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  1. Hey all, brand new to Sylvaneth and my 9-yr-old daughter is highly interested in them. Could I get some advice on the pros and cons of the army and may a decent starting army list?
  2. You can only trade the number of available casts. If the Slann uses Balewind and Cogs to gain two extra casts, then he has an availability of 5 casts = 15 CCP. If he uses a cast for a spell, then there are only 4 casts left which =12 CCP. Endless spells don't change this ratio in any way. They still consume 1 available cast, if used.
  3. Yes, you have to have a cast to trade for 3CCP. The Slann has 3 casts available. If you cast a spell, you now only have 2 casts you can use for CCP. Same applies to Kroak.
  4. THE ANTICIPATION! http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/new-rumor.22495/page-249
  5. Hmmm... Could it be closer then imagined?
  6. Insert high-pitched screaming.gif, heavy breathing.gif, it's happening.gif... you get the idea 😁🤩 "The Seraphon are getting a new battletome! And this awesome thing… From the earliest days of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the Seraphon have been a massively popular faction – they were even one of the first to get a battletome! Now you’ll be able to field them with all the nifty allegiance abilities, sub-faction rules and more that you’ve come to expect from a modern Warhammer Age of Sigmar army. The new battletome fully explores the origins and nature of the Seraphon in the Mortal Rea
  7. So with Tzeentch's update and the new Changehost one drop Flamer lists out there, I think our best counter to that is going to be Dracothion's Tail/Shadowstrike combo. This gives us a one drop as well, and also gives the ability of keeping vital units off the board. Rippers could be used to handle LoC or a unit of Flamers that are baited out.
  8. @The_Dudemeister Just curious how you created the tables and the math/formula/app behind it.
  9. You certainly can save them! That makes sense now. 🙂 It's just rare that I'm generating that many, so I was curious.
  10. Nice write up! Glad you pulled out the win. I'm curious how you managed to summon an EoTG two turns in a row? It's pretty rare to get 18 summoning points in a turn.
  11. Depends on how you intend to play. If you are intending to primarily play competitively, I would wait for out update (likely in Feb). If you collecting and/or playing for fun, you could buy now and just enjoy your models. It's entirely possible that they release new models and stop production on current models, so there's that "incentive" as well.
  12. This guide is amazing for the Start Collecting. You could potentially kitbash the Oldblood on foot as that is easily our worst Hero.
  13. This definitely has potential. While I've seen Gotrek do some amazing work, I've also seen savvy players just completely ignore him and leave him stranded in the middle of a table. Having the healing spell and Lifeswarm is a good idea, though I would be concerned that it would just get moved away from Gotrek by your opponent. Still, the list looks solid.
  14. The Blot Toad is what the are referring to and yes, I've seen it put on a palaquin as a joke Slann. As long as you have the proper base size, you can proxy a homebrewed model. Most LGS and some tournaments don't care. My personnel recommendation is to play 1K first as it may better fit into your 90 minute attention span. The downside to your model list is that you won't get a true feeling for Seraphon's current meta, but you will get some feel for it with the EotG summing potential and still having one teleport available to you. Another recommendation is, if you have a bunch of models fro
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