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  1. Being a reinforced unit, so 6 ballistas, of course with the swamp mage. There is noone hwho thinks this ca is balanced, it would be the same a ca for melees: when a ranged unit try to shoot any unit a 8" this unit u can do a free atack to that unit with a tiny -1 to hit!! Why did they implanted that silly ca for rangeds only?
  2. Ranged was allready a problem in aos 2, this was totally the oposite we neded. In case they neded to implent this absurd thing, should have been like 40k overwatch. Only the unit charged AND 6s to hit. Only a -1 to hit when lot of shotting armys have easy acces to +50 to hit is a joke, and being able to use it even if the unit isnt charged??? What the ******, only taus in 40k can do that and if im not wrong is range is litle. I have seen multiples games where new ballista orcs do 10-14mortals when charged, deleting the charging unit 100% to 0 for 1cp...
  3. ??? I see the opossite. Everything was hit double than others. Skinks, saurus etc are useless now. Only cheap carno, bastiladon, cold riders, salamanders and bow estegadon remain playable ( and good). Also lost 1 passive, of controlling endless. Since it was given to everyone. With nothing to compensate it. And kroak was nerfed really hard in kragnos. So im totally sure seraphon wont remain in tier1, when karadrons wasnt nerfed at all. Archaon tzench not so much etc. Maybe we can be in tier2, not bad but pretty worse than before
  4. I would have bought the box if it would have, saurus, any kind of elf or even vsmpires, but more stormcast and ugly ass orcs? No thx, they could have been ironjaws at least. Rules help too , i wont play a edittion where i cant use my units ( any 6+ models in minimun size with 32+ base and 1" weapon are totally useless, since only half will fight, despite people arguing u could spend 1 hour meassuring every milimeter and if rival is in perfect line u could even get 7 or 8 to fight!). And 2 absurds ca to ranged with an op endless to make melees more useless in a rangedhammer....So i will wait 1 year to see if other 2 faqs and other ghb fix that madness.
  5. Yes that point is the thing keeping me away from playing aos 3.0. i wont play that ****** untill they fix melee ranges ( 40k rule) or give 2" to thralls. I refuse to buy more eels, i like lists with everything. So i have 2 units of each, only 3 among both eels, so my list was pretty bad allready, and now gw did my bad list unplayable.... Sure maybe spam eels etc could be ok in 3.0 but i dont like that spam list, so wont play till they fix the game
  6. Ehh?? It wasnt the image posted when i saw it. Did they change it after???? I swear im not fooling u. The ability sad whitin 8" and only reroll 1s to wound. So an error? Or they plan to change it to it n the future?
  7. New coherence rules fuking congas, and big unit is great, but.... Gw didnt thought about poor units that are 10 models in msu, have 1" and 32 bases, like poor idoneth thralls. They are forced to eat this rule since cant go in 5. But only hp 5 each 10 will fight. since games arent perfect lanes vs lanes where u can maximice every milimeter range after meassuring for 30 minutes only to get 1 or 2 more in range.
  8. Yes u are absolute rigth, i dont know wich genious thought that a ranged game neded a op version of overwatch AND other cp to move away from melees. And a endless to do melees useless( cant charge). They should have made the opossite, a cp making a chargue guaranted, other cp making a unit inmune to shoting 1 phase etc. But again, is the same company that copy pasted 40k coherence and forgot melee ranged, doing totally useless every 6+ msu unit with 1" on 32 bases...
  9. Wtf??? Am i the only one who realized gw just nerf our avatar in todays article???? His aura went from 18"<8 and +1 to wound to rerolls 1s....... So gw dont fix useless thralls giving them 2", but delete the aura on melee avatar, because it was so good that was being spamed stomping every tournament. Even worst is, thralls is our best unit now!!! But they forgot to tell people that only 5 each 10 can fight....
