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  1. I'd love a move to digital rules and then having separate 'faction books' that are for people who love that faction. Filled with lore and art and stories and painting guides and conversion tricks and so on. But no rules. Explicitly no rules. Something like Infinity with Corvus Belli have all their rules and factions stuff online for free for anyone to just look at. By desynching rules releases from model releases they are also able to have a model schedule that is much more equitable for every faction. Basically every player can expect to get something new for their army every 3 mont
  2. Honestly I'd love to see at least one elven faction outside of order. In Destruction seems the best fit.
  3. Yes I agree. 1 penny short = death sentence actually means 'never do a deal with a dwarf, it is never worth the risk'.
  4. I'm thinking I'll do mine in cold white armour, black skin, cream+brown for the bone. Still need to decide a pop colour for things like cloth. Not blue as I've done that recently. Maybe a burnt orange.
  5. What reason did they give for believing the July date? What sounds reasonable is not a good measure of what GW will actually do.
  6. I think I'm going to jump in with a hopefully all vampire army. Aiming for 1kpts to use in doubles or small games. Of note, if any of you follow the Soulbound RPG they just released the Bestiary book which has a section on Soulblight that includes Necromancer Deadwalker Zombie Dire Wolves Fell Bats Grave Guard Deathrattle Skeleton Wight King Vampire Lord A little sidebar says that almost all Vampires are human but there are some who are not, including an Elven Vampire from Necros. A theme throughout the story text for Vampires is th
  7. He is good. And, combined with the new Easterling reveal, suggests a proper look at Dale/Erebor during the War of the Ring.
  8. Sorry to bring this up again but I'm hearing conflicting things on this. Do we have the actual wording of the battalion ability?
  9. The box is an easy pass for me. The only time I'd play it is when at the wargame club and if I'm there then I'd rather be playing a full blown wargame. Which means it's down to the miniatures and...I don't want most of them. I'll pick up some proper fancy Vampires once the Gravelords are available.
  10. Question about the battalion for the Windchargers. It lets them count as charging. If a unit charged it gets to pile in even if there is no enemy unit within 3 inches. E.g.: Your unit charged but the enemy unit dies before your unit got to pile in and fight. Your unit still gets to pile in 3 towards something else. Does this mean that your Windchargers get to make their 6 inch flying pile in move even if they're nowhere close to an enemy and thus get some extra hit and run movement shenanigans during the charge phase? Do they count as charging during the opponent's charge p
  11. Thanks. Any pitfalls to look out for? Things to avoid bringing in armies?
  12. What is peoples advice for 1k games of full AoS? Are there missions specifically designed for 1k? Main rules missions to avoid playing? Different table sizes, etc.? I only ever hear bad things about meeting engagements but some of the normal missions seem like a huge pain in 1k. Scorched Earth with 8 objectives for example.
  13. Same trick as with the Fomoroid Crusher+Spawn. The Crusher damages terrain. All units within 6 inches of terrain take d3 mortals on a 3+. Fomoroid+3 spawn ~300pts. Hide at the back/screen enemy teleports/etc. and generate 3-4 DP a turn. Generates DP even if you go first and they can do it without needing anything rom your enemy to let it start working.
  14. I would note that 'we are the only faction able to realistically summon 1000pts' and 'artificially increase the points costs to account for summoning' becomes mildly circular. Higher points costs means less summoning needed to reach 1000pts afterall I did like the Fomoroid Crusher + Spawn thing people were talking about. Get a few spawn to stand near a piece of terrain at the back of the board. Fomoroid Crusher stands near the terrain and hits it with the ability. The spawn take a few wounds. Generate depravity. Repeat each turn so you get a healthy Depravity flow for a few turns. M
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