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  1. Yeah you can use the named characters in any legion just fine. They just won't benefit from being in a different legion than their own.
  2. I'd have to check myself, but try kutami or taschengelddieb. I particularly recommend kutami. They usually have a 20% discount and I never had any problems ordering from them.
  3. To be fair, I've never ordered from GW directly. In germany we have several stores you can order online for a 10-20 percent discount.
  4. "How have Gw price rises affected your purchasing habits?" Well ... positively overall to be honest. I've stopped building a huge backlog and only buy the boxes I want to build and paint next. Probably not what GW intended and it doesn't really save me money, but it's definitely a healthier approach for the hobby.
  5. To be honest, I think AoS has such a low model count compared to 40k for the most part that it's perfectly fine to just play games at a higher points level. Want huge epic encounters? Play at 5k points instead of 2k. 40k is at a point where it has become so bloated with cheap-ish elite infantry and huge Lord of War type units that simply increasing the points was no longer a good way to represent Apocalypse style encounters.
  6. Well to be fair, while all the Death armies follow Nagashs will, the OBR don't really fight alongside with say Nighthaunts. They are their own separate structure that 'visits' the cities of the living regularly to collect their tithe and in the meantime build their own cities and such, while others like Nighthaunts do their own thing and raid the mortal realms for souls, or like Vampires who kinda do all kinds of stuff but mostly care about their own territory, or FEC who don't even know they are undead so have no reason to ally with OBR (and potentially even think the OBR will come for their kingdom too eventually). So in short, they do fight on the same side but only actually fight together if ordered by Nagash. That would fit more for Legions of Nagash rather than regular allies I'd say.
  7. Oh I didn't notice that. Then I think I'll go with spears on those too. EDIT: Also relevant username.
  8. I'm definitely going with spears for my 20+ model units. I think the added range is well worth it and I like polearms. What I'm still wondering is why would I ever want to give the cavalry spears. I don't see myself ever fielding them in such numbers where the added range would actually matter.
  9. Oh I'm not going for a min-maxed list. Just stuff I like. The Soulreaper is simply the much better looking model and I prefer having a second melee hero to having one that does damage just via magic. Could always cast the Endless Spell for that.
  10. My list will probably look something like this: 1x Mortisan Soulreaper 1x Mortisan Boneshaper 1x Liege-Kavalos 20x Mortek Guard 20x Mortek Guard 5x Kavalos Deathriders 1x Gothizzar Harvester 1x Gothizzar Harvester 1x Mortek Crawler 3x Immortis Guard That's 1950 points and leaves me with 50 points for an Endless Spell of my choice. For 1000p games I'd start out with: 1x Liege-Kavalos 1x Mortisan Boneshaper 20x Mortek Guard 5x Kavalos Deathriders 1x Gothizzar Harvester Which would leave me with 30p.
  11. I'm actually happy they cost a lot. That way I can take one big battleline unit, add some of the more fancy units and be done with a whole army. ^^
  12. You can already view the Endless Spell warscrolls.
  13. I just love how the Endless Spells feel like they are an extension of the Wizard thanks to the Soul-Linked mechanic. One increases the Wizard's sight while also doing some damage, the other just does a lot of damage and is great for character or monster hunting and the last one is just a general debuff aura ... however they all are hard-linked to the Wizard and disappear if the Wizard is killed.
  14. The named characters spell is just ... lol. Casting value of 8, model in 1" is dead on a 5+.
  15. Well ... the Tyranid Codex would like to disagree. Nerfed twice in a row when it was already on the weaker side just because he kept losing to a mates Imperial Guard. 😅
  16. And nothing of that is going to be overpowered or even strong if the units are overcosted. Still, you are overreacting quite a bit. So you are a fan of clickbait, I see.
  17. Way too early to call the sky is falling. We don't even know the points yet.
  18. inb4 GW is spreading half-right leaks to figure out who's leaking informations.
  19. That would make for a great Chamon based Bonereaper army, yeah. Also we got info on the Endless Spells: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/10/25/rules-preview-new-endless-spells-and-scenerygw-homepage-post-3/
  20. Love the Endless Spells. Finally more than just mortal wound spam and the one that does spam mortal wound is a bit more interesting compared to other Endless Spells due the Soul-Linked thing where the Caster keeps control but can't cast other spells as easily anymore.
  21. Kelly said this in the interview: Prime wraithbone -> contast paint orange/red -> drybrush black
  22. I'm probably going for the Petrifex Elite or the Crematorians. Likely the Crematorians. However with my own colour scheme of course. They look great but I have already decided on a colour scheme. ^^
  23. The fact that there's also a SC box for StD listed in that leak suggests that there won't really be new models unfortunately. At least they are getting Endless Spells I guess.
  24. That's where context is important. The two parts are related. You can't just read one and ignore the other.
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