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  1. I'm stunned they ruled it to work in the opponents' shooting phase as well. Be mindful of your positioning and certain armies will literally never catch it...it's cool and all, but I can definitely see it being one of those 'NPE' situations when it gets abused.
  2. So Hurakan units in the battalion and Spirits of the Wind work as I thought they did based off the rules-as-written, which is funny because I was sure they would get FAQ'd the other way - or at least Spirit of the Wind, anyway. If battalions stick around in matched play in 3.0, I'm definitely doing an all Hurakan army just to see all the crazy tricks I can pull off with all the moving in the enemy turn. As a frequent abuser of them in DoK and Slaanesh, Lumineth are certainly the new kings of 6" pile-ins!
  3. I'm perfectly fine with proxies in tournament games as long as it's clear what they're representing and they're on the right base size. In the Aussie scene we tend to be quite lax to that sort of stuff, especially if the person puts the effort in to do something cool and different. I can only think of one event I've attended where an army filled with proxies got red flagged, and it was a pretty extreme example.
  4. A dynasty that makes all your heroes count as Generals? A dynasty that gives you Battleline Black Knights!? A dynasty that gives you Battleline Zombie Dragons and Terrorgheists!?!? And the prices on the new stuff aren't that bad!?!?!?
  5. Just wanted to echo some others and say that of all the 'man-reads-book' channels, I find GMG to be the least obnoxious and the most helpful - even if it's just having the book on screen so I can form my own opinions from a clearer picture than words alone could convey. Ash does a good job. Goonhammer is really good too for more competitive-minded analysis (especially their 40k stuff) though I usually only read their takes if it's an army I don't play. It's cool to see we're getting Soulblight now rather than later, I just hope all the Kragnos stuff drops soon too - I'm hoping for the en
  6. This list conceptually fits the competitive archetype I've been following for my Slaanesh lists; Glutos + Fiends, some fast options (either Hellstriders or Slickblades), some objective campers, a few support heroes and then 1-2 ranged units. Exalted Flamers are a great shout as with 6 shots each and their in-built bonuses to hit against big units, you can comfortably split fire to get 1-2 DP points per turn from 18" away - their 9" move ensures they will be in range turn one in almost every scenario. Another nice touch is that if they are caught and killed in melee, they are extremely likely t
  7. So much good stuff! Kragnos is interesting - 18 Wounds and a 2+ save, on top of an incredible spell defence mechanic, could be pretty rough for some armies to handle. The model is cool, the face being the weakest element. Probably will pick him up for my Sons of Behemat army down the line.
  8. Russ also said he can't wait for Slaanesh players to see the Twins' rules, so I don't think you should be worried about them. If I had to guess, the real reason they weren't talked about in that interview is either they'll get a video dedicated to them later - besides Kragnos himself, they're the most important characters introduced in Broken Realms - or they aren't as involved in the overarching plot of the book compared to the other characters, and have more of a side-plot that didn't warrant a fifth Broken Realms book. It's a complete non-issue though. Slaanesh (in AoS; I'm not
  9. Well we're most definitely not Sylvaneth/Beasts of Chaos tier, we're very much either in the middle of the pack or towards the high end - and generally I think we lean higher. This book has issues but winning games isn't one of them - just don't expect to go 5-0 easily Also just speaking from experience, Soul Grinders are decent, but they graduate to fantastic in Daemonsteel Contingent - you have to use Syll'Esskan Host to unlock that battalion, but 3+ save Soul Grinders with +1 to-hit are one of, if not the best Depravity generators you can get.
  10. To clarify, he didn't sugar coat that the army has some glaring issues, namely points and some poor warscrolls (Slaangors, Shalaxi, etc) but his experiences line up with mine and others that it has the tools to be very strong in tournament play, and it is absolutely not supposed to be played like the old book was (mainly because of the Locus and Depravity changes.) When he says he can't wait for us to see the Twins' rules, there's no guarantee there was a positive connotation to it of course, but I feel like he wouldn't have called them out like that unless he wants us to get excited for
  11. Oh don't worry, the -4/-3 was a gimmick anyway I do agree that Fiends having both -1s natively is a pretty big deal, they're a fairly self-sufficient unit in that sense, especially as they'll pretty much never have to worry about Battleshock. It's also why I'd never bother with units of 3, as getting that -1 to-wound is a bloody big deal.
  12. Having watched that video, my main takeaway is I won't be able to stack -4 to-hit and -3 to-wound against my Fiends anymore 🥺 In all seriousness, I love everything I'm reading. We need some clarity on certain things, but making the game more tactical (even just the act of scoring changing to be like 40k is a big deal) and trying to give each army a stronger baseline to work with (the new CP system in theory, generic battalions potentially replacing faction battalions, etc) all sound like positive changes overall. Side-note, AoS Coach did a Slaanesh video a few days ago, and his gues
  13. I recently committed to a "three-headed-titan" list for Slaanesh based around the combo of Archaon, Be'lakor and Glutos. Now GW reveals what are now my two favourite models they've ever done, and tells us they're coming in the next Broken Realms book. My poor, poor wallet. Oh well. Pleasure has a price, after all.
  14. I've tried One-Eyed Grunnock. It's surprising just how tough a Mega-Gargant really is, and how punchy it is if you can ping something with Dark Delusions. Will definitely give him another shot down the line, but you do feel the sting of such a big points sink not supporting your army (besides being a good Depravity generator) and only counting as 1 model for objectives (count as 20 rule is only for Sons of Behemat allegiance.)
  15. The best weapon to give a Keeper is the Sinistrous Hand, at least for gameplay reasons. Aesthetically? I'm partial to the Shining Aegis myself
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