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  1. Hey guys, I’ve got a rules question I’m looking for some help with. Do you apply the mortal wounds from outrageous carnage before or after any damage from the axe? Im just imagining a scenario that will no doubt come up at some point. BoIR into morteks that are screening a harvester. Harvester is within 8”. Let’s say i roll enough 6s to drop the harvester. Would the mws be applied to the harvester first as I roll them? Or is it after the save roll and after half the damage to the morteks is negated with the harvesters heal?
  2. Nice work 👌 sounds like you’re making better progress then me lol. I’m guessing there’s no sub assembly required here? Just a bit of patience around the right arm is it? Mine are still in the box. I’m battling through Teclis and some dawnriders right now, slowly losing my mind.
  3. I think my strategy is going to be a complete paint job on the horses first. Keep moral up for as long as possible then hopefully once the sub assembly begins I’ll be close enough to the finish line to get home without losing my mind.
  4. This answers so many questions lol. Perfect, thank you 👌
  5. Just wondering what sub assembly everyone’s done on their dawnriders?
  6. Has anyone looked into movement tray options yet? I’m assuming mag trays so you can move models off easily when you want to break the shining company.
  7. Cheers for the pointers, I’ll check it out. That is beautiful 👌
  8. Just wondering if anyone has gone with a heated metal scheme for the wardens spears? A blue/purple tip like an overheated gun barrel for example. I’m tossing round the idea in my head. Just about up to the spears on my batch paint.
  9. Yea just to keep it simple. It’s not really visible. I painted the leather straps on the back of the breastplate too but you can hardly see them.
  10. I painted the inside of the armour on the main front and back sections and glued those together. Then the top of the skirt and underside of the cape before gluing that on. Came together pretty quick after that.
  11. Hey team. Love the models, I’m wanting to batch paint 2k points straight off the bat then add to the army from there. Nothing too scary in my local group, Khorne daemons, OBR(no shooting), Nighthaunt, LON. Just wondering if there’s any auto include models/battalions I should know about? Any pointers for a good core to a 2k force would be appreciated. Cheers
  12. Anyone have experience taking on OBR? One of the boys has just gotten his OBR army to table top. We had a couple of games and went 1 for 1. Seems like a decent match up for my daemon heavy lists. He’s running Nagash, morteks and Harvesters at this point. No shooting. I have about 5k of khorne to pick from, mainly deamons. I’m missing a few mortal heroes, bloodcrushers, all S2D except a daemon prince. Just wondering if there’s any tips and tricks out there for taking out harvesters. I was relying on bloodtithe movement, flying over the top, BoIR splash damage, BoUF shooting, blood boil. Anything else I’m not thinking of?
  13. Hey guys just double checking, if I run the Vanguard Auxillary Chamber does that count as a single drop? Or do I drop it in 3 for each battalion? I’m assuming that it is a single drop but I just want to double check. I’m going to be doing some pretty terrible things with those Longstrikes so I’d hate to get the drops wrong on top of that lol.
  14. Beautiful. If you have the models you should try this for sure
  15. I hadn’t considered this. I’m pretty interested in trying this out. Do you happen to have the winning list that? I’m curious what they used in conjunction.
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