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  1. Of course. They are Mountain Tufts by The Army Painter.
  2. Oh man Wednesdays go by so fast! Late post but the pic was taken yesterday. WIP Fungoid Cave Shaman:
  3. Well, as a disclaimer I am not super experienced on painting pure whites, but the key is to avoid painting pure white. That is, use an off-white color as base and only use pure white as highlight color. If you base paint your robes or cloaks with pure white, you cannot highlight it any further, meaning you will end up with a finish that lacks all depth. Also bear in mind that big white (non-organic) surfaces do not take washes well either, you'll end up with a stained look. So what I would actually try to do is start basing your white with the "darkest" color you would want to see in the recesses. Note that this doesn't actually have to be a dark color at all. If you want a warm white finish, then something like Rakarth Flesh base, followed by progressive highlighting with Pallid Wych Flesh and finally White Scar on the very highest of highlights. If you want a more neutral white then use Celestra Grey-Ulthuan Grey-White Scar. For a colder grey maybe something like Fenrisian Grey-Blue Horror-White Scar. You'll have to experiment and you will have to learn how to blend or glaze some of the colors in to get those smooth transitions. Good luck!
  4. Wednesday again. I may have gotten a bit hooked on a certain video game, so hobby progress has been a bit slim lately, but this week I made some progress. WIP Troggboss: Still missing a few details here and there and obviously the massive hammer but we're getting there. I much prefer this pose to the "actual" Troggboss pose. I'm only going to include one Dankhold model in my army so that's hopefully not going to confuse anyone. Oh and by the way painting those barnacles and mushrooms etc with a paintbrush is tedious. Couldn't really utilize my airbrush on those so they took a couple of hours just to basecoat thoroughly... but they're done now! Happy days
  5. Which shades did you mix? I'm sure the wet palette was not the culprit; some shades dry somewhat glossy, especially if not shaken well (dunno if there is a gloss medium involved in the shade to help it flow better or something). Try shaking the pots/bottles well before mixing. You can always tone down the glossiness with a varnish. Hope this helps.
  6. So I got these fellas completed, pretty basic basing, they turned out alright. I think I need to go scavenge some tree bark to make some slate bases for my other troggoths... Troggboss enjoyed a bit of airbrushing (as well as all the other minis). Here's my current army, a little shy of 1000 pts. I already have some expansion plans in mind even though I have yet to try them on the battlefield. I actually have my very first AoS game this Saturday! Hope it's a good skrap.
  7. Okay I'll bite, even if it's not Wednesday anymore. I've dabbled into some Shadespire before but these are my first true AoS models. They are pretty much done for tabletop duties but I still need to do some basing and add a coat of varnish. Hope you like them!
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