  10. Lumineth arent overpower. In fact they are weak like every data shows. But elf haters dont care, his answer is " ignore data" lumis are op! I dont care abour proof they are boken op because i say it. But but, every page i see, like 3 pages show them as subpar, around 12-15th place, see? Thats real data. Answer: i dont care! They are broken because they do 10 mortals per every archer! But but, they only do 1.5-3mw per unit, when every cities ranged unit do 8.8 1 rend dmg for those points. Answer: i dont care, they delete a full army from 50um in 1 turn without vision!! Is impossible to get to those guys haha Reality is every lumineth unit is overpriced and do lower dmg than it should only because it can do some mortals. They are great sniping little heros yes, or killing elite armys with high armor, but in general they dont do enough dmg to kill armyes. And cant play objetives very well. Only unit real op broken is cathalar, the do a unit useless is too broken, or the"use inspiring presence or than unit is dead" ability.
  11. Well every playable idoneth unit (eels,shark and turtle) got increased by around 15%, that is more than most, so i wouldnt call idoneth as winners Seraphons got huge hit on almost everything. Skinks 25%, chamaleons cloose to 30% lol, even garbagge saurus increased by 17%, every big dino got nuked out too, only slan, skinks wizzards, normal carno, bastiladon, salamander, cold ones and estegadon got the usual 5-10% increase. So they got a huge hit for sure. And made any actual list useless. Only good notice is both can ally cities elves, or whole cities.
  12. Yes is the thing i have been saying, idk playable list got 15% worse, none cares about the other useles half. And im sure we cant play without 2 eels unit on actual lists, and tank eels saving at 3 not 2, turtle aura losing big part of his power etc Best buff was the addition on new posterboys ( cities) as ally. At least elves part. Why would u use thralls when u can take phoenix guard or black guard? They are better in everything. Same with reavers, why would u take them when shadow warriors or darkshards are better in everything.
  13. Those change tables are ireelevant since none cares about x metal hero noone knows that exist going down in points. Like seraphons, havent endless spells, hage like 10+ small heros since is a fsntasy army with lot of heros, that most if them are totally useless and of course didnt got nerfed so much. But if u see the real numbers every playable seraphon unit got nerfed by 15-30% with 2 or 3 exceptions that only got around 10%. So in general i would say they were nerfed by 15-20% in general Same with idoneth, noone cares about bald dudes and little heros, they were useless and keep being useless, only playable units are turtle,shark,eels. So in reality idk got nerfed by around 15%. Im not sure about others armys but im sure not everyone got hit hard on his playable units. Like slanesh criying about slangors when they were allready useless so who cares if they are nerfed 5 or 300%. Only playable units points are important
  14. How will we see dufferent list? Thralls are totally useless since only 5 if 10 will fight. Reavers were the worst ranged unit in game. And 5 points less wont change that. Will be same eels turtle volturnos. But with 2 unit less... And how is mage avatar fun??? He is useless, 2 spells for 355???? New wolf vampire cast same 2 spells. With +1 to cast and also reroll them for vyrkos. For only 200p... Mage avatar wont see tables till he go down to 250 minimun. Melee one is fun for me, should be 250 or so, but at least the aura is fun
  15. Lol not only i wont buy that garbag.. eer book, i wont play that eddition with " the worst ruleset ever!!" Untill they fix the retreat comand, overwatch, and 32 bases unit only fugthing with half unit. Only will build paint etc till next eddition i guess. In a rangedhsmmer and u see the worst ruleswritter ever making a cm to let ranged move d6 when will be charged, or any unit cloose fire a ultrabroken overwatch! Not 6s only to the unit being charged like in 40k noooo, any unit in range can shot with only -1 haha. Armys like cities cloose to his hurticanun wont even have that penalty and will fire as normal only for 1cp haha. Or copy paste 40k coherecence rule but dont change combat ranges, making any 6+ msu unit with 32base with 1 range totally useless and unplayable. And now those points, breaking some armys raising points in 15-25% and others get like 5% change at best
