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  1. U sure about that head being the sphinx?? I dont see any resemblance, i was sure it was tyrion being behind his brother on final teaser. Btw, new elves are amazing but they ****** hard on teclis, that pose and sphynx head ****** hard the central model for me.
  2. Totally this, every relic, traith etc is totally useles. Magic is a joke too. Every mini is bad, sure they are becoming better with every discount, but they are still bad warscrolls that need to be changed, i dont want a 200p turtle, i want a proper usefull 350p one. Even spears eels arent great now, new chaos chavalry does 50% more dmg with hugher rend and only cost 10p more.... They only have 1 usefull list, spaming only our usable mini, and still only are around 9-10th place, going lower with every tome. Im guessing will be around 11 after new ko and chaos. So yes idk is in dire need a new tome with a proper balance ( not power jokes like slanesh, skaven,bonereaper etc) but with a sligthy internal balance and fun relics,magics, rituals etc
  3. I hope to be mistaken, but im totally sure new teclis elfs will have mistwaver saith stetic, U only need to see teclis shadow and the elfslike rumor images. They are identical. Big moons on helm and staff. Tassels on robes,staff,helm etc. Long flowing robes. Long knots of hair etc etc And this killed my hipe since the no face, the half head bald like a rave guy etc isnt my taste. I would have love to see old elves redone in new tech. But... Im sure they will have saith stetic, full of weird tassels, plates on faces, lower part of head bald, long hair, moons on helm and weapons. And lots of robes with litle armor.
  4. Melee one is okish, only downside is he is overpriced. Mage one is useless, only need to make ur a question, what do u prefer, 1 monster with 12w and 2 spells/dispells or 4 mages with 20w and 4 spells/dispells? His melee dmg is so low that is irrelevant, he is only a 2 cast mage with +bravery aura, only worth around 300points for me, but some people thinks he can be good, so im waitting his reasons behind that too
  5. It is easier to do numbers per points, so u dont need to compare more points versus less points. Per example my analisis on sharks and eels is: Shark-------------------morsar-----------------------,ishlaen Wounds per point: 0,08. ---- 0,07. ----- 0,086 Dmg :. 1,32(rang)+4,73. ---- 10,56(chg)7,92(normal). ---- 9,24 Dmg per point:. 0,06. ---- 0,062 or 0,046. ----- 0,066 Average rend:. Slighty less 1. --- 1 or 0. ------ 0 Points:. Have ranged, ---- 0,017 mortals per point 1time---. Invulnerable save no decreasing stats. 3+save on charge So i think people always though morsar were better they really are on paper and i never thought they deserved the people hate, in fact i see sharks better now, at least number wise. And i always liked ishlaen, they are though and do the same dmg per point than spears one, only losing some rend, but dont rely on charges
  6. i love when numbers and time shows how im right. Honestwargamer just make a video with the analisis of changes and of course he said the massive point drop on eidolons shows how BAD those ones were at the beginning, and they are still bad at actual points, and should be around 300points, even lower than 300 would be okish since they are worse than beasts like verminlords or keepers..... So a pro analitical guy and his team said the same thing as me, numbers show im right( noone uses those models since they are useless), they are worse and cost more than similar beasts in orher tomes. BUT everytime i have said that since they were released i got tipicals replys like u dont know how to play, change army,they are good and problem is u dont know how to play etc etc Despite i show numbers and solid reasons, not like those random guys replys Like some post above haha
  7. Why? Give any data. I can show u how they are on 8th place on tournaments. Only spaming eels since they are our only viable units. It is a fact, not people saying " all ur saying and showing is wrong, everything is fine. Because i say it with 0 info behind that" Show me any tome with: Worse magic spells Worse relics Worse command thraiths Worse prayers, if u can call our jokes prayers lol Worse command abilitys,, oh wait our since command ability haha Any beast mage with 2 cast that do less dmg or have worse abilitys than our mage avatar, i wont ask for same points, even cheaper ones are way better. Then we could start having a conversation
  8. Idk need warscroll changes asap. Thralls are useless for me untill they get 2" on his weapons, they wield massive 2 hand weapons but have the same range as tiny goblin knifes lol, right now they are paper tin with bad armor save and wont kill anything since there isnt any way to field on units bigger than 10, since only 7-10 will usually fight, unless u fighting against huge units. So they wont destroy the unit they charge and will die back always. Sharks should cost 85p, so still overpriced but they are playable on friendly games now. Melee avatar is a beast stick but have the stats of other same units that cost 250-300 soo he need to go down to 300 minimun. Mage one is even worse, his dmg is a joke, around 6? Hacent bonus to cast, only 1 reroll in exchange of his healing, havent more nice abilitys, no command ability, and only 2 casts??? And idk spells are sooo bad, even the hero teleport one is useless when lots if armys have 4 or 5 op spells AND a spell to teleport any unit not only heros. Other mage beasts like verminlords, keepers, unclean one or arkhan, do so much dmg than him, have bonus to casts,have amazing auras, abilitys, COMANDS abilitys etc. And all them cost around 250-350 do yeah, no reason to mage avatar costing more than 300 rught now, or even at 280 it wouldnt be an auto include. Tidecaster has the worst stats among ever mage, dont get why cost 100 instead 80, a human mage cast 1 ( 2 on mage sect)spells with +1 to cast and cost 90 lol Turtle is useless since it is only a beast stick, since the aura is useless 99% if the time, turn 1?? We allready have cover. Turn 2?? We will be charging since we can run and charge. Turn 3?? Again charging since we will retreat and charge. Same will hapen on reversetide, so it is only useful on some niche cases where u loose iniciative on the beggining of turn 2 or 3, thats it. And as beast stick cant cost more than 220-250p doing only around 10 dmg only, aura should be changed to +1 save. In general we are in dire need of a new tome, sure we can be competitive, around 8-9 place on tournamments data, only spaming eels, but in general thats pretty low, and only spaming our "op unit". We need all above changes on scrolls. New proper magic not this useless spells, new relics, command traiths etc, and of course a 3+ prayers, not those jokes prayers at 10+ jaja. And of course akhelian command shouldnt need to be general or be on high tide , since lots of armys have a generic +1 atack aura command allready without downsides. Aand add more comand abilitys to avatars, and maybe octo guy. Boat isnt aging well neither, every new terrain is so much stronger now, u only need to see the new boneteaper one haha But at least those changes are nice for casuals games( like i play) i gained 120 points on my list
