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  1. I would accept that fully if it were consistently applied, however some armies are priced according to their unbuffed state, especially Gitz, Ironjawz, Seraphon and Lumineth, off the top of my head. If LRL in particular were priced with their buffs and control pieces in mind the army would be costed much higher than it is.
  2. You're pretty close to my thoughts on the matter. However I will contend that we are still just a bit overcosted by 10 points or so on a number of units, with most of our models 270 and above needing to come down between 20-40 points ideally. Points aside, a lot of the warscrolls do seem worse baseline compared to before (a small handful are way better even at a glance though), but it's the strong synergies that truly make them shine. However, I feel the (de)buffing pieces should bear the cost for their effects themselves, rather than spreading it over the whole army. That was an issue that S2D also suffered with pretty terribly at the release of their 2.0 book.
  3. Oh this. I like this. Very excited for a book with a tricky, potentially powerful mechanic as well as baseline good warscrolls. We're back in business, and it's booming.
  4. That's the thing, really. What we have to go on now is largely dependent upon the wider context of the book. If we have ways to crack open tough armor saves then we have viable avenues of depravity generation on multiple targets through euphoric killers. However, that also assumes that euphoric killers and temptation dice are our only ways to generate depravity, which may or may not be true. As it stands currently, the only things confirmed are a slim number of allegiance abilities, as well as the ability, though not the scroll or points, of one hero. Granted, that hero is a great piece to fit into what we've seen so far. He can dive into a horde unit, require they attack him, and open them up for block of daemonettes to come screaming in to reap a ton of depravity without fearing any return swings. Easily getting up to 12 perhaps, allowing them a degree of mitigation for any retaliation once the LoH is dead. What's important to note about everything we've seen though is that there is already built in synergy. Once we get to 12 depravity, we're much harder to hit. Units that already suffer in that regard are going to struggle to land blows, and would be more inclined to take a 6 for a guaranteed hit. Once we reach 24, we're dealing mortal wounds with our 6's to hit in addition (think about this in terms of twinsouls, even if unchanged, basically becoming cheaper chosen at that point). Euphoric killers specifically states that it works with wounds and mortal wounds, making depravity generation that much easier, making it no problem to crest that final line into all of our units having at minimum plaguebearer levels of damage mitigation, in melee and at range. That acceleration will continue to bring us to excess depravity that we may be able to use for late game summons to gain the upper hand on board control. All of this, even with our current scrolls is decent. But if we have solid warscrolls to go with it? That would solve the puzzle. It makes us basically like DoK, except we have some degree of control over how quickly we accelerate our buffs. But there's simply too little to go on to know if this is a nice bonus to strong warscrolls, or a fight to get up to momentum. I feel like the final truth is going to lie somewhere in the middle, and I think it's still a solidly better position than we were in. We've got a battle report likely airing in just a few hours. We'll know more pieces of the puzzle soon, hopefully it's illuminating.
  5. Someone said it better elsewhere, but they were correct that Slaanesh should have resilience through misdirection of force. We should crumble defensively in an honest fight in most circumstances, but we should have abilities that when played right ensure that we seldom if ever have to fight honestly. Between taunts like the hero shown, defensive abilities like the epitome currently has, no pile-in effects like locus, and anything else that's coming, I think we're in the best place if we are the army that just cannot be fought on the terms you want to fight them.
  6. I think he'll combo nicely with locus, if that stays the same. Also if the enrapturing circlet makes the transition to the new book we'll have an amazing bit of tech there.
  7. It's.. fine? I guess? Don't get me wrong, point drops are point drops, and it gives us more to work with. Slickblades were already one of our best scrolls, and them getting cheaper is a good thing, even if they're still overcosted for what they are (which is inferior chosen with 14" speed in exchange for -2 save, 1 damage, and mortals on wound rolls). We're still going to be in a bad spot until we get our new book. But on the upside the epitome is a very good GC choice (weirdly not a mounted or unique hero), and we have a natively 5+ warded GC hero with the LoP. I think we have some play, but all this does is reduce the grade of the hill a little, rather than leveling the field.
  8. I've heard that some of the non-English versions of our book are no longer available at this point. Could be a sign that we're in the queue.
  9. Well, there are two ways I could see things going, depending whether or not GW is acting in good faith on the premises they stated with their balance video and article. 1. We've reached the lowest possible magic number, and now it's hands-off. I see this as a pretty harsh indictment on them, if they choose this route. 2. They actually meant what they said about trying to ensure both internal and external balance with books, and see that what got us back up to that point was almost entirely lists utilizing primarily the reduced-cost units from the last update, as well as external tools like the incarnate. If they're acting in good faith, this should be an indicator that more choices should come down, to encourage the kind of list diversity they want to see. I know we've all felt kind of burned by GW in the past. Rightly so. However if this really is their intent to give a more honest effort at balance, I think we could see some more (if minor) changes.
  10. The battlescroll is likely this week, if the projected time window for the 40k version lines up with ours. What changes are we expecting or reasonably hoping for? Personally I hope they continue the trend with point costs rebalances, and they bring the exalted seekers and hellstriders to a more reasonable level. Something like 110 for striders, 180 for slickblades and 160 for blissbarb seekers would be ideal in my mind, though I imagine realistically we'd probably not see better than 125 for hellstriders, 200 for slicks and 190 for barbs. But we got a pretty massive change with Sigvald in the past, so it seems it could really go either way.
  11. Reminder for anyone planning on backing the alternate blissbarb models kickstarter: there's only 23 hours left to go, and they've already met their funding goal, so if you want to get in on this make sure you do so before it closes.
  12. The Shieldwolf kickstarter is live! Again, the Araves kit that's a part of this is a multi-part all-female arabian-themed plastic kit that makes 20 great looking alternatives for blissbarbs (with a melee option), and they're only $25 a box. I really want to see this one reach its goal: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shieldwolf/araves-vs-valkyries
  13. Everyone, this is relevant for anyone looking for alternative blissbarb models: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shieldwolf/araves-vs-valkyries Shieldwolf is relaunching their Araves kickstarter soon, which failed to fund last time, but they're giving it one more go. The araves plastic kit is an all-female, arabian-theme plastic kit that can be built with bows (or two hand weapons) and looks pretty amazing and definitely on-brand for our purposes. Very few people seemed to know about it last time, so I'm signal-boosting it as much as I can. I'm not affiliated with them, I just see this as the most economical way to pull off my Oops All Blissbarbs list and I'm gonna cry if it doesn't get funded again.
  14. It would be nice to see the scrolls on the new chosen, as they're the only kit in the new slaves box that we haven't seen so far. My hope is that they're comparable to annihilators, with 3+ saves, -2 rend and 2 damage attacks. My fear is that they'll largely go unchanged and continue to stay on the bench for most lists.
  15. I agree. However there are some nice budget options for gargants, like the Mantic giant, which is the right size for only $60 last I saw. Also to be fair, viable builds change every time a book gets updated, and ~$200 (if going for the official GW plastic) isn't uncommon to spend on rebuilding a list towards more effective options for a new book in most cases. Compared to constructed decks for MTG that's on the reasonable side of expensive.
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