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  1. Looks solid. Would you get more out of a crimson crown on the DP instead of the thermal rider cloak on the bloodsecrator though? Just spam that for free all game.
  2. List B looks pretty good. Huge fan of Skarbrand and a BoIR. I’m just wondering if there’s room for a daemon prince somewhere in one of those lists. Obviously he needs an artefact so its almost a “swap for BoIR” type scenario unless you take a second battalion. Maybe the big fella, Skarbrand and a DP? Im Just spit balling but there’s definitely something to be said about that command ability.
  3. I think the 5th thirster is actually a bit of a trap. You’ll definitely want Skarbrand in there. Turns a move 8 absolute weapon of a beat stick into something very mobile and terrifying. A WoKB with a Crimson crown to support a couple of BoIR without +1 to hit artefacts maybe. I’m thinking a bloodsecrator and 1 priest for killing frenzy. You could fill out battleline with a couple of units of hounds, 1xreavers and toss a unit of wrathmongers in there for good measure. Then spend all your CPs on run rolls lol.
  4. Yea I’m hopeful. Tyrants+5 run and charge Bloodthirsters would be hilarious. They could be stand alone, Legion of grief sort of style. Or subfactions of the Legion of Chaos Ascendant I guess. There was 4 battalions in the book, 1 for us presumably but we haven’t seen anything on that yet.
  5. How good would it be if they were just new slaughterhosts...
  6. Like you mentioned, Reapers of Vengeance is the way to go. I’d recommend taking Reapers, dropping the third priest with resaguination, the mighty lord and the wrath axe. Pick up a Bloodthirster of Insensate rage and drop the Khartoth the Bloodhunger on him. Then you would still get your aplha strike on a 4+ In the combat phase. Then you’ve got a few more wounds, another greater daemon for locus on those hounds and Leave none alive plus some serious damage. Mighty lord doesn’t typically do much. Not 100% sure on the unbind. It depends if the spell is “cast” on a successful cast before the destiny dice is used. If the roll/reroll from loathsome sorcery, fails then they use a destiny dice then I’d argue the bloodtithe unbind would work. Since the bloodtithe unbind happens immediately once the spell is cast. Might be something that’s addressed in the faq.
  7. Just running some numbers, you’d have to take the Bloodmaster rather then Skulltaker, which should be fine with the bloodletters in there. Typically Skulltaker is a better choice though. Then you could swap to a Murderhost and pick up a bloodsecrator and an extra priest. 1990 points and a pretty solid list with a reasonable number of drops still. Mortals have a bit more staying power but daemons do better damage. Depends what you want out of the army. If you want to be competitive Daemons lists with Tyrants and Reapers of Vengeance is a good place to start. It’s not too difficult to play generally. If you want to be competitive with Mortals it’s definitely more difficult but can be just as good. Mortal lists run a goretide slaughterhost. Gore pilgrims, bloodmad warband, slaughterborn and dark feast are all good options for battalions. The run and charge command ability in a goretide works well with the bloodmad warband. Make sure you take a bloodstoker too. A Daemon Prince as your general works well in a goretide.
  8. 2priests and a bloodsecrator are typically a good core to your army. Then you can take killing frenzy and bronzed flesh. The bloodletters need the bloodsecrator to be viable. If im running bloodletters I always include a unit of wrathmongers incase the bloodsecrator goes down but that’s just my preference. Use Reapers of vengeance as the slaughterhost for double attacks with leave none alive. Use most of your command points on this. With the core army you have a good addition would be a bloodletter hero, then you can take a Murderhost battalion. Make the WoKB your general and give him the artefact for two unbinds at -2 rend and the vanilla 8 fluff on the first unbind. This will free you up to use your second artefact on a crimson crown for the daemon prince. Just spam his command ability for free for the whole game. Edit. I just noticed the battalion. Just to keep it easy it’s probably best to stick with that although a Murderhost would be slightly more beneficial. I wouldn’t worry about Valkia, she’s only good on the charge. There’s probably an argument that she’s best in a list with a bloodstoker. If you’re looking for another bloodthirster, Skarbrand is a great option. He can’t receive and doesn’t require an artefact. With the daemon prince already included in the list you have one model that demands an artefact so you could easily add Skarbrand without the need of a second battalion. Plus the fact that he’s the biggest hitter in the game.
  9. @Roark if you get a chance I’d be keen as to read a battle report. I’m months off fielding something like that.
  10. Regarding Mighty Skullcrushers, I magnetised my weapons at the shoulder joint with 3x1mm magnets. It was my first attempt and was far easier then I expected. Took about 10mins. The shoulder plate perfectly covers the connection point. I’d highly recommend. Then as above, you can swap weapons depending on your opponent and how you plan to use killing frenzy etc.
  11. In the core rules regarding models that flee to battleshock “remove them from play and count them as being slain”.
  12. The other benefit with Chosen is the base size. The same footprint as a unit of 10 blood warriors. You can easily take a unit of 10 and get them all into combat. With just a bloodsecrator and a warshrine to buff them that is some crazy damage. You cant say the same for a unit of 10 skullreapers. And you only need a 3 with a reroll from the shrine to get the reroll hits and wounds. Skullreapers have a reroll vanilla but only against units with 5+ models. If your opponent knows what they’re doing they’ll tie them up with a smaller unit.
  13. @Roark I definitely like the gore pilgrims combo. I’m planning on 10 chosen, 40 Marauders and a warshrine. Min gore pilgrims to round out battleline. Haven’t got a full list yet but that’ll be my gore tide additions initially.
  14. Relentless fury, no respite and murderous paragon allow you to attack before removing the model from play. I was discussing a very specific scenario where relentless fury is in effect and you use Leave none alive on a bloodthirster, for example. Then that bloodthirster is killed before being able to attack. In that example the bloodthirster would be able to attack twice before being removed from play. Once for relentless fury and then again immediately for Leave none alive. Since the relentless fury attack is an “Attack” in the “Combat phase”. That triggers leave none alive. And the ability has to be resolved immediately, so this happens before you remove the model.
  15. Everyone else having a good run with Mighty Skullcrushers since the point drop? 400 points for 6+ a bloodstoker is pretty deadly. Last game I wiped them, dropped both bronzed flesh and killing frenzy and charged them in unsupported at the start of round 2. They did some serious damage. Lost the roll off and ate a double turn. Didn’t even matter, they couldn’t be moved on a 2+ save. Had 2 left at the end of the battle. Easily the MVPs of the game for me.
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