  9. Yes those idk reductions are nice but wont change anything. Melee avatar as beast stick is still waaay overpriced if u compare him to others beasts like manglers. Mage one.... Cant even start comparing him to verminlords and keepers, even at same points ( less than 300) he would be worse. Turtle one is the only fun change, still they need to change his aura to +1 save, since the actual one is useless. Idk allready have cover turn1, and they will be charging on t2 making it 100% useless, and on reversetide list yes, they could gain cover on t1 if u arent first, thats all. Since idk will be charging on t1 being able to run and charge. And statswise it is still bad for 300+
  10. Lol a phoenix still can get to 2s rerroling 1s and 4+++?? Thats nuts. I thought it was nerfed to 4+ on tome and thats is. Of course everything with 2+ save is op broken and should be nerfed, same thing as nagash on new bonereapers saving at 2s rerrolling 1s and 6+++. No mini should get anything better than 3+. Isnt fun to play against those
  11. Of course they are absolute broken. Every tome is a powercreep. With some of them being on levels like fec and skavens. Then slanesh. And now this. Katakros is cheap. Not absurdly cheap. But cheaper than i thought he woukd be. Mortek guard are..... Absurd??? 130p for 10w saving at 3, reroling faill always when u need it?? With a 6+++ and reviving 6-9 models per turn if u have some heros cloose ( u should) Sure that wont be broken at all. The 4 arms dudes are sligthy bad on base. But after using his special ability they get to op levels. Exactly same stats per point than others elites but with 1 better rend for free. Why not. With better save and access to revives or heals.... The artillery is nuts. It is the best ranged dps unit by far and having full table range.... Cavalry is ok. Strong but not as broken as others units at first glimpse
  12. Oh i always paint my models as some official colour( if is the one i like the most) but play them as different one ruleswise. Never encounted a ****** triying to force someone to play as the one they are painted lol. And i would have a nice argue with him if i encounter him. My eldars have saim han colours and even the serpents tattos but of course they are played always as alaitoc. Same for my idoneths. Mine are on blueish like the first enclave but i play them as fuethan always. It is a game who cares about silly things as colours etc. While the minis be the official minis ( i hate kitbashed ones) i dont care about paint or unpaint on them. And lucky noone does around my country( spain). I dont get why one some regions like usa or brittain people is so forceful on wysigisi( whatever u spell it) and colours etc. Who cares about those little details. If u say all those ultramarines( blue) are blood angels ( red) before the game. It is totally fine. Or people expect someone play with rules they hate ( after new edittion or rules change) or repaint all his army with every change?
  13. Yes heartguard bersekers are as broken as slanesh. No doubt there. U said it. Dok. Fec.skaven.lon dominated before. And tell me what happened to them???? All they got some nerfs since they were OVERpowers. Same thing will happen to slanesh i guarante u. Despite people triying to defend them. Fact is. They are dominating absurdly tournaments even more than old fec. So u guys can rejoice for 5 months till next rebalance of points when they will bring slanesh in line with the remaining tomes.
  14. Everyone knows slanesh summoning is broken and op. But some people who likes to have easy wins try to deny it. And try to force people to think they are ok. fact is they are even more op than old FEC was. And despite all those fec players claiming they were ok( like this slanesh dude is triying) GW sligthy balanced them ( i think they are way stronger than most. But it was something). Same thing will happen to slanesh, bad thing is we will have to wait 5 months to next aos rebalance of points where every slanesh hero will get a point increase. Exactly the same as those "balanced" arch regant and sumonning drake were nerfed on general book. Btw why did u skip my maths sowhing u how the kepeer was better and cheaper than per example mage avatar? Of course u know numbers wasnt on ur favour and tried to compare it to verminlords. And in my opinnion verminlords are the single most undercosted and totally unbalanced unit in all aos by far. Even worse than all slanesh fec. Nagash etc together. So every unit compared against them will be bad of course
  15. Eer. Sea avatar of idoneths. Cast 2 spells as keeper. Do the same dmg. But with so much lower rend. And 0 mortals not like the high rends or mortals on keper. Comand traith of keeper is totally op and only it shoukd cost 100points alone. Have 2 more wounds.with 6fnp. Where avatar have 1 more armor and no degrading stats. Keeper have that absurdly broken ability leting 1 cloose unit fight last always. So i think everyone can see how keeper alone without any summoning is allready far stronger than sea avatar. And avatar cost 420p. Where keeper only cost 360.... So yes. They are even way too cheap without any summon. I was being a good guy saying they were "balanced only". There was a reason why old fec dragon always figthing first and 2 times had to be rebalanced. Same thing have to be done to slanesh heros .There cant be any unit figthing always first and even 2 times!
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