxic shooting meta as last edition but with unleash hell... they ignored all the broken stuff
  4. Looked like that was just in orruks? I wondered whether he gets an orruk keyword...
  5. Hype kinda levelled off for now. I bought GSG for the amazing models and have since paid the price with their rules, not making that mistake again. Battletome soon though for warclans!
  6. It's all pretty meaningless until the new battletome. If GW hasn't worked out the issues with this army, which seems unlikely considering the community article and points, then this edition is going to be painful.
  7. Gutrippaz still look very expensive comparatively and we're not battleline in big waaagh
  8. This would be amazing but I'm betting they are not included....
  9. Yeah the single battleline unit is a little limiting. I'm really hoping they cash in on some of the leaked lore at some point as it talked about a lot of interesting stuff.
  10. Yeah I guess. So could be 4 more, hero, some sort of mounted unit and two mystery items!
  11. If that includes the trogg/artillary + 2 monsters already flagged on warcom... that's just 2 more kits
  12. they have weak warscrolls, so I assume it's buff/synergy and trying to ping MW as much as possible before you get tabled because of your bad saves and bravery. Feels like you are hitting hard and fast before you die. Don't think there is much potential for attrition.
  13. It does take a fair amount of effort to make grots even worse so the design team should be commended.
  14. Pretty sure this was the confirmation though 4chan dropped some supposed stats for the other two monsters
  15. We should have seen it coming as we have been smashing everyone for so long with our moonskinks
  16. Kragnos remains a highly dubious use of 760 points. His only hope is that the warclans battletome has some sort of help for him….
  17. I felt this one was particularly bad as it described the big nerf and then talked about an imaginary "strength" that kind of just implies everyone has been doing it wrong... and not that GSG have just been abjectly non-competitive for the last two years... ...then went on about one of the few good units and all the things it already did. Dazzling stuff... I hope we get someone different to write our new battletome....
  18. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/06/14/hit-hard-and-run-away-kunnin-tricks-that-will-see-the-gloomspite-gitz-on-top-in-the-new-edition/ well quite honestly that was ******...
  19. I think the battletome will be when it all comes together! the starter box is a model selling vehicle. I really want them to have a strong ruleset as well as I think they have nailed the models!!
  20. I like the hobby a lot but would like a strong ruleset as well, as my group has some filthy armies that my GSG just get runover by.... I am really hoping for lots of overlapping buff/synergy with lots of heros/totems etc! I want them to emphasise the Morkiness and Kunnin! Edit: I want to see lots of monsters and machines basically!!
  21. There is a lot of scope for more models in these descriptions so that is quite re-assuring!
  22. It’s not a new battletome release. It’s a new subfaction for orruks so I wouldn’t expect a LRL level of models/units (its even less likely in destruction).
  23. I desperately hope the battletome makes them a little better/more interesting. The initial warscrolls seem quite unexciting for Kruleboyz and the box is quite poorly balanced (though that isn’t really an issue as they rarely are).
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