  16. I really dont get those numbers. Idoneth points are a joke, Balds are in units of 10 still so still unplayable after new retarded coherency rule, making then only figthing in 5 models. Spear eels nerfed 16%???? In fact now cost the same as vampire riders, when vamp ones do like 17 1 rend dmg, eels only 10,5, more wounds, better save, double bravery, retreat fly charge and do 2mw, for 4 move and once per game 3 mw wtf? Tank eels got hard nerfed with the save cap, still got nerfed by 12%???? Turtle aura is half useless again, since we have cover on t1 and armor cap at +1, so again useless on t1 and t5, still got nerfed 12%. Shark raised by 14%.. Heck even the mage, one of the worst mages in all aos raised in points, or lothan the joke among the seas that none saw even on most casual game got nerfed, or revive bald hero.... So the only playable idk list got raised by around 14-16%, im not expert about every army but my inittial glimpse show a 5% raise on average? Seraphons oh my. Skinks raised by 25% wtf? They cant be 40 anymore so they allready lost half his power, cant stack so many things, his overwatch was nerfed since everyone got a generic one, and still gw deleted them?? Why?? Even 30 of them will do 6,6 dmg 0 rend for 225points.... Saurus were allready bad, new coherence rule made mace one useless since only 5 of 10 would fight, and spears one are sooo bad, still got nerf by 18%!!!! They should have been reduded in points instead. Cold ones raised by 10%, again everyone saw them being spamed and wining tourneys sure. Pteradons were allready one of the worst unit in all aos. I only used them for movility since the models are gorgeous, but they were nerfed instead buffed wtf? Troglodon, carnos, triceratops etc, again dinos were pretty meh not good not bad, why the increase, in case of troglodon it was useless a 6 average dmg on behemoth and 1 cast for close to 300p suure. Estegadon lost his invul save with new nerf ruleset, and now even higher cost, when lots of elite ranged units do more dmg for like 80p less. They are even worse than my idk, tipical list got like 20%+ more expensive, even normal lists with dinos saurus etc got raised by 10-15% when that list was mediocre at best.
  17. Well, my idk and seraphon were the only armys that got hit really hard, like 15-20% when everyoneelse were 5%. I cant understand that useless company really. Why do our morsar cost the same as vampire horses??? They have more wounds, better save, better ld, like double damage, can retreat fly and charge doing 2mw, for our 4 more move and once per game 3mw ( average). Im tired of gw breaking things only for people whine. People whine about eels, they delete them, people whine about lumineths, im sure they will get deleted soon despite being bad tourney wise. And tank eels nerfed by 11%??? The cap on saves was allready enough nerf on them, the ussual 5% nerf others got should have been enough. Balds are units of 10 still, despite only 5 will fight..... Only hope is faqs raising every 32ml base units range to 2"
  18. Considering numbers shows them at tier 2 at best. But u think they are top without any number.. eerrr ur comment is a joke In fact i just do a table with every tts tourney data they show.since january Lumineths have 0 5-0 tourneys,only 2 4-1( under 9 factions and same others 4). On 3 rows tourney only count the 3-0 since they are smaller. And lumis are 7th coupled with others 4 fsctions( so they are 7-10 th place). So yes, show me why they are op autowin, 0 counter faction like everyone claims
  19. Yes i dont get the kids hate for lumineths, in fact i think they are mostly reaaaaally bad, with only 2 or 3 ok units. And people criying non stop about them like if they win every tourney, when in reality that was tzench, or karadrons, or pre nerfed kroak seraphons. Archers only do 1.5-3 mw and 1 0rend dmg, for 140p... Thats really bad, when per example lot of cities ranged units do 8.8 with 1rend for around same cost..... Sure they are broken taken out small heros, but thats it, out of that they are one of the worst dmg unit in all aos. Lancers are great defnders, but useles charging. Horses are ok against 1w litle models, but useless out of there, cathalar is broken yes, teclis 4 spells for 660p?? I would never take him.avalenor is great for the aura and dmg. Everything out if those unita are reaaaly bad. Still they will be nerf hard only for kiddos constant whine about them. Sorry about you guys
