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  1. Inflexible, boring design with huge destruction point tax. Dies easily and chaffed easily... no FNP... you can always keep him and hope they fix the warscroll in 3 years.
  2. Didn't they put his point up again?
  3. I have to agree with most of what you are saying. The two spam armies seem like such a horrible outcome for this army after all the build up. Just fishing for mortals in highly unexciting ways.
  4. They are absolutely not good enough for S tier. IJ look the best still and Bonesplitters seemed to have been heavily nerfed for some unknown reason. Big waaagh also nerfed but may still have play. It feels a bit like the GSG book. Lots of subfactions that don't really play well together but you can probably make a sort of ok goodstuff list.
  5. 300 would be very steep for what he brings.
  6. I guess yes, if the plan is to make changes that give brutes a role rather than just making other units worse so Brutes look better.
  7. I get that, I just don't think it's particularly "devastating". Yeah its a good change and they were severely lacking before (especially vs ard boyz) but it's hardly game changing. Anyway still need the rest of the info.
  8. Out of honest interest, why are the brutes so devastating now? they literally got a single rend added to two weapon profiles so I am not sure what changed apart from Ard boyz being changed to no rend multi-attacks. I guess that pushes brutes into the limelight more but they are hardly massively different.
  9. think the increase is pretty much confirmed... so even more of a ripoff than before and im assuming no more e-versions.
  10. yeah I saw but like Rachmani said in the post above, even that statline would be ok pending a significant points drop
  11. Ardboys would have gained 1A and now have worse bravery, hit and no rend. Its a substantial nerf if true Litreally all brutes got was a single extra rend on one weapon profile. Not mega keen on them pushing Kruleboyz by internally nerfing the rest of the battletome.
  12. I started worrying as soon as I saw how bad Kragnos was and nothing has been teased for warclans that takes that bad taste out of my mouth. Instead it looks like the same design style as Kragnos and that’s really worrying. They are obviously pushing SCE quite hard and for some reason don’t feel like sharing equivalent information for Kruleboyz. I suspect there just isn’t that much to spoil for a small range that is 1/3 of a pre-existing battletome.
  13. A weak battletome at the beginning of an edition is a nightmare in GW games as the power creep is guaranteed and you won't be touched for another 3 years. It's going to be drough if we are adjusted to be the new edition, potentially making us weaker than the existing 2.0 battletomes (from the look of it) and then simultaneously lose out to power creep in the following months. Just have to wait and see...
  14. My issue is that they are not touching the actual Kaijus. They are just nerfing already ok units that were not causing any issues. So maybe in 2 years time when they get to fixing the actual problems, this will feel like a good thing for the game. Until then, destructions expensive monsters are just going to end up objectively worse than the other alliance’s kaijus.
  15. I think it's pretty terrible news for destruction. They get to be fair and balanced in a world of Gotrek & Archaon. Was Gordrakk and mawcrushas causing problems... no.
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