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  1. I've used cogs with Bestigors to help multi-charge several units, and I've got all 30 into combat a few times. Worked wonders with Depraved Drove in Slaanesh Allegiance for those triple hits on 6's.
  2. LVO is a pretty big tournament. Obviously #35 isn't top tier, but I'm still impressed that he managed to pilot a list with two gargants to #35. I think that takes more skill than taking an optimized Petrifex or Eternal Conflagration list to top 10.
  3. Wow! Incredible that he was able to place so highly with a double Gargant list! He must be a very good general.
  4. Check the AoS shorts website. Dan posted a pdf with all of the lists, so if you know the player's name you should be able to track it down.
  5. KO has poor internal balance, but they are actually in a good place competitively. They have a higher winrate than many AoS 2.0 armies (e.g,. almost 10% higher than Beasts of Chaos).
  6. GW's attempt to fix the army in the FAQ: (I'm happy they finally attempted to help Warherd though)
  7. I play Ogres as my second main army after Beasts, and they're quite fun. But they lack any movement tricks (other than Hunter cat ambush) and they are very predictable, so they might suffer in the future meta (and especially against Bonereapers). They're a great army for casual play though, if you don't want to think much and just want to smash stuff with big monsters and blobs of elite units.
  8. 44% is only with the new rules, post-battletome. They grouped all old results for BCR and Gutbusters together under "historic destruction".
  9. I don't think Ogres are a good example of power creep at all---they're at around 44% win rate, and are the second weakest book released this year (only beating Sylvaneth). In fact, I'd say Ogres are the easiest imaginable matchup for us: they usually only have a few units on the table and have no flying or summoning so are super vulnerable to being alpha-chaffed and having their backfield objectives stolen by summoning. Bonereapers, on the other had, are indeed the worst cheese army of the year (even beating Slaanesh in win rate now).
  10. The website might be buggy for you. But your question is indeed addressed in the BoC FAQ and Designer's Commentary. Dan Street (AoS Shorts) keeps a compiled FAQ updated on his website and twitter page if you run into issues with the GW website: https://twitter.com/AoS_Shorts
  11. Always check the FAQ and Designer's Commentary on the GW website.
  12. In BoC allegiance only Grashrak. You can also ally in a Chaos Sorcerer Lord for rerolls 1's to hit, but I'm not sure he's worth the cost.
  13. Strongly disagree with this. A Gnarlblade-wielding Beastlord is a fantastic investment for 90 points. You can ambush him easily since he has such a tiny footprint and he can kill a lot of 200+ point heroes in one phase. Even if he doesn't get into combat, he then turns into a spawn and potentially locks a valuable piece in combat to waste a turn (or two if you tag a large unit on the flank).
  14. Yeah I think you're definitely reaching. If you showed the models to someone unfamiliar with Warhammer, then "Egyptian skeletons" is definitely not the first thing (or second, or third, ...) that would come to mind.
  15. This new army is an ugly mess of Tyranid and Necron assets mashed together though. If these are the new Tomb Kings, then I'm Rameses IV.
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