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  1. Hey guys! I just bought a Flesh-Eater Courts army and I was wondering; I have 4 Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon. What to build them as? I was thinking two of each but I wanted to ask you veteran players. Maybe a ZD is never used etc? Appreciate the help!
  2. Mostly 3 or 6. 9 is very hard to all get in combat and the bad saves dont help either with me approving big squads. I would consider 9 for like an alpha strike darkwalkers list that pops the Doombull and Brass despoilers traits to make a huge t1 dent in an army.
  3. So.. what do you guys do against Frostlord on Stonehorns? I played against a list yesterday in which he had an artefact that dealt D6 damage at the start of every combat phase so all my screens were like instantly killed after that and like 1 attack.. And in the end I tried putting my Bullgors in and he killed all 6 in 1 combat phase... In total he killed: 20 ungors, 10 gors, 2 chimera's, 1 ghorgon and 6 Bullgors with a little help from 2 Mournfang to take down the Ghorgon. I really seem to struggle against Ogor mawtribes. It's mostly due to the fact that the models count as 2 or sometimes even 10 models so I can't "out-horde" them because everything just gets completely murdered..
  4. Thanks for the tips! Usually I use the first and second turn to crack up the points and everything after rnd 2 is just bonus PCP! Regarding the summoning: yes very true! My go-to is first turn backline Raiders when possible just to harass and make them stretch out the army a little. What do you guys find yourself summoning most of the time?
  5. Okay, so I'm probably going to enter this armylist for the Alliance Open here in the Netherlands (last weeked of february). Shoot! Spells can be chosen before each game (I find this strange but I don't mind at all since I can switch depending on the match-up). Armylist: "One for all and all for Herd" Allegiance: Beasts of Chaos Greatfray: Allherd Realm of battle: Hysh Leaders: Doombull (general) - Blade of the Desecrator - Dominator Doombull - Aetherquartz Brooch Great Bray-Shaman - Tendrils of Atrophy Great Bray-Shaman - Vicious Stranglethrons - The Knowing Eye Battleline: 10 Gors (shields) 10 Gors (shields) 10 Gors (shields) 10 Ungors (blades & shields) 10 Ungors (blades & shields) 10 Ungors (blades & shields) 6 Bullgors (great axe) 3 Bullgors (great axe) Behemoths: 1 Ghorgon Other Units: 10 Bestigors 10 Bestigors Battalions: Depraved Drove (150 pts, containing all the Ungors and the Shamans) Brass Despoilers (190 point, containing everything else) +1 Command point bought Makes exactly 2.000 points and 2 drops. Summoning Pool: 10 Ungors 10 Ungor Raiders 10 Gors 10 Bestigors 1 Chimera 1 Cygor 5 Centigors 2 Chaos Spawn 1 Cockatrice 3 Dragon Ogors (War glaives) 3 Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc 3 Skyfires Any thoughts? I only own 10 Ungors Raiders and I can't paint more up by then so please take that into account. Edit: Typo
  6. For me that still doesn’t answer the question haha you could still field 2 Ghorgon! Btw wouldn’t 10 man Bestigors units make more sense with the Pestilent mortal wound spamming?
  7. 100+ I believe. It’s 151 pages of Armylists.
  8. Okay! That’s room for an extra ungors unit or for an upgrade to Gors for all present Ungors units right? well if you ever want to advice, I will listen!
  9. Thanks for the input! I do think your list is a 2-drop btw right? Because of the T Shaman. unfortunately I haven’t found the time to paint up 30 extra Raiders yet (I only have 10 for summoning or sometimes completing a battalions needs). I’m in much doubt on what list is the best my collection has to offer so if you ever have the time I would love to get some tips from you! Maybe via some direct messaging service? I have played a lot of games (about 35) and only lost 5, but the players in my area decent at best so mostly I’m helping them instead of learning a lot myself. If you don’t feel like it, no hard feelings :). Thanks again for the effort!
  10. What does a 4-1 BoC list looks like in your opinion? Curious to see if you don’t mind me asking! Got a tournament coming up
  11. Just to double check. You can activate the Gavespawn +1 attack multiple times in 1 turn targeting the same unit right? so for example, ambush 10 Bestigors. Summon in Spawn, start with 2 command points and instantly use them when making the charge for 5 attacks per Bestigor?
  12. So I have a tournament end of february. This is currently the armylist I've been most succesful with. The goal is to get more Tzaangor Enlightened (2 more units) and put them in instead of the command point and 6 Dragon Ogors. The Shaggoth will then become a Tzaangor Shaman or Great-Bray + command point. I love the Ogors but for a tournament scene I think the Enlightened will do more (ofcourse depending on changes from the new Tzeentch battletome). Currently this is it: Beasts of Chaos Gavespawn Brass Despoilers 1 Dragon Ogor Shaggoth (General), Unravelling aura, sundering blades 1 Doombull 1 Great Bray-Shaman (Aetherquartsz Brooch and Tendrils of Atrophy) 1 Beastlord (Mutating Gnarlblade) 30 Gors, axe & shields 40 Ungors, Ungor blade 6 Dragon Ogor (3x Paired ancient weapon, 3x Draconic War-Glaive) 3 Tzaangor Enlightened 1 Chaos Spawn 10 Centigors 10 Bestigors 10 Bestigors +1 command point 2000/2000, 3 command points to start. Any comments or tips? Like I said; the ideal list would probably take out all the Dragon Ogors (cleaning up 460 points) and adding 6 Tzaangor Enlightened and a Bray Shaman (420 points). Maybe try an endless spell for the remainder 40.
  13. Strange. He was 140 and there is no * at his name right? it’s also still 140 in the AoS Azyr app!
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