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  1. Of course they are absolute broken. Every tome is a powercreep. With some of them being on levels like fec and skavens. Then slanesh. And now this. Katakros is cheap. Not absurdly cheap. But cheaper than i thought he woukd be. Mortek guard are..... Absurd??? 130p for 10w saving at 3, reroling faill always when u need it?? With a 6+++ and reviving 6-9 models per turn if u have some heros cloose ( u should) Sure that wont be broken at all. The 4 arms dudes are sligthy bad on base. But after using his special ability they get to op levels. Exactly same stats per point than others elites but with 1 better rend for free. Why not. With better save and access to revives or heals.... The artillery is nuts. It is the best ranged dps unit by far and having full table range.... Cavalry is ok. Strong but not as broken as others units at first glimpse
  2. Oh i always paint my models as some official colour( if is the one i like the most) but play them as different one ruleswise. Never encounted a ****** triying to force someone to play as the one they are painted lol. And i would have a nice argue with him if i encounter him. My eldars have saim han colours and even the serpents tattos but of course they are played always as alaitoc. Same for my idoneths. Mine are on blueish like the first enclave but i play them as fuethan always. It is a game who cares about silly things as colours etc. While the minis be the official minis ( i hate kitbashed ones) i dont care about paint or unpaint on them. And lucky noone does around my country( spain). I dont get why one some regions like usa or brittain people is so forceful on wysigisi( whatever u spell it) and colours etc. Who cares about those little details. If u say all those ultramarines( blue) are blood angels ( red) before the game. It is totally fine. Or people expect someone play with rules they hate ( after new edittion or rules change) or repaint all his army with every change?
  3. Yes heartguard bersekers are as broken as slanesh. No doubt there. U said it. Dok. Fec.skaven.lon dominated before. And tell me what happened to them???? All they got some nerfs since they were OVERpowers. Same thing will happen to slanesh i guarante u. Despite people triying to defend them. Fact is. They are dominating absurdly tournaments even more than old fec. So u guys can rejoice for 5 months till next rebalance of points when they will bring slanesh in line with the remaining tomes.
  4. Everyone knows slanesh summoning is broken and op. But some people who likes to have easy wins try to deny it. And try to force people to think they are ok. fact is they are even more op than old FEC was. And despite all those fec players claiming they were ok( like this slanesh dude is triying) GW sligthy balanced them ( i think they are way stronger than most. But it was something). Same thing will happen to slanesh, bad thing is we will have to wait 5 months to next aos rebalance of points where every slanesh hero will get a point increase. Exactly the same as those "balanced" arch regant and sumonning drake were nerfed on general book. Btw why did u skip my maths sowhing u how the kepeer was better and cheaper than per example mage avatar? Of course u know numbers wasnt on ur favour and tried to compare it to verminlords. And in my opinnion verminlords are the single most undercosted and totally unbalanced unit in all aos by far. Even worse than all slanesh fec. Nagash etc together. So every unit compared against them will be bad of course
  5. Eer. Sea avatar of idoneths. Cast 2 spells as keeper. Do the same dmg. But with so much lower rend. And 0 mortals not like the high rends or mortals on keper. Comand traith of keeper is totally op and only it shoukd cost 100points alone. Have 2 more wounds.with 6fnp. Where avatar have 1 more armor and no degrading stats. Keeper have that absurdly broken ability leting 1 cloose unit fight last always. So i think everyone can see how keeper alone without any summoning is allready far stronger than sea avatar. And avatar cost 420p. Where keeper only cost 360.... So yes. They are even way too cheap without any summon. I was being a good guy saying they were "balanced only". There was a reason why old fec dragon always figthing first and 2 times had to be rebalanced. Same thing have to be done to slanesh heros .There cant be any unit figthing always first and even 2 times!
  6. Eeer why are u happy about that coment???? I will translate that typical gw answer to his real meaning: Yes u can squat those units since we are deleting them. Sure u can mount them up. Paint them up etc. And even play with them with old points and rules. ( like old high elves. Wood elves. Etc could) but in the real world they are dead without any rule. Point or army behind them. Im in fact soooo sad about that answer...... I was hoping it wasnt true.and they would be rebasing some of them etc. But they are really squating most of the high elves.wood.and dwarfs models.... This is maybe the sadest notice from gw since the end of fantasy ( despite aos being a great game). And despite im an idoneth player ( since i forced myself to dont buy any old army like high elves because i knew how ****** gw can be) im with u all old elfs budys and feel ur pain.
