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  1. If only jaws of Mork didn’t tax you with Envoy of the overbounder and the screamersquig.
  2. he probably wouldn't be able to fly over anything anyway as his base is too large to easily clear 3 inches behind a line. It's not just mortal wounds, it's anything with a bit of rend as well. No ward save is just bad on huge point investments. This guy will likely never get to choose what he engages and if an enemy holds up Kragnos with cheap chaff all day , that is a win for them not you. He needs to get priority targets to be useful, not kill 300 points of zombies...
  3. The issues are all the same as before.... 1) He gets taken down quickly by mortal wounds and they are literally everywhere. 700 point model with no FNP/ward is just a very expensive target. 2) His mobility is presently (not withstanding potential battletome buffs) is very poor. Slow for his size, big base, smaller tables easily chaffed/blocked. if something answers those questions then he has potential.
  4. That probably fits the timelines for the initial 40k releases
  5. Does destruction need yet another low power army...nothing is unplayable but there is/was literally one strong list for ironjaws and the rest not so much.
  6. I have unfortunately bought one but it is still unopened pending some miracle that makes him OK...
  7. They nerf horde armies so you buy monsters/msu etc as you already bought your hordes... they will buff them back next edition
  8. Why is everyone so surprised that point changes probably written 9 months ago for the purpose of selling another book/undersold models don't actually address any issues in the game.
  9. Battleline in big waagh is specified... look at the other entries
  10. It's just the same toxic shooting meta as last edition but with unleash hell... they ignored all the broken stuff
  11. Looked like that was just in orruks? I wondered whether he gets an orruk keyword...
  12. Hype kinda levelled off for now. I bought GSG for the amazing models and have since paid the price with their rules, not making that mistake again. Battletome soon though for warclans!
  13. It's all pretty meaningless until the new battletome. If GW hasn't worked out the issues with this army, which seems unlikely considering the community article and points, then this edition is going to be painful.
  14. Gutrippaz still look very expensive comparatively and we're not battleline in big waaagh
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