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  1. Don’t forget you still need to be within 12” of an enemy unit to attempt a charge even with the +4. So if the closest enemy unit is 13 inch away you can’t attempt to roll a 9+ because that unit can’t declare a charge. i didn’t know this until a judge/ref pointed it out to me.
  2. Mmm it won’t post my replies. Hopefully this one will land. yes that should do it. When do you need the final list?
  3. Looks good! One thing I am hesitant about: you want to sac Ungors for points but then you only have one aupport hero up the field alongside your units so I’m afraid the Gavespawn benefits might not be very effective! I run the Chaos Sorcerer Lord because I used it once as a joke and it made me have such a higher damage output that i really want to run it in a tournament. It buffs 2 units btw! One with his ability and one with the spell. But I can see why one would much rather run one more Shaman and an extra unit perfectly fine. Matter of preference I think!
  4. Hey man! I have a 1K tournament coming up and have been playtesting for weeks. For me, this worked best so far: 1 Beastlord, general with the artefact 1 Great bray Shaman, vicious stranglethorns 1 Chaos sorcerer lord 10 bestigors 10 bestigors 10 bestigors 10 bestigors 10 Ungors with maul and shields 1 chaos spawn and the only thing i’m unsure about: 1 tuskgor chariot or 10 more Ungor. I only have one more playtest to run and that is with one unit of Bestigor less and without the sorcerer and adding a blob with 40 Ungors.
  5. This! How can you make a screen with your Gors if you can't charge with your Ogors. You HAVE to end the first model within half an inch right? I love Bestigors! I'm working on painting up my 4th and 5th unit of Bestigors. I honestly like them more in units of 20, but the point discount can sometimes make it worth it. I love them with my new crush: Chaos Sorcerer Lord (allied from StD). In the gavespawn greatfray and with a Chaos Sorcerer Lord they can absolutely do a lot of damage. But against elite armies they are terrible, because you can never get the amount of models in that you want. I think Bestigors are most effective in units of 10 or 20 (choosing between mobility or sheer force size) but can certainly sometimes be worth the point discount to work with 30. I would never play with JUST blobs of 30 though I think. At least not when playing with objectives.
  6. So what is everyone’s current list?? Very curious to see some post GHB19 lists and get some inspiration. i think 1.000 or 2.000 point lists are what everyone likes to see from eachother?
  7. That’s not possible because of the point discount on the Bestigor. -10 Bestigor from the 30 man unit would put me with a max of 10 Ungor. That’s not worth it imo
  8. Hey guys, I will be attending a 2 vs 2 AoS tournament the last weekend of September and I would like to get your opinions! My teammate will be playing Nighthaunt: Cairn Wraith Guardian of Souls Knight of Shrouds Spirit Torment 10x Grimghast Reapers 20x Chainrasp Horde 3x Spirit Hosts 3x Spirit Hosts 1000/1000 And I will be playing my Beasts of Chaos army. Allies are in effect, mercenaries are not. Also abilities will not pass over to my ally or any effects I give my opponents army will not apply to my teammates army. Do you guys have an opinion on what I should play? I haven't played a lot of 1.000 points and the games I did play, I lost. This is my collection so far: 3 Great Bray-Shaman 1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord 1 Tzaangor Shaman 1 Doombull 1 Dragon Ogor Shaggoth 1 Beastlord (will purchase this next week) 40 Bestigor 20 Ungor with shields 20 Ungor with spears 30 Gors 10 Tzaangors 12 Bullgors 2 Chaos Spawn 1 Tuskgor Chariot 3 Tzaangor Skyfire (I might makes these Enlightened if I can find the bits somewhere) 1 Chimera 2 Ghorgon 1 Cygor Right now I had this in mind: Gavespawn, no battalion 1 Great Bray-Shaman - Vicious Stranglethorns 1 Chaos Sorcere Lord - Mark doens't matter, probably Tzeentch 1 Beastlord (General) - Mutating Gnarlblade - Unraveling Aura 30 Bestigor 20 Bestigor (So purchase 10 extra). 10 Ungor 1 Chaos Spawn 1000/1000 All insights are welcome! Like I said, I have won all my 2.000 point games but I haven't won a 1.000 point game yet.. Maybe because I relied on summoning in the past and with a 1.000 points I don't always have to time and resources to do so.
  9. I proxied a Chaos Sorcerer Lord this weekend as a spellcaster instead of a Bray Herd and an extra command point. Holy ****** this guy is incredible with Bestigor and Bullgor.
  10. I would make the Raiders one blob of 40 to ensure the 30+ models as long as possible. Also I would take out the Gors, and instead of 30 Bestigor I’ve found that playing blobs of 20 works better for mobility. So maybe: Raiders into one unit of 40 2x30 Bestigor become 20, 20 and 10 Take out the Gors. You are now at 1930. And get another command point OR take out the Gorgon aswell and add a Chimera but I’m not sure if that screws up the chosen Battalion. i’ve found 10 Gors to be utterly useless and an extra CP with the new abilities might be better.
  11. TBH i still use Allherd and I’m satisfied with how it’s playing out so far. Gavespawn has been okay too but somehow Allherd suits me better. i didn’t even think about the 1850 start before the new rules btw. Very clever indeed! Turn 1 Chimera behind enemy lines, lol.
  12. Somehow it won't let me post replies so try number 3: Why not? Take a battalion and knowing eye as the extra artifact. Start your first turn with: 2CP Get one Prim. call point and 1 CP for the turn. 1 PCP 3 CP Roll for knowing eye and slaughter some goats 2-4 PCP 3-4 CP (to turn into PCP if you want). That's a very good start. What's not viable?
  13. For me, Chimera has been the MVP in the games I’ve played so far. It can instantly kill a hero, wipe out a unit and is just a threat they HAVE to deal with ASAP. I have a doubles tournament coming up and my 1.000 point list is looking like this. I’ve been playtesting a lot and I like this the most: 1 Great Bray-Shaman (general), Vicious Stranglethorns 1 Beastlord, with the Gavespawn artifact 20 Bestigor 20 Bestigor 10 Ungor 1 Chimera Ravening Direflock Gavespawn 1000/1000
  14. Somebody asked that question just some posts up. Did you do any research yourself or checked any of the recent posts in this discussion? That will probably get you started.
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