  7. Sumoning could be balanced if every unit on the codex would cost 50-70% more his intended cost to makeup for the fact u can sumon free units in the game.thats way despite playing a 3k vs 2k game in reality u would be playing a evenly 2k game. But they arent. Every summoning codex has his points balanced without any summoning in play. So of course after u add the free sumon they get absurdly stupid.
  8. So every plastic eldar going up. Despite most of them being 10+years old. and. reapers????? They are around 20 years old models i think? And they are in finecast. They should give them for free. What is the excuse on raising prices on that ****** material. 34€ for 5 little finecast modelscwas allready too much. +++ MOD HAT +++ Corrected your mispelling of finecast...
  9. U cant see fireslayer numbers yet. Those tables are since the start of aos 2. And slayers git the tome less than 1 month ago. And again noone is asking for huge nerfs ti hearth alone. Those shoukd go together buffs in others places. So the total power remain the same but with a better distribution than 99% on 1 unit only.
  10. Eels broken?? Letss se numbers.taken from honest tables ( i dont know if they are accurate or not but it is all i have) Tournaments won: 9th place 5+wins etc: 8th place Winrate: 6th place. So stats shows idk are roughly 7th at best. That is spaming only the supossed broken op autowin eels..... So if they are so broken as haters claim why arent they 1-2 place? Heck we arent even on top 5. My maths. And tourney numbers shows eels were perfect. Strong for sure but milles away to be op. Despite the hate some guys have them.
  11. Where do it says it? I cant see the coment on my tablet. But is a nice change. It was retarded otherwise. It woukd hurt us but would make others factions like sylvaneth unplayable.
  12. Problem with FEC is they have every broken mechanic in the game. Free summon need to be balanced. Rigth now gw says it is summed on army points but if that is true that cost is way too low. Noone can say a unit sumoning 50-80% of his points is balanced. Always atack first. In a balanced game it could be ok. Since you coukd takedown those units with shotting or magic. Problem is shotting is overpriced right now in aos and is useless on most of the units. And magic, some armyes havent any or have bad mages or useless spells. Atack 2 times mechanic.... Undead drake, hearthguards, skelletons atacking 2 times arent good for the game.and i think noone should be able to double up his value so easy. So the problem isnt only fec points. Problem are all those broken mechanics and the fact they have all them. And that isnt easy to balance. Even harder with only a errata.
  13. People like me arent asking for nerfs to fyreslayers as army. Only want that hearthguard be a bit more balanced. Since right now they are absolutly broken op and noone can deny it. Saying dont go cloose them is a joke i think. Since it is sooo stupid. So a unit can be broken since you only need to avoid it..... And 4 mv... When they can deepstrike or have the tools to run ( auto 6) and charge with +2 to more, run or charge i dont remember. So they can move 12 minimun and charge with rigth setup. I wouldnt call slow to that. I dont mind if they lower the cost in every other unit of the book and nerf hearthguard down to earthling levels. Even if the full list get 100 points discount. Fyreslayer as army dont need a nerf ( still too soon to know it for sure) they seems really strong and being able to get to 4-5 place. But still far away from the god tier. But hearthguard deserve to be sligthy balanced.
  14. Hearthguard berserkers need +40 point increase. Or +20 and remove the atack 2 times batallion. Rigth now they are absurd. Every elite unit ( tipical unit with around 20 atacks at 3+3+ -1rend) usually cost around 130-140 with 10ws and 4 or 5 save. But bersekers do that dmg plus the 5 trhowing axes. Have 2" range on his weapons( thats absolute huge with bases bigger than 25) have 10w. And a 5 armor. But... If they are cloose to a hero they get a 4+ fnp.... So rigth now they are the tankiest elite unit on the game. With the best dps in the game. And u could think they would be most expensive one. But noo.they are the cheapest one. And to add salt there they have a batallion to atack 2 times omg. So yeah. They must be 140 minimun without chance to atack 2 times or 160 and keeping the batallion. But also have to change the vulkites. They should go down to 140 i think. Cant go lower since they have 20w at 5+ doing 11 dmg at melee and having the throwing axes. But if they balance the hearthguard i think the vulkites could get some love since even with those op hearthguard fyreslayer arent cloose to fec.skaven.dok.lon. levels tourneywise. At least untill now
  15. Idk on same tier than nagash or slanesh would be a joke. They are better than stormcast for sure. But they are far far faaaar worse than lon or slanesh. So idk arent higher than A On any world. And that is being forced to play only 1 list. Gloomspite arent so far neither. I would even say they should be A. Still dont get how arent they doing better with those fanatics,goblin knights, trolls, manglers etc
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