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  1. Which shades did you mix? I'm sure the wet palette was not the culprit; some shades dry somewhat glossy, especially if not shaken well (dunno if there is a gloss medium involved in the shade to help it flow better or something). Try shaking the pots/bottles well before mixing. You can always tone down the glossiness with a varnish. Hope this helps.
  2. Weazel

    WiP Wednesdays

    So I got these fellas completed, pretty basic basing, they turned out alright. I think I need to go scavenge some tree bark to make some slate bases for my other troggoths... Troggboss enjoyed a bit of airbrushing (as well as all the other minis). Here's my current army, a little shy of 1000 pts. I already have some expansion plans in mind even though I have yet to try them on the battlefield. I actually have my very first AoS game this Saturday! Hope it's a good skrap.
  3. Weazel

    WiP Wednesdays

    Okay I'll bite, even if it's not Wednesday anymore. I've dabbled into some Shadespire before but these are my first true AoS models. They are pretty much done for tabletop duties but I still need to do some basing and add a coat of varnish. Hope you like them!