  20. Yes we really need a new tome. Since is the oldest one. The cap on save make all our tone weird. Cover turn1, turtle aura. Tsnk eels bonus on charge. But nothing stacks. So turtle go back from amazing to meh aura but really good beaststick. Our ritual/prayer need serious rework, is 3x times harder to do than other armys and effects are useless. Thralls both versions need 2" on melee for sure ( like every 32 base mini should get not only idk). Right now they are totally useless and cant be played, in fact i wont play any aos3 till they fix this, or 2" or make them 5 minimun size. But i wont play a game where they force me to pay a full unit but only can use half of them. Comands need reworks, the old gimmik of 1 op spamed has gone, now only have 1ca, on 1 hero that need to be the general be only on turn3, and now only can be used 1 time..... Must change to +1atk to a unit without any restriction, like most of tomes got. And new abilitys on other heros, like maybe soulscryer rezzing half bald unit like undeads. Dok were released 1 month prior us, and got the 2.0 tome, new miniature, spells, army vs army box( was a steal), and they shine on lore. We havent got absolute anything since our release, and on lore we only was trashed.... I think we deserve a propper tome as first wave of 3.0, with new miniatures or hero minimun, spells finally and a tome with propper spells, prayers etc with fun mechanics, in fact i would like to high wave dissapear for a more balanced and fun mechanic
  21. Rumour is 195 morsar, 380 or 390 turtle i dont remember,sharks 125. I didnt read about others units, turtle one is sligthy more than morathy %wise. Morsar raised around 16%?, Around the same as the dok troops leaks.shark raised 15% so still the same as morsar. Not too big hit if we compare it with dok leaks, we got around the same, problem is we didnt see all units, and maybe others armys dont get hit so big. Per example vampire cavalry now cost the same our morsar, but they have 15w vs our 12, 3+ vs our 4+, do like 18 average dmg vs our 10,5 cant retreat and charge doing mortals vs our average 3mw once per game, we have 4 more move but 50- leadership..... So i dont get why people always cry about eels and cry new vampires are useless, eels are even average for me, not op for sure.
  22. The problem are the units that are 10 as msu, like idk baldys, u cant take them as 5 and they are totally useless with new rules. Since only 5 each 10 will fight but u will pay full price. Only thing that could fix that would be that every 6+ msu unit with base bigger than 21, with only 1" get changed to 2" in faqs released with new eddition
  23. Well that is a pretty big nerf to little kroak. No lockout sir since has more than 7w. Lost vortex so lost 1armor and 6" extra range, lost 4 feel no pain. And points increased. So 9,5wonds and it is dead on average, pretty easy to do. Now his spell is only a 16" bubble if he have the astrolith around. Not easy to do. And im sure it will start to decline really hard on competitive since only 30 lumi archers, for 420p will realiably oneshot him. Was a neded change, but im a but sad since the rules are really bland and simple, mostly the same he had on his 20 years old crappy sculp.
  24. Not agree, double turn must leave, cant have a balanced tactical game when 1 only dice has so much power. Sure you can play around it and minimize the lossed a bit, but still 1 only dice shouldnt be so important. So for me is: -bye bye double turn - magic after move - foot heros cant be shot unless they be closest to firing unit. - standar melee ranges not based on bases, since rigth now every small base figth like a spear despite having a litle knife, and some huge 2 hand units in 32 bases only fight in 1 row, is stupid. Something like 40k where 2 rows can fight despite base size, make spears figth with 3 or 4 rows per example. -monster wound increase , a 350p beast cant have 12-14wounds, is nuts. They should have 20-30w etc Sure it would need rebalance of armyes, but it would be a more tactical game and less skirmish game
  25. Wohooo lzards vs belakor in wd...... Kroak out of stock ( only in usa)...... Broken realm kroak !!!!!! Of course it is a joke, but seriously i hope we dinasours will appear in next broken realm i dont mind rules since we are great, in fact kroak range should be touched, but im excited to read some lore about lizards in aos. Since all lore we have is some of us are in heavens, some descended into realms long time ago and became savage, we hate chaos. That is, not most complex or longest lore i have seen lol. Maaaaybe we get a daemon vs lizard box with behlakor vs new model kroak? Or am i dreaming like a good slan would do?
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