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  1. Love the Endless Spells. Finally more than just mortal wound spam and the one that does spam mortal wound is a bit more interesting compared to other Endless Spells due the Soul-Linked thing where the Caster keeps control but can't cast other spells as easily anymore.
  2. Kelly said this in the interview: Prime wraithbone -> contast paint orange/red -> drybrush black
  3. I'm probably going for the Petrifex Elite or the Crematorians. Likely the Crematorians. However with my own colour scheme of course. They look great but I have already decided on a colour scheme. ^^
  4. The fact that there's also a SC box for StD listed in that leak suggests that there won't really be new models unfortunately. At least they are getting Endless Spells I guess.
  5. That's where context is important. The two parts are related. You can't just read one and ignore the other.
  6. Gnoblars are absolute winners. Love the little guys. In fact the whole Ogor BB team is the first I've liked in quite a while. Too bad I don't really play that game. The Warcry models are great, especially the chaos dwarf and the female with the mace.
  7. He didn't say to buy the models even if you don't like them though. He just said if you don't like them do more than just not buying them. Talk about what you don't like about them. Raise awareness. Otherwise nobody (aka GW) knows what the issue is with them for sure.
  8. In photoshop you can adjust the hue of pictures. If you cut out specific parts and put them on a separate layer you can change the hue of just those parts. There's also the colour replacement tool in photoshop too.
  9. They already said that you can take Arkhan and Nagash as part of a Bonereaper army. Not as ally, but as a proper part of it. The "can take" and the fact that Bonereapers already have their own Mortarch implies that neither will be part of them by default. It's just an option.
  10. I'm confident, that GW simply doesn't care. It's a nice gimmick to new releases and if they happen to be useable then good but if not then they have the excuse that they are just something to collect so who cares. I'm lucky that my Blood Angels dice are useable as well as that they look great. Something that unfortunately can't be said for some of the other faction's dice.
  11. He didn't say anything about majority and neither did he say anything about he himself leaning into the one or the other direction. All he said is that people who are happy with something are less likely to go and post about it online, which is a fact. Like it or not.
  12. They already said that Bonereapers won't have any summoning mechanic. Just healing and resurrecting.
  13. How dare you call them bad looking Goblins. Their huge noses and ears is what make Gnoblars look so much better than any Goblin lol
  14. Tempting, but I won't fall for that madness again this time. I had a Gnoblar army with the White Dwarf rules back in WHFB 7e and it had more models at 1000p than literally any other army at 2000p.
  15. Can't say I can confirm that. Pretty much all boxset character models are available on ebay for reasonable prices so if you really think you need them after the boxset sold out you can likely get them from there still. Also there's always the option for kitbashes/conversions. If you can't get your hands on a particular model, build one that looks the part yourself. If I end up thinking I really really want this Bonereaper character in my army because his rules fit so well or whatever then I'm definitely going to build my own version because he's easily my least favourite Bonereaper model they've shown so far.
  16. For all we know the figure in the artwork was just some abstract soul-like form that's now put inside a bonecrafted body. That being said Katakros must be one hell of an impressive guy considering what Kelly said in the interview. When Nagash was about to destroy his city Katakros went to Nagash and offered to work for him ... and instead of dismissing/smiting/eating/whatever the foolish mortal, Nagash actually looked into his achievements and went "Yup, you are the real deal. Be the Mortarch of my pet project legion".
  17. Some do, some don't. It's just how it is.
  18. Haha I was doing something similar, however not necessarily with the aim to make them look more like actual Tomb Kings in general, just to make them please my personal aesthetic preferences and the red colour as homage to my old TK army. I definitely didn't get the gold right though but it's good enough as a mockup I'd say.
  19. I don't think they'll phase out zombies etc. If they'd do Death would kinda lack the mindless horde aspect as neither FEC nor Nighthaunt nor Bonereapers would fill that role. Vampires and Skeletons I could see since Bonereapers do have some of the "individual and autonomous" aspect of Vampires and are also bone-boys, but only if we ignore that Vampires are still regularly featured in novels. So really only Skeletons maybe as they kinda overlap with what zombies would be (cheap horde-ish infantry you can keep resurrecting easily) and with Bonereapers for obvious reasons.
  20. That's because re-rolls happen before modifier. Before modifier you technically passed your 4+ save so the re-roll doesn't apply. After modifier you failed your save but you are past the point where you could have re-rolled it.
  21. Definitely round and yeah 90mm sounds about right when the regular infantry is 25mm.
  22. Yeah 6 T1 armies is pretty much the best competetive warhammer has ever been as far as I can tell. ^^
  23. The Harvester is definitely not small. Just not gigantic. More like Dreadnought sized for the 40k players amongst us.
  24. Heck GW straight out said they got told by the playtesters that the Iron Hands rules would be too powerful but they wanted to see how the community will react first. 😅
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