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  1. It's going to be interesting to see which of the weapon options would be optimal to equip them with now. I'm glad they simplified the scroll as it was very overcomplicated before, but it does feel like a small nerf at least. I guess we'll have the math for it soon.
  2. One thing that surprises me with the point changes that are out so far at least, is that there were (for all factions combined) 4 units that were made more expensive, and around 40 that were made cheaper. All 4 of the ones made more expensive belong to Skaven, and 0 of the 40ish made cheaper belong to Skaven. I'd have liked to see more of an incentive to bring units that see no play whatsoever, similarly as what they did for some other factions.
  3. I've never encountered any place that doesn't allow old GW models, provided they used to represent what you use them as. On the contrary, it's often quite fun and a nostalgia trip to encounter models I remember from my childhood. The only thing to keep in mind is that the base size might have changed for some of the models (and that they're round nowadays).
  4. For anyone who's missed it, there's apparently a livestream by warhammer-community.com on Twitch between 16-17 (GMT I assume) today where they will take a look at the new battletome.
  5. I've not followed new releases this closely in the past. Is it normal that units that are not having their sprues updated are still pulled from the web store? Noticed that Moonclan Grots are no longer available. Do you think it's just to change the box art?
  6. Hey. A question came up during one of my recent games. Can a single unit be affected by the command ability Forwards To Victory (re-roll charge roll) more than once in one turn (provided you have more than one command point to spend) and you were unhappy with the result of the first re-roll? Both me and my opponent felt a bit uncertain whether it's covered by the rule of a dice not being able to be re-rolled more than once or not. Edit: Mistakenly wrote "At The Double" instead of "Forwards To Victory".
  7. I haven't used it myself, but I have seen a lot of people running Temple Nest (for snake armies) and Slaughter Troupe. So there are some viable options for sure. At least Slaughter Troupe has done very well in competitive settings as well. Temple Nest might not be as worthwhile simply because it forces you to take two ranged units that are quite subpar compared to their melee variant.
  8. My first game with DoK went very well. Thanks for the suggestions and help, Overread & InSaint. Was a 1k game against Nighthaunt in Duality of Death, but it felt like my army was a bit too competitive as there was not much to do to counter them as it consisted of two big blocks of witches supported by a hag queen each and a Hagg Nar SQ on cauldron buffing them all. The outcome was decided in round 2, and he was tabled in round 3 with me having lost about 25% of my army in total. Witch aelves (even without mindrazor!) have even more insane damage output than I thought when they get rerolls on both to hit and to wound. And Hagg Nar made them surprisingly resilient, especially with Blessing of Khaine. Looking forward to expanding my murder elves with some more unit types.
  9. Excellent points. Thanks again. I will try to put this all into action for my next game and afterwards see what I could have done better.
  10. Thank you, that was very informative (and super quick!). Yeah, it definitely makes sense when you say it that I should attempt to mimic my opponent's movements in whether or not they spread out. It gets a bit trickier with armies such as Nighthaunt though as they can readjust their positioning so quickly by flying through terrain or over some of my units to catch fragile targets. You say that it's a good idea to get into combat as quickly as possible. I assume this is to tie up enemy units so they can't reposition (without retreat moves anyway)? And does this also apply for opponents where they lack any real form of ranged damage output, or is it then better to hold off a bit in order for turn 3 combat bonuses to kick in? I assume a lot of it comes with practice and gets fairly obvious after a few games, seeing what works and what doesn't depending on both the scenario and opponent.
  11. Hi, everyone. I am quite new to both AoS and in particular DoK, and am trying to understand some basic tactics when it comes to movement and the positioning of our units. I am only playing 1k point games for the time being, so I assume this can change a bit for 2k+ games as there are more available units for grabbing objectives, flanking etc. And naturally this also changes in some scenarios. Right now I'm planning on running a couple of blocks of 20-30 witches, a hag or two, a slaughter queen on a cauldron and one TBD choice using the Hagg Nar temple. Later on expanding to include some heartrenders, warlocks and blood sisters as well as some small unit of sisters of slaughter as objective holders. Should most of the army move forwards as a single clump with the two witch units covering the front and side, cauldron protected in the middle and hag(s) slightly behind the witch units for both protection and to stay near the witches, having them break off slightly once it reaches the enemy? The downside that I can see would be that you might struggle to stay in range of more than one or two objectives at a time, but would of course be able to rip through most opponents in melee. Also the witches would need to move a bit slower than their max speed for the other units to keep up. Or would it be preferable to just have the witches run forward as fast as possible with the cauldron lagging behind (but within 7" to the main witch unit at least) and the hags also being slightly left behind? Bit scared of the hags being picked off or for the witches to end up with a turn without witchbrew. When I've watched some battle reports, the hags have mostly stayed in the back in the deployment zone, but that seems to be a bit of a waste as they usually only get one usage out of their witchbrew. I am still a bit stuck in the thoughts of killing the enemy being the main objective, so it's something I'm trying to change. Any advice for a new player looking to get into the tournament thought process of looking at games? :)
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